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I Want The President of the United States To Be The Guy I Thought I Voted For!!!!

Here's a quote I would like us all to remember; "Telling the American people what we think they WANT to hear instead of telling them what they NEED to hear just won't do!"

Would you be interested in voting for a guy who was promising us THAT?!?

A lot of people did and I was one of them.

Candidate Barack Obama said that before we elected him President of the United States.

"Telling the American people what we think they WANT to hear instead of telling them what they NEED to hear just won't do!"

I'm a big believer in keeping religion out of politics. What happens in the political arena is real. What we're told that happened more than two thousand years ago is stuff that can't be proven and has no business being used as some kind of "crutch" when it comes to American Public Policy.

But having said that, I'm going to relax my rule a little bit with a big, "Amen, Brother!" to what Barack Obama said before we elected him to be our current President of the United States.

The late Barry Goldwater once said, "You don't have to BE straight to SHOOT straight!" Goldwater was a very conservative republican who also spent time as a military officer and he was referring to gays in the military and the ridiculousness of them having to hide who they are in order to protect us from foreign evil doers.

I'll get back to that subject later in this blog, but Goldwater's "shoot straight" mention brings me back to my current thinking about President Obama.

Yeah, that State of the Union speech was another pretty good speech by this gifted talker, but so far, all we've seen from him IS "talk".

And a lot of it hasn't been "STRAIGHT TALK"!

In his State of the Union address, Obama was right to "smack down" the Supreme Court for doing what the Limbaugh's and Hannity's have been bitching about for years and that is, accusing the Supreme Court of "legislating from the bench". In case you haven't been paying attention, this is regarding this unlimited corporation campaign financing business that John McCain, Russ Feingold and others fought so hard against and got a law passed on it's behalf. A law that no longer exists because of the Supreme Court's "legislating from the bench". Kind of like what they did that resulted in us getting the worst President of the United States in our history. A president that got us into one phony war, didn't follow through on what would have been a righteous war because of 9/11 and didn't ask the American people to pay for these wars or a big prescription drug bill. And we now have slick talking con men (and women) who have scared and gullible citizens believing this big deficit we now have is all President Obama's fault.

Okay....President Bush and his irresponsible ways got us into this mess, but so far, the view here is that President Obama has been big time lacking in possible solutions to get us OUT of this mess.

First of all, Obama's healthcare reform bill idea was (in my view) a very good idea that ended up having a very big problem and I think the problem was Obama's fault. ALL his fault. While all the back and forth negotiating was going on, Obama never explained to the American people what this bill was-is really all about. And that allowed slick politicians like Mitch McConnell to rally bought and paid for talk show hosts to help with the mission of sabotaging everything this young black president stands for and tries to do.

YO, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!! Most people LIKE you! To paraphrase Sally Field, they really, REALLY like you! have big majorities in the House and Senate. In previous blogs, I have stated that it's long past time for you to quit looking like a guy who's easy to "roll" and be an out and out Asshole from time to time.

From my little corner of the world, it looks like the bankers have "rolled you", the Generals have "rolled you", the healthcare negotiaters "rolled you", Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner "rolled you", Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke "rolled you" and as Newsweek's Howard Fineman referred to him, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Lex Luthor of the Senate, appears to have definitely "rolled you" or he has you so off-balance, you seem to be going through a slipping, stumbling and falling phase.

Mr. President, if you don't start acting like what you are, which is the president of the most powerful country in the world, your political standing is in danger of getting to a life-support stage. But you still have plenty of time to turn things around.

It's too late to do anything about Bernanke for another year, but you should fire Timothy Geithner right now.

Mr. President, do NOT back away from getting enforceable regulations that bankers and the rest of these high powered financial titans are fighting against. They don't give a rat's ass about what's good for America. All they give a damn about is what's good for them. We, the American taxpayers recently bailed them out with billions of dollars of our money and a headline in all the newspapers today is about how AIG is handing out millions of dollars in bonuses.

Mr. President, do not let AIG "roll you"!

Mr. President, it is good that you have been barking at the Republican "No-Sayers" and pointing out to the Democrat "Scared-Sayers" that they shouldn't only be supporting things that will help them get elected again. In fact, they should be supporting and trying to legislate things that are best for America in the long run. When brave politicians got Social Security passed, the majority of Americans thought it was a bad idea. When brave politicians got Civil Rights legislation passed, the majority of Americans thought it was a bad idea. Shoot, there was a time in this country when American women weren't allowed to vote. Brave politicians changed that. And so many other unpopular (at the time) things have been passed by brave politicians, things that we all take for granted now. Mr. President, you absolutely HAVE to continue this barking you've recently begun doing. Your presidency and this country's future DEMANDS that you do!!!

