Wednesday, February 17, 2010

According To The Polls, President Obama Will Be A One-Term President!!!

A little more than a year ago, President Barack Obama had "rock star" status. Now, if the polls are accurate, President Barack Obama has become a "lounge act".

And Republicans who have been out to destroy him from the get-go, like Mitch McConnell, the de facto leader of the Republican Party of "No" and Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, a guy who looks like he had all of his lunch money taken from him while he was in Junior and Senior High School, are busy trying to do whatever it takes to DESTROY this presidency.

I've lost track of how many things McConnell was in favor of until Obama was in favor of those things and this Ryan guy has people believing he's a "little guy's" politician while he tries to sell everyone on his idea to (basically) eliminate Social Security so the rich can get richer and the "little guy" gets royally screwed.

Yesterday, President Obama promised 8 BILLION DOLLARS to build the first NUCLEAR REACTORS in almost thirty years.

Short Commentary: YAYYYYY!!!!

I have been encouraging this kind of move for the last six years or so and so have a lot of other Republicans. It'll be interesting to see what these "Party of NO" guys say about this move by President Obama. Frankly, I hope President Obama orders the building of more of these nuclear reactors and plants.

Back to those polls that just came out. The polls showing that a very large majority of Americans believe that President Obama has virtually no chance of being reelected.


I BELIEVE that is what so many Americans are saying and I believe if a presidential election were held tomorrow, he wouldn't win unless he was running against Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan.

But the next presidential election WON'T be held tomorrow. And if sometime in the next two years or so President Obama is able to get a healthcare bill (a bill that includes tort reform) passed THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS.....Annnnd...If he is able to get a bill passed that will seriously regulate the way banks do business, the polls could change. Big time!

"If, "If", If", Mr. President.


A few weeks ago, I wrote about terrorists and made the point that the terrorists we've been dealing with have all been Muslim terrorists. Not some of them. ALL OF THEM!!!

I supported and still do support "profiling" of Muslims when they want to get on our airplanes or are anywhere near locations here in America that are national security related locations. And I will continue to think this way until the day comes I believe we no longer have to be concerned about Muslim terrorists because they either don't exist or they no longer wish us harm.

This Muslim U.S. Major who went on that murderous rampage in Fort Hood should never have been allowed to be in the position he was in. And I have no concern for his medical care (he was wounded by two American heroes) and I have no concern about his "rights". The next time I hear or read the word "alleged" associated with this Muslim Terrorist, I will puke.

After I wrote my concerns about Muslim Terrorists, I did what I usually do after I've written a commentary about an explosive issue. I invited thoughts and or comments about what I had written.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would get an email from Cairo, Egypt. The power and reach of the internet never ceases to amaze me and this isn't the first time I've been surprised and amazed. If I told you about some very famous people who have written to me about this blog, I think you would be every bit as surprised as I've been. And no, they don't all agree with me on a number of subjects. But yes, some do agree with me. And yes, their anonymity is guaranteed by me if it's requested, which pretty much all of them do. And I very much enjoy the private email conversations we have. And I've also gotten some good "topic ideas" from some of you great readers.

Hussien Ali has not asked to remain anonymous. Hussien Ali is the man who wrote to me from Cairo, Egypt.

Hussien is a Muslim. He's not a terrorist. He was born in Cairo, but he lived here in the Los Angeles area from the age of 12 to 34 when he moved back to Cairo. While he was here, (and yes, this was a mindblower for me) Hussien Ali started listening to me on the radio when I first got here and was part of the Robert W. Morgan morning show on Gene Autry's KMPC. I was also doing what was known as Rams Talk and Angels Talk on that same station. Hussien Ali told me he comes back here for visits and the last time he heard me on the radio was in 2007 when I was on KLAC with Joe McDonnell and Joe Grande.


No way in the world I can be mad at or suspicious of this guy, right?

Hussien Ali was and is a fan of mine and because he cares, he wants to make sure I understand a few things about Islam.

