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Tea Party People, Gay Marriage, Obamacare, Sarah Palin, TV shows, Films and Football Picks!!!

Tea Party People, Tea Baggers or whatever it is they prefer to be called.

I haven't written about them, but I've certainly been aware of them. At first I thought they were (for the most part) just a bunch of lost souls who were being easily swayed by rich radical talk show hosts who were preaching the gospel about how President Obama is in the process of ruining our great country, and by the way, he's a black guy.

I didn't write those thoughts (of mine) because I wanted to keep an open mind about what these Tea Party People-Tea Baggers are all about and if my first reaction was (to me) on the money, I would write (hopefully) a well thought out commentary about how misguided they are.

Okay....Here's my open mind conclusion about who the Tea Party People-Tea Baggers are and what it is they seem to want.

I believe the Tea Party People-Tea Baggers are scared. I believe that each individual who was-is scared, found out THEY ARE NOT ALONE!!! Hence, the Tea Party People-Tea Bagger "movement".

Folks, to me, this is a growing "movement". And I LIKE it!!! WHY do I like it? These people, instead of staying home while feeling they are (an old Southern expression) "Broke Dick DOGS", have become "ACTIVISTS"!!!

In case you hadn't noticed, I'M an "activist"!

WHY have many of our citizens developed a fear that has become all consuming, a fear that had them sitting at home feeling like "Broke Dick Dogs"?

Wellll...I suppose there might be a number of reasons, up to and including (whether they're conscious of it or not) the fact that this new president looks different than all our previous presidents, buuuut...If I had to pick ONE REASON for all the fear felt by this growing group of Tea Party People, I would pick what is known as, OBAMACARE!!!

Full disclosure: I have health insurance. And as of today, I have no complaints.

I do however recognize that more than 30 million of our citizens don't have health insurance and it would be nice if something could be done about that. We also have unfortunate American citizens who, because of "pre-existing conditions", can't even BUY insurance at ANY cost!!!

I also recognize that if we are going to have REAL healthcare reform, we absolutely have to come up with something that will in fact DRIVE DOWN COSTS of healthcare in this country.

And ya know what? I think we could DO that if two meaningful things were done.

TWO THINGS, Scott? Just TWO things?

Hey, I'm a simple kind of activist!

I think President Obama has or had a great idea when he talked about making it MANDATORY for young adults to buy insurance. I know. I didn't buy health insurance when I was young! Because I was HEALTHY!!! Who the hell wants to buy health insurance when they're HEALTHY?

Yeahhh, but if you seriously get sick BEFORE you buy health insurance, you have what is known as a "pre-existing condition" and you'll be faced with not being able to buy health insurance at ANY COST or it will be cost that's so prohibitive, you won't be able to buy it anyway.

Making the buying of health insurance by young adults MANDATORY would guarantee they would never have a "pre-existing condition" problem and they would be protected from having to go to the poorhouse if they got some terrible illness.

Okay. That's ONE thing! I said, TWO things.

It is my view that President Obama dropped the ball big time when he didn't include and or demand that "Tort Reform" legislation be enacted. If "Tort Reform" legislation is enacted along with the mandatory buying of insurance by young people, HEALTH CARE COSTS would DEFINITELY go DOWN!!!

And if a new healthcare reform bill were passed by both the Senate and House and sent to President Obama's desk to be signed into law, we will indeed (in my view) HAVE CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!

But what the hell do I know? I'm just a simple activist. Like you Tea Party People are.

And as long as I'm handing out advice here, here's a message for my brother and sister activists.

You've got Sarah Palin championing your cause? You hard working Tea Party People? Look, I have both sides of that "marriage" figured out. You Tea Party People-Tea Baggers are working hard to make things happen in our country. In case you hadn't noticed, Sarah Palin QUIT her job in Alaska. Why? So she could (ghost) write a book, make a bunch of money and do nothing that even RESEMBLES work!

Have you noticed that the head guy at Fox has no interest in Sarah Palin being a talk show host on his network? He isn't stupid. Did you see or hear what Fox host Glenn Beck said to Sarah Palin when she gave him an answer to a question he asked her? The question Glenn Beck asked Sarah Palin was, "Who's your favorite Founding Father?" Sarah Palin's answer was, "All of them." Glenn Beck's response to Sarah Palin's answer was, "BULLCRAP!"