Now...Mr. President, what in hell is going on with this healthcare bill? Please be specific! Be specific or give it up. In your State of the Union speech, you said you're not going to quit. Talk is cheap. Tell us what's up with the healthcare stuff. Explain it in simple language, all of it, no surprises later and present that bill to the American people. If this is something that for whatever reason you can't do, give up and we'll start thinking about who we might like to have as our next president three years from now.

Oh...Mr. President? One more thing. If the things we need to do are things that will require taxes to be raised for everyone, the American people won't like to hear that. I certainly won't. BUUUUUT.....If this is something you feel is absolutely necessary, you can tell the American people about your political opposition's FAVORITE president what HE did when difficult decisions had to be made.

When you listen to the broken record that is Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other history revisionists, you would swear that Ronald Reagan NEVER raised taxes.

Well, here's the historical truth. In 1981, President Reagan signed the Kemp-Roth tax bill that lowered marginal income-tax rates. The next THREE YEARS, President Reagan RAISED taxes.

Why? Because he knew it was necessary.

Don't believe me? Quit listening to the revisionists who so desperately want Obama to fail and look it up. As the late sportscaster Jim Healy used to say, "I don't make 'em up, pally!"

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This is about gays in the military. President Obama says he'd like to see gay military folks to be able to serve openly. On Tuesday, February 2nd, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said they're in favor of repealing the 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" law.

Full disclosure: No, I'm not gay, but I grew up during a time when people I associated with believed gay people or "homos" or "queers" as they were then known as were, in fact, "God's Abominations". A lot of people believed they shouldn't even be allowed to live, much less serve in the military.

I used to believe that. When I was in the military, there was only one guy living with us in the barracks who most soldiers thought was "queer", but he never had any trouble from any of us because he never did anything to make us want to cause him trouble.

After I left the military, I had an uncomfortable experience when I was hitchhiking from South Carolina to where my parents were living in California. For quite a few years after that, I was part of the crowd who believed that "queers" and or "homos" were the kinds of people we just shouldn't have around us. "God's Abominations", if you will.

And you know what's pathetically funny about that? I'm not a religious guy, but a lot of people who wear religion on their sleeves will tell you there's something inheritantly wrong with what are now known as "gay people". My response to that is, if you believe in a God of some kind, a God that is the creator of everything, don't you think he (or she) would have stopped creating gay people if indeed this almighty creator of everything really believed there was-is something
wrong with gay people. I mean, an almighty God would simply not allow mothers to give birth to a gay baby, right?

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I now have a lot of gay friends, because that simply isn't true. It's also true that I don't have that many friends period, but that's another story.

As I got older, I ended up working with a few gay people and here in Los Angeles (Hollywood) where I've been for most of the last more than 30 years, I've run into a lot of gay folks on film and television productions. I've never had a hint of a problem with those people. What I've learned is that gay people want the same things straight people want. A good job, a chance to be loved, to be treated equally, the "American Dream" if you will.

The day after coming out and saying he supported the repealing of the "don't ask, don't tell" law, Defense Secretary Robert Gates is now saying (in essence), on second thought, this "don't ask, don't tell" business needs to be studied. No reason to hurry up with a decision like this, etc., etc.

My reaction to Secretary Gates' new way of thinking? GUTLESS!

I understand a dinosaur like John McCain being against this while his wife and daughter are supporting the idea, but Secretary Gates needs to check the demographics of his current military services. The vast majority of the troops are young and the vast majority don't look upon soldiers being gay as any kind of big deal because they've grown up around them.

Here's my position on Gay Rights. Gays serving openly in the military? No problem. Repeal that stupid law.

Gays marrying each other? No problem. With all the divorces in the straight community, you want to tell me there's something almighty sacred about marriage between a loving man and a loving woman? And that those marriages are superior to a marriage between a loving man and a loving man or a marriage between a loving woman and a loving woman?

Yes, I'm aware of the argument regarding gay couples adopting children or having children through the use of surrogates, etc. and feeling that children being raised like that will be somehow corrupted.

People who believe that, are people who then have to believe that it's possible to catch a disease which they think is "Gay". Translation; Do any of you honestly believe you can CATCH "Gay"?!?

