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Profiling Muslims? As Sarah Palin might say, "You Betcha!!!"

Whenever a certain group of people are stopped and questioned about their "intentions" more often than every other group, the charge of "Racial Profiling" is made. Or "Muslim Profiling" or "Cell Phone in a Car Profiling", etc., etc.

But lets go back to "Muslim Profiling". I will accept the claim that not all Muslims are terrorists.
But can the bleeding heart crowd please accept the fact that most terrorists are Muslim!

I bring this up because because of that Muslim terrorist who was carrying some kind of bomb in his underpants while on a Christmas flight to Detroit. We got really lucky because the only thing that happened was that this Muslim terrorist ended up burning himself while some heroic passengers took him out of "action".

Why this Muslim terrorist was even allowed on the plane to begin with is the result of the sloppiest of "intelligence" work, because this guy's father had tipped off authorities that his son had new beliefs and new terrorist friends and this was something we (our "intelligence" people)should be concerned about.

And then there's this Muslim terrorist who conned the CIA and who knows how many other people into believing he was some kind of "double agent" and was ready to give useful information about Al Qaeda to the CIA. This Muslim terrorist was a 36-year old Jordanian physician. Now think about that. This Muslim terrorist was a DOCTOR! A guy who was in the business of HEALING people, not killing them. But this Muslim terrorist Doctor, after not being searched, not only killed seven CIA people, he also killed the Jordanian intelligence person who convinced the CIA that he (the Muslim terrorist) was "legit" and he (the Muslim terrorist) also killed HIMSELF with the suicide bomb he was wearing.

Let's think about this for a second...A 36-year old guy is a Jordanian physician. A Doctor. A healer of people. Young guy like that has the world by the ass, doesn't he? No problem finding women or whatever floats his boat, the legitimate "connections" he can make, connections that figure to make his life even better....But for whatever reason, this Muslim Doctor terrorist, decided to kill a bunch of American CIA people, himself and the guy who vouched for him.

And now I or you should be concerned about "PROFILING"?!?

Hell, Cuban officials are already bitching about the extra screening procedures for Cuban citizens that are now in place when they want to fly into the United States.

Yo, Cuba! I don't CARE!!! In fact, I'm not sure I want you here, screening procedures or not!

But here's where I'm going with this. I DAMN SURE DON'T WANT ANY MORE MUSLIMS COMING HERE!!! Whether they're flying here, taking a boat here, somehow driving here, somehow walking here, whatever.

Yes, I'm in favor of "profiling" Muslims if they try to get on a plane to come here. Subject 'em to scanning machines and make 'em take all their clothes off.

But ya know what? I would support a law that would simply keep them out of our country, period! By now, our country's "leaders" (and the rest of us) need to understand something. The Muslim population (as a whole) doesn't like us. The Muslim population (as a whole) has nothing in common with us.

And we think we can "turn them" by killing a bunch of them in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did the thought ever cross the minds of our "leaders" (and the rest of us) that when we kill Muslims (or anyone else) in their countries that WE are looked upon (by them) as AMERICANS being terrorists?

They don't want us there (except when we're giving them money) and it's long past time that we said, "We don't want you Muslims HERE!"

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One more thing regarding the Christmas visit we got from a Muslim terrorist on the flight to Detroit and the visit our CIA people got from the Muslim Doctor terrorist.

Some very serious mistakes were made by our so-called "intelligence" people regarding that Christmas flight and how that Muslim Doctor terrorist got up close and personal to all those CIA people without being searched is beyond comprehension.

Some people should be fired for the Christmas episode and I think there's a chance someone or more than someone might be/should be put on trial for what appears to have been incompetence of the very first order which resulted in all those CIA people getting killed and injured.


Some new regulations will soon be put into place that the big banks don't like. These same big banks that got all that tax money from us. Before the new regulations kick in, banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Chase and Citibank are charging new outrageous fees and jacking up interest rates on customers.