She finally said, "George Washington", but the only thing anyone remembered was Glenn Beck's response to her after her first answer. Sarah Palin also believes that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.


I was going to write about the Gay Marriage issue, but I think we have enough to chew on in this week's blog. I'll write about that subject next week unless President Obama's State of the Union speech next Wednesday turns out to be off the charts compelling.


This past week I saw two films on cable for the first time. The first one was a 2007 film on Showtime that's titled, "He Was A Quiet Man". It stars Christian Slater, Elisha Cuthbert (Jack Bauer's daughter) and William H. Macy. The "Quiet Man" is played by Christian Slater and I think this was one of his best performances ever. This is not a "happy" film, but I think it's a good film.

"Cadillac Records" is a film that came out in 2008 and I don't think it did well. That's a shame, because this story, now on the STARZ circuit, is about how the Chess record label came to be. Academy Award winner Adrien Brody plays Leonard Chess, the man who created the Chess label, a label that became the home of/to a lot of singers who ended up in the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. Singers like Chuck Berry, Etta James, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and many others. I thought Brody was terrific as Leonard Chess, Jeffrey Wright was terrific as Muddy Waters, Mos Def was terrific as Chuck Berry, Beyonce Knowles was off the charts terrific as Etta James and Emmanuelle Chriqui (an actress I have a huge crush on) was terrific as Revetta Chess, Leonard Chess's wife.


The first four hours of the new "24" season were shown on Sunday and Monday night on Fox and I loved all four hours. Nice to see Jack Bauer back in action and saving us all.

A new Fox adventure show, "Human Target" was also shown on Sunday and I think that show is going to be a HIT! The regular night for "Human Target" will be Wednesday nights at 9, after American Idol.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? I did. I thought Martin Scorsese's speech about Cecil B. DeMille was off the charts terrific. I was happy that Julianna Margulies won for "The Good Wife" and that Michael C. Hall won for "Dexter", but I thought the line of the night was delivered by host Ricky Gervais when he said, "I like to drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is.......Mel Gibson."

And right on cue, out walked Mel Gibson. This was Gibson's first very public appearance since he was arrested for drunk driving and then, while drunk, said some things he wish he hadn't said. Mel Gibson is a big star as an actor, a director and producer. I believe he knew Gervais was going to say something like he did say, and Gibson figured that was a pretty good way to get what everyone would be thinking, "out of the way".


After going 3-0 in my NFL picks two weeks ago, I was brought back to earth this past weekend. I was wrong about Dallas, I was wrong about Arizona, I (again) didn't make a pick on the game involving the Jets and I was right about Indianapolis.

When the Colts put a bunch of their good players on the bench in that game the Colts were winning a few weeks ago, the Jets rallied and ended up giving the Colts their first loss of the season. Had the Colts won that game, the Jets would have been eliminated from any chance of getting into the playoffs. Right after that happened, I wrote in this blog the thought that it was entirely possible that the Colts might end up playing the Jets again with the Jets having the chance of keeping the Colts from getting into the Super Bowl. Can you imagine how the Colts would feel if this Jets team, in a space of a few weeks, kept the Colts from having an undefeated season AND then kept the Colts from getting into the Super Bowl?!?

That season saving win over the Colts is why I didn't make any predictions about the Jets these last two weeks because (to me) it was simply impossible to get a "handle" on these guys after they had been given that "gift" by the Colts.

The Jets had no business beating the Bengals, but they especially had no business beating the Chargers. I think the Colts are grateful that the Jets did beat the Chargers, but as Don Meredith used to sing, "Turn out the liiiights...the party's OVER!!!", because now the Colts are going to the Super Bowl after they give the Jets a big time reality check.

Vikings-Saints? Wow! This should be a terrific game and I think it's a toss-up. The pick here is New Orleans.


Please write to me at and I will write back to you. If you write to the blog, there's no way for me to know your email address, so I won't be able to respond to you. When you write to me at, I will write back immediately. All anonymous emails sent to me are ignored.


Unless something unforseen comes up, the next blog will be written next Wednesday, the 27th, sometime after President Obama's State of the Union address.


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