Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sarah Palin Says She's Thinking About Running And That She Could Beat Barack Obama In 2012!!!

I have honestly been thinking about stepping away from this "labor of love" of mine that's called, "The Jammer With The Hammer". In fact, I was thinking about making next Wednesday's blog (the day before Thanksgiving) my last blog for a while or perhaps permanently.

I've been very pleased with the results of a couple of recent film things I've been involved with, including a film I finished working on yesterday. I spend a lot of time reading and doing research for this blog and I think I should probably spend more time focusing on sharpening my acting skills.

And yeah, there are some people who would like me to get back into the radio arena because of the once a week stuff I've been having a good time with on CRN.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I was telling you why I've seriously been thinking about possibly ending, "The Jammer With The Hammer".

You have seen the "headline" above today's blog, right?

Welllll.....Thanks to Ms. Palin, I might have to seriously reconsider my thinking.


And after hearing THAT, I'm going to stop writing this blog?!?

Decisions, decisions.

This is the first time that Sarah Palin has made a public statement like this. A lot of reporters think she's been thinking these thoughts a long time and that's why they constantly ask her questions about it, but now that she's said this publicly....

I know. She didn't say she will run, she's just thinking about it, but this will get everyone's attention. Big time! Especially the part about her believing she would beat Barack Obama in 2012, if she decided to run.

Short Commentary:

Yo, Sarah, the Quitter! I know you got yourself a new "shot of confidence" because of the more than five million people who watched your Alaska reality show this past Sunday night. But Sar-ah, which is what your under 10-year old daughter, Piper called you on that show. Sar-ah, you better talk to "experts" about this show of yours and if you do, you will probably be told that the audience liked Piper more than they liked you. And yeah, there were a few party poopers who wondered why she didn't call you, "Mom", but I guess that must be one of those "Mama Grizzly (or is it, Grizzlie?) things that make you and your family unique, huh?

Governor Palin, even though you unceremoniously quit your Governor's job and in the process, disappointed a lot of people who voted for you, I really hope that you do decide to be a presidential candidate in 2012. During that process, we would (I think) find out why you really quit your job as Governor of Alaska.

But even if we don't, or if we do and we find out that you quit so that you could make some serious money while people like Rush and the whole Fox network fawn all over you, most folks won't suggest there's anything wrong with that.

It will simply be described by your fans as being all good and all legal. And all real.

But Governor Palin, here's something else that's real; Unless you get yourself politically prepared a hell of a lot more than you were while you were John McCain's albatross around his neck, you will have no chance at all against Barack Obama.

And let me tell you something else, Governor Palin. If I ran against you and you weren't ten times more prepared than you were a couple of years ago, you wouldn't win. All it would take would be one debate. You have no idea how kind Joe Biden was to you during that debate.

God, I hope you run. I'm in the entertainment business and I LOVE a good SHOW!!!



Have you been watching "Dancing with the Stars". Bristol Palin, daughter of Sar-ah, has reached the finals of that show. The professional judges have consistently voted in a way that tells us they don't think Bristol is a good dancer. Or at least not a "high level" kind of dancer. But voters calling the show have consistently been numerous enough to keep Bristol on the show and now she's in the position of possibly winning this competition.

If she does end up winning, good for her and those of us who are fans of "American Idol" know that the best singer doesn't always win, either. Sometimes, you just can't overcome people who have powerful and fast dialing fingers.

But every once in a while when a person who doesn't have much talent continues to survive in spite of their shortcomings, someone else gets seriously pissed off.

Did you hear about the viewer in Wisconsin? The other night while Bristol Palin was dancing, Wisconsin resident Steve Cowan got so pissed off, he blasted his television screen with a shotgun.

He scared the hell out of his wife who called the police. If you think Mr. Cowan was pissed off before, check out what he's pissed off about now! He had to put up $1500 for bail money, it'll cost him 2 or 3 grand (if not more) for a new television and he figures to have pay stratospheric money for his wife's therapy.