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I was going to write about a great quote from President Theodore Roosevelt....An illegal immigrant's "do's and don'ts" in other countries compared to our country....A letter I got from Cairo, Egypt taking me to task about my comments regarding Muslim terrorists....And foreigners who honk their horns too damn much, buuuuut, I think it's time to lighten things up a bit.


"American Idol" has been showing auditions from other cities, auditions that resulted in a lot of singers coming to Hollywood with dreams of becoming the NEXT "American Idol".

I watched a couple of those audition shows from the other cities and yes, my eyes watered up when some singers were told they would be flying to Hollywood and while watching, I also came to the conclusion that "American Idol" will really miss Simon Cowell when he leaves after this season's shows end. What's new judge Ellen DeGeneres going to be like? Hard to say, but according to The National Enquirer, she and Simon Cowell "are already at each other's throats".

The Hollywood "American Idol" shows begin next week.


I saw a 1960 film classic on TCM a few days ago. And it was the first time I had seen "Elmer Gantry". It starred Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons and Shirley Jones along with several other fine actors. Lancaster won the Best Actor Oscar and Jones won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. The film is 50-years old, but I thought it stood up well and I enjoyed it very much.

I want to make special mention of Shirley Jones. Her publicist is the long time Beverly Hills P.R. guru, Edward Lozzi who also happens to be a 30+years friend of mine. A few months ago, Lozzi invited me to an Elvis Presley related function in the San Fernando Valley. Shirley Jones showed up with her husband. I was introduced to her and we had a pleasant conversation for a few minutes. Because there was loud music, I had to stand very close to her. As I stated, Shirley Jones won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in the classic film, "Elmer Gantry". She played a prostitute who did a little hanky-panky with the Burt Lancaster character. While I was watching Shirley Jones in that film a couple of nights ago, I couldn't help but remember what Shirley looked like when I was standing 6-inches away from her a few months ago. Drop-dead gorgeous is what she looked like. In her 1960 Oscar winning performance and standing right next to me in late 2009. For some very rare people, the aging clock seems to never be ticking. Shirley Jones is one of those very rare people. It's no wonder her husband always has a big smile on his face.

A 1997 film, "The Conspiracy Theory" is currently on the Encore circuit. I saw it for the first time two weekends ago. It stars Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart. I liked this film a lot. Mel Gibson plays a guy you think is just "nuts" for most of this film and the nonstop and very fast way he has to talk is an acting clinic. Julia Roberts, having to keep up with him is an acting clinic as well. The way the film plays out is something that keeps your eyes glued to the screen until the film ends.

Two days later, I saw Mel Gibson's new film, "Edge of Darkness". This is a nonstop revenge film. If you like action that's associated with a good story, I think you'll like "Edge of Darkness".


I thought the film "The Blind Side" was Oscar worthy when I saw it. "The Blind Side" is the film I'm rooting for. My second choice would be, "Up in the Air". My third choice would be, "Avatar". "The Hurt Locker"? This is a film that cost 11-million dollars to make and it has sold 12-million dollars worth of tickets. Because a good chunk of that 12-million will go to the theaters showing the film, that means "The Hurt Locker" is a film that is "hurting" for an audience. My good friend, Owner-Publisher Don Barrett, loves this film and he is an Academy voter, so I know that "The Hurt Locker" will get at least one vote. Actually, it figures to get a lot of votes, but I don't think a film seen by as few people as this film has been seen by is worthy of being given the Best Film Oscar.

My choice for Lead Actor is George Clooney, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered if Jeff Bridges wins.

My choice for Lead Actress is Sandra Bullock.

My choice for Supporting Actor is Woody Harrelson, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered if Matt Damon wins. I think the favorite to win is Christoph Waltz.

My choice for Supporting Actress is Anna Kendrick, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered if Vera Farmiga won.

My Oscar choices are not predictions. They are simply the people and or films that I would like to see honored.


Now this does involve a prediction. As of today, the Indianapolis Colts are favored by 5 points over the New Orleans Saints. One of the Colts' very best players might not play because of a serious leg injury and if he doesn't play that will be a serious loss for the Colts.

But there is no bigger star in the NFL right now than Indianapolis quarterback and product pitch man, Peyton Manning. Strange things happen in games like these, but I think the Colts will win and they'll win by more than 5 points.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, next Wednesday night, February 10.


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