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Sexually Repressed Muslim Men! What ISN'T In The U.S Constitution! "Fed up" Commentary From a Reader! Are Anne & James the right Oscar Choices?!?

Sexually repressed Muslim men? What the hell are you talking about, Scott?

And I'm glad you asked.

Lara Logan. You've heard of her, right? Former model. She's so good looking that we know about two American guys who got into a fight over her while she was on assignment for CBS in a war zone some years ago. This is a woman who has a lot of confidence. Some might say that at one time she was "cocky". Especially when she told her CBS bosses that she wanted to become as famous as Mike Wallace.

Lara Logan was recently on assignment in Egypt when all hell broke loose. She was suddenly surrounded by Muslim men who groped her, repeatedly pinched her which (we're told) resulted in multiple bruises, ripped her clothes off, sexually assaulted her and she was able to escape because of help from Muslim women and soldiers. The last we heard, she was in a hospital.

Some of the immediate reaction was sickening. A couple of American talk show hosts suggested "she deserved it" because of her beauty and her recklessness associated with wanting a dangerous assignment like the Egypt mess. Some fans of those American talk show hosts repeated those sickening comments in blog postings.

And then we began to hear from some Egyptians about what happened to Lara Logan. They told us that because of religious or state law there, we should understand how something like this can happen. Sexual relations outside of marriage is forbidden. So we should have sympathy (or understanding) of the "frustrations" these men walk around with. Muslim men, who as a rule, don't get married until they're in their 30's or later. We're also told that Ms. Logan was never in danger of being killed and everyone should, in essence, forget about it. And apparently the Egyptian people have forgotten about it because no one (that we know of) has been arrested for what happened to Lara Logan.

I doubt that any of us can possibly imagine what Lara Logan was feeling while she was being sexually harassed by a gang of what must have seemed like savages to her.

I wasn't there, but I'm inclined to go along with that description. Savages. Muslim savages.

In that part of the world, women have next to no rights at all. Women in those Muslim nations are dominated by their men and for that matter, ALL men.

Just another reason why religion and government should be separate. Or sepa-rated, if you will.

Sexually repressed Muslim men. One of the many things in that part of the world that we can't relate to. They also don't seem to like us much. If at all. But we give them billions and billions of dollars of FOREIGN AID?!?


Do we think that by giving them (or any other country) all this money, that they are going to CHANGE the way they do things? And we've BEEN giving all these Muslim and other foreign countries billions and billions of dollars for HOW MANY YEARS?!?

Yo, Mr. President! Yo, House and Senate members! People in other countries aren't going to change the way they do things until THEY are ready to change. It won't be because we WANT them to change.

Here's another newsflash for our president and members of the House and Senate. There's been a lot of talk lately about the U.S. Constitution. Especially by Tea Party people.

NOWHERE in the U.S. Constitution does it say that we will, are supposed to, are mandated to, etc., be the WORLD'S POLICEMAN and or, the WORLD'S PIGGY BANK!!!

Gang, our economy is not only IN the toilet, it's at the BOTTOM of the toilet! A very small percentage....I mean VERY SMALL percentage of Americans have pretty much all of this country's money.

It is time! It is long PAST time to concentrate our resources on YOU, ME and most of the rest of the USA!!! No more of our money should go to ANY country until we get OUR country straightened out.

Riots in these Muslim countries because only a few people have all the money? Why is this happening? Because those people are scared. Look around you. Are you noticing a lot of scared people HERE? Look in the mirror. Is THAT person scared?

I'm not exaggerating when I say we're getting closer and closer to the time when people might be doing the Howard Beale thing. You know what that is, right? "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!"

And if (like in the film, "Network") a whole lot of people begin to yell that phrase, over and over again, don't you think that could lead to riots HERE?!?

And speaking of the current condition of our economy.....

Bill Mouzis is a decorated WWII veteran. When our country needed some help, he didn't blink. He showed up, put on his Navy uniform and performed off the charts honorably. Back in the days that we had the military draft, some very famous people who preach the patriotism thing, did everything they could think of to AVOID that kind of service for our country. People like Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. PREACHING reasons for going to war is easy. Putting on the uniform is a whole different deal.

In addition to being a decorated WWII veteran, Bill Mouzis is also a Los Angeles radio producer/engineer legend. Ask anyone who ever worked at 93/KHJ (boss radio) here and also KMPC. I had the pleasure of working at KMPC when Bill was there.

Bill Mouzis sent me a commentary about our current economy. I would like to share it with you.