He wants me to know (and the rest of us as well) that the word "Islam" means "submission" as in, Submission to God (Allah). He also wants us to know that according to their bible, The Koran, "People who kill innocent people go straight to Hell."

Hussien Ali has also given me some "reading suggestions" so that I might learn a little bit about Islam.

I can read the minds of some of you readers. "You about to go soft on terrorists because of this guy from Cairo, Scott?"

Not hardly.

Hussien, I'm flattered to have had you as a listener to many of the broadcasts I was a part of here in Los Angeles. And I am flattered that you are a reader of this blog in Cairo, Egypt.

I am a peace loving man, Hussien. But I choose to have no mercy when it comes to people who want to do unprovoked harm to my country. While I find what is in your bible (The Koran) to be interesting, I must also tell you that what I find in the Christian bible is interesting as well.

And just because it's in either of those bibles or in both of those bibles doesn't mean that everyone is going to abide by the words that are written.

I choose to keep religion out of the equation when it comes to war because I think too many (far too many) wars have a religious "hook" to them.

Hussien, my friend Muhammad Ali famously decided to not be drafted in the military and stated as his reason, something like, "I ain't got no quarrel with no VietCong!"

Hussien, until 9/11, I had no quarrel with or concern about, Muslims.

I believe what you say when you say the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving people. I also believe that until the day comes when the peace loving Muslims are able to get control of the Muslim Terrorists, we here in America will continue to "wonder" about people who wear turban like clothing on their heads and (with or without suspect head wear) happen to be people who just remind us of terrorists when they're trying to board an American plane.

Is that kind of thinking fair? No. But neither was 9/11 or Fort Hood.

One more thing, Hussien. The next time you decide to come back here for a visit? Please send me an email telling me when you're going to be here. I'd love to have lunch or dinner with you.


I planned to give you a Theodore Roosevelt quote that's immigration related and I planned to tell you what happens to illegal immigrants who enter this country compared to what happens to them when they enter seven other countries. I'm now planning to do that in next week's blog.

I also plan to tell you (If I finish reading it) about a new book that was written by legendary 93/KHJ Program Director, Ron Jacobs that's titled, "Obamaland".


A lot of reruns are being shown on television because of the Winter Olympics. Have you been watching the Olympics? Am I going to sound Un-American if I tell you I haven't been watching the Olympics?

What I did watch last night was part one of a two-part series of eliminations on "American Idol", eliminations that (after tonight) will narrow the field to 24 contestants who will begin fighting for the chance to be the next American Idol next week.

Back to that 2-hour "American Idol" elimination show last night. After taking what seemed like forever to eliminate one of three rooms of contestants (which only took two minutes or so) a lot more time was wasted while letting only seven of what will be twenty four know that they have made it.

What took so much time! Way, way, WAY too much, MUCH too much, Ryan Seacrest!!!

I mean, it was obvious they had a lot of commercial time that had been sold so they had to have "content" but that ain't Ryan Seacrest's strong-suit. He's a pleasant looking hustler who knows how to make money. But "A.I." had a room full of charismatic entertainers in the judge's room that would have been better served to fill all that time Seacrest used.

No way do I believe that Seacrest's idol, Dick Clark would have allowed what happened last night to happen. Dick Clark figured out a long time ago that a little of him goes (went) a long way. I mean you had ELLEN in the judge's room. Along with three MUSIC POWER PLAYERS!!!!

And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "American Idol" a MUSIC show.

It ain't a Ryan Seacrest show. Never has been and never should be. Last night, it was. Big, big mistake.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Write to me at I will respond to you immediately. If you write to the blog, there's no way for me to know your email address, so I'll be unable to respond to you. Again.... "Anonymous" emails are ignored. Your "anonymity" is guaranteed when you write, but if you write anonymously, you are ignored.


Barring unforseen circumstances, next Wednesday night, February 24th. That will be the night after I have attended a Red Carpet event.


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