Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christine O'Donnell, The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!

I know. It's next to impossible to top the headline in last week's blog, but the same person who inspired that headline is the person who is named in the headline above.

Madam Sanctimony, otherwise known as Christine O'Donnell, the Republican/Tea Party Senate candidate from Delaware, is another one of these "character" candidates who is endorsed by the biggest political character of them all, Sarah Palin.

Just for fun, let's run down a list of what we know about Christine O'Donnell and her beliefs. We have no idea what she stands for when it comes to finding ways to get more jobs for people, global warming, taxation, government spending, the war in Afghanistan, home foreclosures, etc., etc.

According to her beliefs that are available for all to see, (in no particular order) Christine O'Donnell is against masturbation, she's against women being admitted to West Point, she believes in no sex before marriage but yes, she's currently sharing a house with a man, she has a lesbian sister, but she's anti-gay, she has a bad history when it comes to paying her bills and seems to believe that's what campaign contributions are for, or I suppose one might wonder if that man she is living with might be paying for something, and she is against abortion unless the woman's life is in danger. Yes, Christine O'Donnell is against abortion when a rape is involved and she's against abortion when the pregnancy is the result of incest. Which usually means, the woman's father forced her to have sex with him.

Abortion Commentary:

I have no problem with people who are against abortion. I've written about my own abortion story in a previous blog. I hated it. I tried to talk her out of it. She had the abortion. I still hate what happened, but when all is said and done, I still believe in the law of the land, which is "the woman's right to choose".

Well meaning people disagree with me. Passionately. Some of these people are famous people who happen to be good friends of mine. Abortion is not a subject we have casual conversations about. In fact, we avoid the subject unless I do something like I'm doing now.

I can honestly say that I don't know ANYONE who is in FAVOR of abortion. Different people have different reasons for making this very difficult decision and they have the "law" on their side.

I have no problem with Christine O'Donnell being against abortion unless the woman's life is in danger. In fact, I support that position. And for the life of me, I don't understand anyone who doesn't support that position.

But here's something else I don't understand. Christine O'Donnell and a lot of other people think that a woman who becomes pregnant because of a rape or incest, is a woman who should never be allowed to have an abortion for either of those reasons.

Let's think about this for a second or two.

If I (or you) am married to the woman who got pregnant because she was raped, would you want to go through the months of watching her stomach grow so that a child who's DNA will consist of a rapist's DNA, will soon be living in your home?!?

If the woman who got pregnant because she was raped is single, how many loving thoughts do you think she would be expected to have during the course of THAT pregnancy?!? Should she be made to give birth to child who's DNA will consist of a rapist's DNA?!?

If a woman becomes pregnant because her father forced her to have sex with him (incest), that woman should be forced to give birth to THAT child?!?

If your answer to the questions I asked in the previous paragraphs are, "Yes, yes and yes!!!", please write to me and tell me why you feel that way. My email address is, I won't use your name unless you want me to.


When Velma Hart said, "I'm exhausted of defending you!", I think that most of us understood where she was coming from. In in case you don't know who she was talking to, she was eyeball to eyeball with President Obama.

Everybody wants lower taxes, right? I certainly do. But here's the problem. Spending also has to be lowered. And more so than the tax cuts or the only thing that's accomplished is all of us being in a "BIGGER ditch". And don't give me that baloney about how lower taxes by itself solves anything. It doesn't. It absolutely does NOT!

And how how about those Hedge Fund Managers? These people are making 200-700 million dollars a year and because of some goofy exemption they get, their tax liability is 15%. I'll bet every person who reads this has a tax liability of more that 15%. Maybe much more. I'm not making this up. Hedge Fund Managers. 200 to 700 million dollars a year these jokers are making. And their tax liability, because of something lobbyists got done on behalf of rich folks, is only 15%!!! Is it just me, or is that something YOU think should be changed as well?!?

What was your reaction when you read all the headlines saying, "The recession is over!"
Did you say something like, "Great! Now I'll buy a new car!"?!?

