Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life & Death! The Republican Debates! In the new book about Sarah Palin, we learn what she reads! The proposed "Honor" for President Obama!

Do you ever have one of those days when you find yourself thinking about stuff that you ordinarily wouldn't be thinking about?

While doing my daily 3-5 miles walk today, instead of wondering if I should be bold and hit on the pretty woman in front of me with the shortest of shorts and a halter top that would ordinarily make me walk faster, I suddenly thought about death. And what happens when THAT happens?!?

We really don't know, do we? Yeah, yeah, yeah...If we were brought up in a religious family (and I was), we were told that a place called Heaven awaits us and we live through that experience forever. In other words, we're never really dead-dead.

Do YOU believe that? Do you sometimes wish someone could/would come back from Heaven and (in essence) assure us of what it is we can look forward to. Hell, I'd be just as happy if a guy or gal could/would come back from HELL and tell us what those eternal living conditions are like. And that's assuming we really do have an eternal life situation of some kind that won't be good if we've been bad, but will be good if we've been good!

I know. We're supposed to have "faith" that that's our destiny once the coroner takes control of our body. But while remembering Peggy Lee and the song, "Is that all there is?" wouldn't it be a darn shame if our life on earth is INDEED "All there is"?!?

Just askin'.

Yeah, I know. I should have hit on the sexy babe with the short shorts and halter top and put a "halt" to those serious thoughts I was having this morning.


Were you watching the second Republican Debates show when Governor Perry was talking about all the people who have been executed while Perry has been governor and a lot of the people in the audience cheered?

For the record, I'm not against the death penalty. And I definitely have no sympathy for people who have committed heinous crimes. In fact, I want people who have committed heinous crimes to suffer and I think getting the death penalty gives them an easy way out. But if they're sentenced to "Life without parole", that, to me, is a "suffering" penalty and I want those kinds of criminals to suffer.

Let's go back to all those people in the audience who cheered when the large number of executed people were mentioned. Did you have any thoughts about that cheering?

I did.

And my thoughts were...about what the television ratings would be if executions were televised. I know. The executions would have to be on cable because terrestrial stations (ABC, CBS, etc.) would "take the high road" and choose to not televise executions, but they would continue to air shows like "Desperate Housewives in Montana" and "The Kardashians".

Back to what kind of ratings televised executions would get? At least triple the ratings any Super Bowl would get. How do I know that? Watching the Republican Debates have taught me well. And because I've watched every minute of the three Republican Debates so far, I've learned something else. All eight of the candidates have made a lot of noise about our bad jobs situation and they should be making noise about that subject. But they should also be offering solutions. In the three Republican Debates so far, not one solution has been proposed. Oh, there's been a lot of bragging from current and former governors about how a lot of jobs were added to their states', but not one word from any of these people has been uttered about how they would get the millions of jobs that Americans need.

Don't get me wrong. President Obama hasn't done any better than these candidates have.

I have an idea about how we could get lots of jobs for Americans, but I'm afraid that politicians of all stripes are too scared to try what I would propose because they don't want to upset the corporations who give them millions of dollars for their campaign war chests.

I would tell every one of these American corporations who have outsourced millions of jobs to foreign countries that effective immediately, these corporations will be taxed out of business here unless they return those jobs to Americans IN America!!!

I can't help but wonder if I've missed something. While I wasn't looking or listening, did the words, "America First" become obscene words? They aren't to ME!

One other solution I would propose would be to get legislation passed to make it a federal crime for any lobbyist who tries to have a conversation with anyone in the White House or anyone in the Halls of Congress.

Am I proposing unheard of and very EXTREME solution-proposals?


And correct me if I'm wrong, but with multi millions of Americans out of work and the multi millions of Americans who are classified as "poor", isn't it long past time for SOMEONE in the White House or the Halls of Congress to come up with extreme proposals which lead to extreme legislation?!?

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of leadership that we desperately need, I received an idea for an "honor" that should be given to President Obama from a long time friend of mine.

My friend's name is Ron Rice. He probably agrees with (maybe) 5% of what I write in these blogs but that doesn't stop my friend from telling me what pisses him off, etc.

Ron Rice lives in a mansion in Ormond Beach, Florida which is walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean. I know that because whenever I was there, I used to do my jogging on that beach.

