Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Looks Like I'll Probably Be Able To Resume Writing Late Wednesday Night, April 22nd!!!

Hi everybody! Even if you owe money (I do), I hope you filed your tax return. I did. If you don't file, that's when the BIG trouble begins!

As those of you regular readers know, I haven't written a full blog for several weeks because of an injury that has been the strangest injury I've ever had!

It has caused severe pain on the upper right side of my back, a pain that has required four to five Vicodin tablets daily for pain relief.

The diagnosis is, Thoracic Sprain. Something that is caused by too many hours sitting at the computer and NOT SITTING PROPERLY.

These last few weeks, while sitting at my computer, I have been able to write only a few sentences before getting a tingling sensation in my right armpit which has been followed by severe pain.

It is now much better, my Vicodin dosage has been reduced and unless I suffer a setback, I believe I'll be able to resume writing after two singers have been eliminated on American Idol, Wednesday night, April 22nd.

And speaking of American Idol, if Adam Lambert (somehow) isn't the next American Idol, does anyone honestly think that any of the remaining singers but Adam has an honest shot at being successful in some aspect of show business? Yeah, maybe the 16-year old, but Adam looks like "star" material.

If I am able to resume writing a full blog late next Wednesday (April 22), among other things I'll have stories about ARE...

Who film director Don Siegel's REAL first choice to play "Dirty Harry" was. This figures to blow your mind.

Who Lindsay Lohan might move in with while starring in a new film that will be directed by the person she'd be moving in with. If this happens, one can only imagine what this director's famous wife might think about this possible "arrangement".

I'll also have some thoughts about...


The U.S. Senator who tried to warn people about the economic mess we were inviting for ourselves because of things that were beginning to be considered in 1994 and then were allowed by legislation to proceed in 1999...


Glenn Beck...

The fact that no one is talking about Iraq anymore...

ANNNND...Some films on the cable circuit I've been watching (while healing) that I'd like to recommend to you!!!

Have a great week everybody!

Scott St. James


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