Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Next Full Blog Will Be Written And Posted, Thursday Night, September 8th!!!

Hi Gang,

First of all, I hope you all have a Happy Labor Day weekend.

The next full blog will be next Thursday evening, September 8.

I'm holding off on writing a new one until I have watched the Republican debates on September 7 and President Obama's "jobs speech" on September 8.

Other things that will be covered are....

What exactly are the Republican plans to get us more jobs if a Republican ends up being our next President of the United States? So far, as of today, September 3, the main contenders seem to be talking mostly about religious related stuff.

When will Sarah Palin stop dancing? I mean, if she's going to really be a presidential candidate instead of the dancing tease she seems to enjoy being, why are we paying any attention to her? Yes, I know she's charismatic, but....

When will we see President Obama fight for something he believes in instead of letting radical Republicans who seem to have NO ideas regarding ways to fix our jobs problems, push him around like you might do to your baby brother, Buuuut... They have lots of ideas about religion, protecting the "advantaged" while savaging the "disadvantaged" and coming up with new and creative ways to say, "NO!" to our president and to show no respect at all to the OFFICE of our president.

Just askin'.

In addition to the above subjects, we'll also address Big Oil getting away with murder with their latest budget bustiing hikes in gasoline prices which do nothing but make the vast majority of us suffer tremendously, but WE CONTINUE TO GIVE THOSE GREEDY BASTARDS UN-BLEEPING BELIEVABLE TAX BREAKS?!?


Again...Just askin'.

Yes, we'll also lighten up with our last topic on Thursday night when we tell you about some new and old films we've recently seen along with other entertainment related news.

Be strong, gang!

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James


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