He was able to buy his mansion because he is the guy who invented Hawaiian Tropic which (in case you didn't know) is a world famous suntan lotion. Before the lousy economy Bush years put us into a ditch, Ron Rice saw the economic "writing on the wall" and he sold Hawaiian Tropic. Another example of the rich getting richer, folks. At the moment, he's a little "retired" while letting all the pretty women who show up know he can still "deliver" (he used to be known as the "Hugh Hefner of Daytona Beach") and he still has lots of money.

Many years ago, I was interested in writing and producing a film about Ron, his beauty pageants and his lifestyle. His vision was a little different than my vision so it never happened, but during the 80's and early 90's, trust me when I tell you that no one had more fun that I did when I showed up at a Ron Rice party and or pageant.

Okay...Back to the "honor" idea for President Obama that Ron sent me and here it is, word for word;

Where, oh put Obama's picture.

George Washington, our nation's first president and leader of the American Revolution!

Abe Lincoln, honorable leader who pulled our nation through its darkest time!

Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father, first Secretary of the Treasury and leader of the Constitutional Convention!

Andrew Jackson, "Old Hickory" fought the British in New Orleans!

Ulysses Grant, Union Army General, led the North through the Civil War!

Ben Franklin, genius inventor, political theorist and leading author of the Constitution.

All of the above mentioned patriots have their pictures on our currency. No other pictures of patriots will be placed on our currency.

The Good news is that finally, we have someone to put on the Food Stamp!!!

Obama's policies have put more people on welfare than any president before him, so this placement is most appropriate. Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, for which he did nothing, this is an "Honor" he richly deserves.

Thank you, Ron Rice.


You've probably heard about the new Sarah Palin book that'll be in all the book stores in the next day or so. I'm not going to mention the "juicy stuff" that's in the book, but in the spirit of "fairness", I want to clear up something for Ms. Palin regarding a question she had trouble with when she did that long ago interview with Katie Couric. You might recall that Ms. Palin's excuse for the trouble she had was because she claimed that Couric had hit her with a "Gotcha!" question. And that question was, "What do you read?"

Wellll....Thanks to this new book, I'm happy to tell you that we now know that Ms. Palin reads "People Magazine". And don't we all?!? Another example of that "common sense" stuff that Ms. Palin preaches to us.


The first "entertainment" item I want to mention is the 3rd Republican Debates show that took place in Tampa, Florida a few days ago and were hosted by CNN's Wolf Blitzer. I thought that Wolf Blitzer was a terrific host because he made sure that all the candidates got a chance to make contributions and it's a darn shame that Wolf Blitzer won't be the host for all of the remaining Republican Debates shows. And I refer to these debates as "shows" because they're entertaining as well as being informational.

If you've been a fan of HBO's "Entourage" for the last seven years, you know that their series ending show was aired on Sunday night and it's being shown all week on HBO. In my view, this was an off the charts WONDERFUL episode to say "good-bye" on. Good-bye until they make the movie and I can already hardly wait for THAT!

The new television season is getting underway now. The show that I think is the best show on television is "The Good Wife" and that show has been moved from Tuesday night at 10 to Sunday night at 9 on CBS. And that means I can now watch my second favorite show on television which is "Parenthood" on at 10 Tuesday nights on NBC. They had their new season opener this past Tuesday and it was terrific. They have an all star cast that's being presided over by an all star producer-director. A guy named Ron Howard.

There are a lot of new shows that will be on television this season, but an old show, with a new lead actor, is a show that a lot of people will check out on Monday night, the 19th when "Two and a Half Men" starring Ashton Kutcher will be shown. Also on the 19th will be the new show, "The Playboy Club" on NBC, starring Amber Heard.

On Wednesday, the 21st, two new shows will have my attention. "Revenge", starring Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe on ABC and "The X Factor", starring Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on Fox. By the way, Emily VanCamp was a terrific cast member on the recently cancelled show, "Brothers & Sisters".

On Thursday, the 22nd, the new "Charlie's Angels" will make it's debut on ABC. I don't think any three women can replace the three women that made that show a monster hit many years ago, but these three will try; Rachel Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh and Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriend, Minka Kelly.

Also on Thursday, the 22nd, the 4th Republican Debates will be shown on (I think) Fox.


"Contagion". I saw it a couple of days ago. All star cast and a film that kept me riveted from beginning to end. This is a film about a contagious disease that causes a lot of trouble and yesterday, a bunch of scientists said that what this film describes is something that could actually happen.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Seeing as how the next Republican Debates will be next Thursday, unless something unexpected comes up, I'll probably write a new blog that will be posted on Thursday night the 22nd or early Friday morning the 23rd, which will be the first day of Autumn.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend.

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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