Or did you say what I said; "Bull Shit!!!"

How's the weather where you are? Here, on Monday, I looked at the thermometer on my computer and it told me it was 114 degrees outside my window.

Glenn Beck is in trouble. His ratings are going down and a whole lot of companies are demanding that their commercials not be run on his show. In fact, there's a new phrase stated by these companies about ads that do get aired on Beck's show; "Empty Calories!"

Do you remember that story about the 22-year old Muslim woman who was working for Disneyland and got mad at officials there when she wasn't allowed to wear a hijab. That's religious head-gear, something that no Disney employee has ever worn because everyone has to wear a uniform that represents whatever the particular establishment represents.

Well, she and Islamic Relations people raised holy hell about it and the Disney folks backed down. In my view, that's a shame because there's no legitimate reason for Disney to make any exceptions in this case. Do the Islamic Relations people think that the people at "Hooter's" would make an exception? Or any other "theme" restaurant?

Short commentary: If I'm running that department she complained about, my response to her would have been something like this; "Yo, Muslim woman! You wanna do some praying here? Just before your shift begins, look to the heavens, praise Allah and thank him for whatever help you think he gave you to get this job! Then, put your Disney uniform on and go to work!"

And if that's not acceptable, here's what I say then; "We'll get you a check for whatever we might owe you and I wish you much luck at your next job because you're no longer working at THIS job!"


Two new films, a recent award winning film, a 21-year old film and 3 television shows.

The "Fabulous Baker Boys" is a film that's currently on the Encore circuit and it's a film that was released in 1989. I saw it for the first time a few days ago. It stars Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer. Folks, if you haven't seen this film, find it on Encore and you'll be glad you did. This is a very good film.

I didn't see "The Hurt Locker" when it came out, it's currently on the Showtime circuit and I saw it this past Saturday. And now I know what all the praise was about. Jeremy Renner is off the charts good in this film, but the film itself is riveting, riveting, riveting.

"Never Let Me Go" is a new film that I saw yesterday. It stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield and Charlotte Rampling. This is a heavy, heavy, HEAVY film. To tell you what it's about is a "spoiler alert" but trust me when I tell you this; If you like good filmmaking involving four world class actors, you will definitely like "Never Let Me Go".

"Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps" is a film I saw this past Friday. All star cast that is led by Michael Douglas who gets great support from Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Eli Wallach, Susan Sarandon and Frank Langella.

When Douglas is on the screen, he flat owns it and I won't be surprised if he gets an Oscar nomination. Same deal with Carey Mulligan, Frank Langella and maybe (even) Eli Wallach.

There's a lot of stuff going on in this film and that's something that's been criticized by some critics. As is the complaint about the amount of camera time given to Michael Douglas, with the argument being, he should have had more camera time. I got past the complaints made by these critics and quite frankly, I sooo loved the way this film ends and for that reason alone, this film (to me) was worth double the admission price.

The new season of "Dexter" began on Showtime this past Sunday. The two main producers left the "Dexter" show after last season ended and I couldn't help but think of them while I was watching Sunday's episode. I have seen every episode of "Dexter" and the episode I saw this past Sunday was good, but not up to the standard I'm used to seeing.

Same deal with "Brothers & Sisters" on ABC which also began their new season this past Sunday. Good, but not as good as what I'm used to seeing.

Same deal with "The Good Wife", a show I absolutely love, that began their new season last night (Tuesday) on CBS. Good, but not up to the standard I'm used to seeing.

Questions and or comments? Write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know what your email address is so there's no way for me to respond to you. Again...Please write to me at and I will respond to you quickly.

The next blog? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, October 6 or early Thursday morning, October 7.

P.S. I just finished another short film for some of those great film students at USC and I might be on CRN again, this Friday. If I am, I'll be on with CRN owner Mike Horn and you can hear us from 4-5 in the afternoon, Pacific Time and the show will be repeated during the weekend. If you'd like to check us out, click onto

Meanwhile, I hope that you and yours have a great rest of the week and weekend.


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