And it starts....NOW!!!

I wonder if I would be classified a Socialist if I suggested that President Obama roll back and freeze prices on gasoline, food and other commodities needed by all of us to exist in an economy tilted toward business enterprise and inflationary price gouging. Federal, state and local government employee retirement/salary levels must particularly be reduced because they are completely out of whack with the private sector. Even Nixon ordered wage and price controls, gave us the EPA and tried to do something about healthcare.

Not to be forgotten is that we in the retirement community have not received a S.S. Cola now for two straight years as prices continue to rise. It appears the elderly and veterans of our wars are the only ones carrying the burden of reducing a large deficit initiated by squandering politicians, greedy financial institutions, and unions holding the tax-paying public hostage to obscene demands for government employees who are grossly overpaid with wages and benefits that are above that of the public sector for the same type of work.

What is happening today makes no sense whatsoever. How can so much money in our economy be siphoned off for the good of the banks, the corporations and Wall Street. Their middle and top level employees continue to receive obscene salaries and bonuses while others are merely seeking a job, trying to save their homes and feed their families. The needy have simply been left holding the bag in having to compete against illegal immigrants willing to work for sub-standard wages.

Some semblance of balance must be restored if we are ever to return to a healthy robust economy and a work ethic that was once the envy of the world. Rolling back and freezing prices and government wages, and prosecuting ALL employers hiring illegal immigrants would appear to be the appropriate way to start down this road. To cap it off, all offspring born in the USA of illegal immigrants must also be classified as such.

Harsh times call for harsh action.

Bill Mouzis.

Thanks for sending me your thoughts, Brother Bill.

One more thing about our economy. The Los Angeles area in which I live, the cheapest gasoline is $3.68 a gallon and climbing daily.


Actress Lindsay Lohan. A week or so ago, she showed up in court wearing a sexy white skirt. Today, she showed up in court wearing a low cut blouse. Appropriate dress for a hot private club or Vegas, but in front of a judge, a judge who might soon be considering serious jail time for you? Or not? In case you hadn't heard, this very young actress, an actress who seems to be ageing rapidly, finds herself facing possible jail time for theft of a necklace and or for a parole violation.

"American Idol": There was a lot of criticism about last season's "A.I." on Fox. Simon Cowell left the show because he will be the top guy on a new show on Fox. Two other judges were given parting gifts and shown their way to the exit. Jennifer Lopez was hired as one of the new judges and Steven Tyler was hired as the other new judge.

The new "American Idol" has been on Fox for (I think) the last 3 weeks or so. In tonight's episode that took place in Las Vegas, contestants were singing to qualify to be in the final "24". Part 2 of this "qualification" business will be shown tomorrow and then next week, all the performances will be done here in Los Angeles.

If you haven't seen this NEW "American Idol", you are missing a major breath of fresh air. Lopez and Tyler are off the charts terrific and what they're doing seems to have rubbed off on Randy Jackson who has been there since day one. The way the contestants were coached tonight was very different from the way coaching was done in previous years and this new way is a better way.

At the end of tonight's show, we saw a little (sad) drama involving Jennifer Lopez and hopefully this was/is nothing serious.

But I'm being dead serious when I say to those of you who thought "A.I" had gotten old???

"American Idol" is BACK! And maybe better than ever!


This Sunday, those of us who care (and I do), will sit in front of our televisions and watch the whole red-carpet thing and then when the show begins, we will see two young actors who will be the hosts of the Oscars. Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Neither of these actors are considered to be comedians and they will be the first to confirm that. But I think these two actors will be terrific as hosts. Franco is a Lead Actor nominee for "127 Hours" and in my view, I believe that Hathaway should have gotten a Lead Actress nomination for her outstanding work in "Love and other Drugs".

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my preferences (not predictions) for all the major Oscar categories. In addition to Hathaway not getting nominated, I feel that Mila Kunis deserved a Supporting Actress nomination for her work in "Black Swan". Do you know who Andrew Garfield is? He had a big role in "The Social Network" (he wasn't nominated) and he will soon be the new "Spiderman". I mention Garfield because I believe he deserved a Lead Actor nomination for "Never Let Me Go" and I also believe that "Never Let Me Go" deserved a Best Picture nomination.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond as quickly as possible. Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address and that means I won't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring something unexpected, the next blog will be posted late Wednesday night, March 2 or early Thursday morning, March 3.

I hope you enjoy the Oscars show and that all of your favorites win.


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