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Why The "Right" OWNS Talk Radio, I Get "Personal" With You, Gas Prices Up Again and Tears On American Idol!!!

But first, let's get some other things out of the way...

American Talk Show Host Kicked Out Of A COUNTRY!!!

Talk show host Michael Savage has been banned from England?!? Conclusion: It's long past time for a purveyor of hate to be called on the carpet for it and dealt with accordingly. Yes, I know that he has a lot of listeners in this country. Some of whom read this blog. But while Michael Savage is bitching and moaning about England "calling" him on being what they know he is, Savage better pray to the heavens that people in this country don't discover what some of his most interesting "past" has been all about.

American Banks Need More Money From The Government!!!

You've probably heard about this, but in case you haven't, our major banks need more billions from us, the taxpayers. That means their customers will be hit with more fees and higher interest rates. Time to do what I did, gang. Get your money out of these banks and put it into credit unions.

Who Will Replace Supreme Court Justice, David Souter???

We are led to believe that President Obama might make his choice known by the end of this week. Most folks think he'll choose a woman. Before he chose Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State, a lot of people thought she would be President Obama's first choice to be a Supreme Court justice when an opening was created. I think that's still a possibility if Clinton wants the job. Otherwise...There's a Stanford University Law Professor named Pamela Karlan who's highly thought of as is a certain Senator from California who used to be the Mayor of San Francisco. But if you'd prefer another guy to take Souter's place, Does Congressman Ron Paul strike your fancy? What would be interesting about Paul (at least to me) would be I don't think anyone would ever know for sure which way he might vote on some things.

A Lot Of Talk About The Estate Tax!!!

This will surprise some of you long time readers of this blog, but I think the Estate Tax should be eliminated.

Pakistan And Afghanistan Are PROBLEMS???

Long time readers of this blog know the feeling here is that to think Pakistan was/is a true "ally" of ours is wishful thinking of the very first order. Annnnd....Because of all the casualties the Russians suffered while trying to do something in Afghanistan, what makes us think we'll do any better in that godforsaken hellhole of a country?!?

And Now The Stories In This Blog's Headlines!!!

Gas Prices!!!

I live in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles County here in California and on Wednesday, May 6, gas prices went up 8 cents a gallon. That's a total of 14 cents a gallon in less than a week.

Tears On American Idol!!!

Tuesday night on American Idol was a lot of fun. It was Rock 'n Roll night for the four remaining performers who were mentored by rock guitar legend, Slash. Adam Lambert was the first performer and rocked the house with his version of a Led Zeppelin rock classic. It was pure Adam which for those of you have watched this season know that it was fun because that's what this guy is all about. None of the other three performers came close to Adam performance wise. American Idol producers put in something new on Tuesday when they had the four performers do duets. Adam sang with Allison Iraheta and their version of the rock classic, "Slow Ride" was so much fun to watch, tears of joy from viewers were understandable.

A different story on Wednesday. Judgment night. Yes, someone had to be eliminated, but I was sorry to see that it was Allison. I agreed with what Simon said Tuesday night when he offered the opinion that her duet performance with Adam probably "saved" her from being eliminated.

Well, it didn't and you could see the tears in this 17-year old's eyes while she was singing her swan song, "Cry, Baby"!

Oh...If you were watching, did you enjoy Paula Abdul's singing performance? I did. I was tapping my right foot through the whole song. I think she has another hit. A hit that would be her first singing hit in quite a while.

Why The "Right" OWNS Talk Radio!!!

Because of my past experience in radio, I get asked this question a lot. I also get asked other questions from people who read this blog who also have heard me on different radio stations and or have seen me on television and those questions are more personal.

Let me first deal with the "right" radio talk hosts and why it is that they seem to "own" talk radio question.

We all know who these "right" radio talk hosts are, right? (no pun intended) The biggest in weight (cheap shot, Scott) and ratings is Rush Limbaugh. The second largest ratings getter is Sean Hannity. Or as I like to call him, Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity. Until he got kicked out of England, I didn't know that Michael Savage is the "right" radio talk host who is the third largest ratings getter.

I admit it. I listen to the big two. Mike, Laura, Ann, Dennis and whoever else is doing this kind of radio are people I'm clueless about. I heard them a few times and they've done nothing for this listener's ears.

But as I stated in the above paragraph, I have listened to the others besides the big two a "few" times.

People who complain about the dominance of talk radio by these "right" leaning entertainers will often howl to the moon about a "monopoly" of some kind, that there needs to be some sort of "fairness" legislation imposed or something, anything so that the other side of the political spectrum can be heard.

Look, I'm part of that "other side of the political spectrum" you complainers are referring to, but before I go any further, I'm going to explain something else about my views. Something I've explained in the past, but it bears repeating. I'm a long time Republican. When I was on the radio just before "The Decider's" reelection, I said, "I don't get THESE Republicans and I believe if Barry Goldwater were alive today, HE'D be a DEMOCRAT!"

And let me be very clear about this; I don't get the Limbaugh-Hannity Republicans, either. I agree with some of their postions like their stances on illegal immigration. I haven't heard their position on The Estate Tax, but we probably agree. But their insistence on Reagan economics is stupid. I used to buy into that philosophy but not anymore. It's wrong, wrong, wrong and when those economic principles are in force, they benefit only the rich. The financial disasters we're witnessing and living through right now are a living testament to how stupid and hurtful these outdated policies are.

I know. I know. If I'm right (again, no pun intended), why DOES the "right" own talk radio? There are a lot of hosts on other stations who are talking about many of the same things I write about in this blog.

Here's my answer. We have a station here in Los Angeles that features a lot of hosts who express views the exact opposite of the views posed by Limbaugh and Hannity. I've listened to them. And everytime I hear about a new host on that station being hired, I listen to that host.

Six or seven paragraphs ago, I wrote that I listen to Limbaugh and Hannity, but the rest of the "right" hosts are hosts I've listened to only a few times because they don't have the "it" factor that Limbaugh and Hannity do. But there was enough "there, there" to try those other "right" hosts more than once before giving up on 'em.

On the station here in Los Angeles that features hosts with views that are different than the views posed by Limbaugh and Hannity are hosts I have listened to ONCE! After the one time, I decided there was no reason to listen again. And that's been the case with EVERY host on that station. And this is coming from a RADIO guy!!!

CONCLUSION: Until the "other side" hires hosts who are as entertaining as the hosts on the "right", the "other side" will NEVER have an audience. Purely and simply, the hosts on the "other side" aren't compelling enough and the absolute bottom line is, they're not good enough.

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