Early last year, I told you what a Bank of America employee told me (off the record) about things they were doing to their customers, things their customers hadn't gotten around to realizing yet and I told you what I did and what I thought you should do. And that is to take all of your money out of those banks and put it into credit unions. I switched to a credit union in March or so. Five days ago, it was reported that Huffington Post website and co-founder Arianna Huffington and former Senate Banking Committee chief economist Rob Johnson (in a widely read blog post) were/are encouraging bank customers to "yank their deposits" from the banks I mentioned and to move their money to community banks and credit unions.

Personally, I'm not that sure about community banks, but I am sure about credit unions.

Sudden thought: What these big banks have been doing is a form of terrorism as well, isn't it? Think about that.

The Fox/Time Warner Cable Battle...

That was in the news a lot for a few days. It was finally settled, but you know what's going to happen next, don't you? Your Time Warner Cable bills are going to go up and we will be told that the reason they're going up is because of Fox. But what they won't tell us is that while Fox will make more money, Time Warner will make even more money because of this convenient excuse they'll have. Meanwhile, your pockets and my pockets get even emptier.

Are you tempted to buy some rabbit ears? Yeah, you can hook those things up to your television sets and you don't pay a monthly fee. And you would be surprised how many channels you get without having to have cable. If enough people did that, companies like Time Warner, Dish and Direct TV would have to give serious consideration to letting their customers pick only the cable channels they want to have as opposed to being forced (as we are now) to take and pay for channels we will never want to have.


Have you noticed the gas prices lately? We are driving less, people are still struggling in this rotten economy, and here comes our old greedy bastard pals, the oil companies with higher gas prices for no reason other than the fact, they can!


Did you see last night's episode of "The Good Wife"? That show is sooo good. Tuesday night at 10, 9 Central, on CBS. And am I the only guy who thinks that boot wearing investigator is hot? Or, as a former producer of mine told me today, "I like her sass!"

Here's some films on the cable circuit I saw recently...

"Rock Star", starring Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg. A 2001 film that's currently on the HBO circuit and I liked it. A lot!

"The Soloist", starring Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey, Jr. and Catharine Keener. A film that came out last year and is currently on the HBO circuit. This film is based on a true story and I thought that what Jamie Foxx had to do with the way he spoke was terrific. Downey, to me, is always good, but I kept hoping we would see more of Catharine Keener because she was very good in the small amount of screen time she got. The film did not do well at the box office, but I liked it.

"The Caine Mutiny", a 1954 film classic that I had never seen before and it was shown on TCM. It features an all-star cast and it's a film that 56 years later, still holds up.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Johnny Carson. Pretty famous names, huh?

I mention these four guys to you, because former CNN news anchor and long time friend of mine, Patrick Emory sent me a wonderful, less than 4-minute tape of those four guys singing in a St. Louis theatre in 1964. Everyone I've sent this tape to has loved it. If you would like a copy of it, I'll be happy to email it to you. All you have to do is send your request for "The Rat Pack Tape" to and I will email it to you immediately.

Yes, I know that Johnny Carson wasn't an official Rat Pack member, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see/hear how he did when he performed with those legendary singer/performers.


Many of you blog readers (especially those who live away from the Los Angeles area) don't know that I did a lot of television and radio sports reporting here for many years. Like with this blog, I did a lot of opinion/commentary stuff on the sports reports. But I also made picks when there were big games being played.

And yeah, like most folks, I was wrong more often than I was right.

Having said that, Alabama is favored by 4 over Texas in the BCS championship game tomorrow night and I like Texas plus the points.

In the four NFL playoff games this weekend, the first thing that jumps out at me is, how the heck did the New York Jets get into these playoffs? And then I remember that the Indianapolis Colts gave them a "gift" and wouldn't it be ironic if the Colts end up having to play them again to get to the Super Bowl? And if the Colts lost that game! The Colts wouldn't have lost to the Jets a couple of weeks ago if they hadn't put all their good players on the bench in the second half. And that would have eliminated the Jets. Something to think about, especially if the Jets beat the Bengals (again) this weekend.

I think Baltimore will beat New England, Arizona will beat Green Bay, Dallas will beat Philadelphia and I have NO opinion on the Jets-Bengals game.


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Barring unforseen circumstances, next Wednesday (late), January 13.


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