Ah, yes. Our new uniters are on the horizon. The Palin family.

Two other Palin Related Stories:

It looks like Lisa Murkowski has won the Alaska U.S. Senate race over the guy Sarah Palin endorsed, Joe Miller. Miller has some questionable ethical issues, but that didn't seem to bother the former governor.

Another person Palin endorsed, but who won, is Minnesota's Congress-woman, Michele Bachmann. Another person with ethical issues. She's the one who started the rumor about how much it was costing American taxpayers for President Obama's trip to Asia. CNN's Anderson Cooper had her on as a guest when she told him and his audience that Obama's trip was costing us taxpayers TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS A DAY and that Obama was bringing more than 2000 people on the trip. Carnival barkers like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage picked up on Bachmann's lie and "reported it" over and over again. None of these professional clowns tried to verify the story. They just talked about it, talked about it and talked about it some more. Until a day or so later, someone finally told them it wasn't true. Did any of these paragons of journalism ever tell their listeners or viewers that this wasn't true? Not that I'M aware of. Did Michele Bachmann ever apologize for her lie? Not that I'M aware of.

I've never met her, but I'm told that Ms. Bachmann is cute. Is that why Sean Hannity gave her a $5000 campaign donation? I'm not making that up. Wellll....If Ms. Bachmann is cute and she likes to lie, I'm reminded of girls like her when I was in high school and some young actresses I've worked with. They are known as bimbos. Is this what the state of Minnesota has decided is the kind of person they want to represent them in Congress? An attractive woman who has the very dangerous talent of being a believable liar?

Just askin'....

Oh....The $200 million dollar a day lie? For a trip to Asia? It costs about $190 million dollars a day for everything our troops are doing in Afghanistan. That gives you an idea as to how big a lie it was that Ms. Bachmann told Anderson Cooper. The lie about 2000 or more people that were joining Obama on the trip? The real number is closer to 200 and they were all business people who were hoping to make "deals". To Cooper's credit, he DID try to verify what Ms. Bachmann told him and when he found out she had told him and his CNN audience a falsehood, he corrected it on the air.


This first item is personal. My sincerest of thanks to Producer/Director James Brandenburg and his wonderful cast and crew who helped make my appearance in their film, "Chinese Takeout", the off the charts fun experience that it was for me. I was given a lot of freedom to add stuff to this character I was playing and an actor always appreciates that. Of course if it doesn't "work", you (the actor) will get reined in quickly, but more often than not, you (the actor) aren't given the opportunity to "try". In a few months I think I'll have some clips of what we did that I can show you on the internet. Thanks again, Mr. Brandenburg.

Showtime's "Dexter", just gets better and better. This past Sunday's episode (which gets repeated often) was sooo good. Special Guest Star, Julia Stiles is brilliant and another Guest Star, long time character Peter Weller is playing a "snake" kind of role that is slimy with a "capital" S!

Sunday's "Brothers & Sisters" on ABC continues to be disappointing. Once upon a time, that show was GREAT!!!

Tuesday's episode of "Glee" on Fox was especially enjoyable for me. I've seen every episode of this show, so you know I'm a fan. But this past Tuesday, Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow was their Special Guest Star and she was very good. In fact, she was WOW good. She was singing, dancing and when she wasn't doing that, you had the feeling she would be a great new love interest for the leader of the "Glee" club, but then you realize there's no way in hell the show could afford her. And yes, we know she did this "Glee" show as a way to pump up interest for a new film that will be coming out soon in which she plays a troubled Country singer.

Tuesday night's episode of "The Good Wife" on CBS was exceptionally good for a lot of reasons. How they get so much good stuff on the screen in less than 45 minutes is mind boggling.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you, ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you. Again... and I will write back as quickly as I can.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforeseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, November 24 or early Thursday morning, November 25, which is Thanksgiving Day.

Get ready to gobble, gobble and have a great weekend everybody!


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