Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rush Limbaugh! Wanda Sykes!! Manny Ramirez! Illegal Immigrants!

But firrrst...Now there are two! Danny was eliminated on American Idol tonight. That means the two remaining contestants are Kris and Adam. A classic battle between what appear to be two opposites talent wise and perhaps otherwise. Except when he sang an off the wall version of the Country classic, "Ring of Fire" during Country Week, I've been a huge fan of Adam's and I know I'm not alone. But Kris has his large number of fans as well so next Tuesday should be fun and full of tension.


I'm sure you're all familiar with what Wanda Sykes said about Rush Limbaugh at the big function in Washington a few days ago.

She made a joke about Rush possibly being the mysterious 9/11 twentieth highjacker (a highjacker who didn't show up for some reason) and Sykes said it might have been because Rush was too high on OxyContin. She also said she hoped that Rush's kidneys failed.

Okay...The criticism Sykes got was for making a joke about 9/11 and 9/11 isn't something anyone should joke about and she was criticized for picking on a man who had a disease (drug addiction), when she made the OxyContin comment.

As far as her remark about Rush's kidneys, Sean "Little Lord Fauntlery" Hannity did a lot of screaming about Sykes wishing death on Rush and if anyone had dared say that about some left wing figure, there would have been all sorts of outrage expressed.

Here's MY take on the criticisms and how I took what Wanda Sykes meant.

"I hope his kidneys fail! What do you think about that!" Was in direct response to Limbaugh constantly saying, "I hope he (Obama) fails!

Tit for tat. Something we all do at one time or another after we or someone we like has been insulted. Conclusion? Gripers, grow the bleep up!

The 9/11 joke associating Limbaugh and OxyContin.

I laugh everytime I hear the joke. The argument that she shouldn't have been having fun at the expense of someone who has the disease of drug addiction?

I'm an alcoholic! I quit in March of 1991. Haven't had a drink since. Yes, I have the disease of alcoholism. Buuuut...I have never said anything about people who drink too much or that people who are illegal drug users should go to jail. UNLESS...They kill someone or injure someone while in a vehicle when they're drunk or high on drugs.

Before Rush Limbaugh was discovered to be a drug addict, he often said on his radio show that he believed that all illegal drug users should go to jail. He started saying that after he was making fun of and severely criticizing illegal drug users in a way that came across as being racist. He stopped saying the things that made him sound that way and very clearly stated (often) that he believed all illegal drug users, white-collar, whatever, should go to jail. Illegal drug users also includes people who get drugs by "drug shopping" meaning they're getting more than what their primary doctors are prescribing.

Rush Limbaugh was and is a hypocrite about drugs and I've always believed it's "open season" on hypocrites.

Making a joke about Rush and 9/11 and that (according to the Rush enablers) is out of line?

Well, let's simply throw back what Rush uses as an excuse everytime HE says something hurtful, mean, racist in nature, etc., etc. Rush's argument is, "I'm not being mean or being a racist! I'M an ENTERTAINER!!!"

Wellll...Guess what, gang? SO is Wanda Sykes!!!!!!

The founder, publisher and editor of is Don Barrett who is a good friend of mine. We are a mutual support society. He has supported me in my various radio and film ventures and I support him as a long time subscriber and other things he's involved with. I've also tried to embarrass people into buying a subscription to when I find out they're illegally getting a subscription to Don and I have a number of things in common including the fact that both of us play too much poker and we are both alcoholics. And Don is a highly regarded and highly sought out counselor of alcoholics.

He is also a regular reader of this blog.

In last week's blog, one of the things I wrote about was why I think "The Right" owns talk radio. Don liked what I wrote and wanted to print some of what I wrote in on Tuesday, the 11th of May. I said it was fine by me, but I expressed the concern about being taken out of context. Sooo...When he printed it, he told his readers (in writing) that there was more to my "conclusion" than what he was printing and he gave his readers a link to my blog.

Well, most folks won't take a second step if you've got 'em riled up enough about a "first impression" or if they're happy enough with a "first impression". I mention this because I haven't read the complaints, but I can't help but smile. You see, if I can help my good friend Don Barrett by giving him something that will allow his readers to feel better by complaining about someone besides HIM, well, I figure I've done my good deed for the day or days because there might be more complaints about me tomorrow and the next day.


Big story here in the Los Angeles area about Dodgers left fielder, Manny Ramirez. Last Thursday he was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball because he tested positive for a substance that is banned by Major League Baseball. Ramirez says what he took was a drug designed to help him in the bedroom and it was prescribed by a doctor. No one disputes the fact that this drug WAS prescribed by a doctor, but where Ramirez screwed up was by not going to Major League Baseball and getting a "waiver" for using the substance that was in the pills he was taking.


This month, officials in Los Angeles County will begin checking the immigration status of all inmates booked into its jails. The purpose is to identify and deport illegal immigrants with criminal records.

My first question is probably the same as your first question unless you think people who come to this country illegally are people we should leave alone because we need to have more lawbreakers among us.

My first question is...Why is this something that L.A. County HASN'T been doing?!?

Deport illegal immigrants if they have CRIMINAL RECORDS?!? Does that mean what I think it means? That illegal immigrants who don't have criminal records should be left alone?!? I mean, being here illegally is not considered to BE a crime?!?

We here in Los Angeles really are living in a "sanctuary city", aren't we?


I can't help but think about that old song, "Up, Up and Away" that was sung by The 5th Dimension. Up, up and away is what have been happening to gas prices lately. Another 15 cents a gallon this past week.

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