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'Tis the season...Woe is me...Romney's history has nothing to do with job CREATION...No more next day mail? Obama's birth STILL an issue?!?

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Before getting into a couple of political things and the entertainment stuff, are you getting "Holiday Fever", yet? Christmas, New Year's, lots of other religious holidays on the horizon which leads me to....

It's beginning to look a lot like....Go ahead and finish the song yourself.

And speaking of singing....

Hall of Fame music guy Don Graham sent me a couple of new Christmas songs I'd like to tell you about that are available on iTunes and

"O Holy Night", sung by Nathan Pacheco and Katherine Jenkins. This new version of an old song is SOOO good that big time radio consultant Bob Hamilton is saying that ALL the radio stations he consults will be playing this song. I listened to this song several times in my car yesterday and if I was still doing radio stuff, I would definitely be playing this.

Same deal with the other Christmas song that Don Graham sent me. "Mistletoe & Holly", which was originally sung by Frank Sinatra on his 1957 Christmas album, "A Jolly Christmas". This new version of "Mistletoe & Holly is sung by the great actor, Robert Davi who, among other things, has an album of Sinatra songs that he sang. Davi's version of "Mistletoe & Holly" will be available for purchase next Tuesday, December 13 on iTunes and The price is only 99 cents and 100% of Davi's proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army's 120th Red Kettle Campaign which provides emergency assistance to the millions of families in need this Christmas. As you can see, in addition to being a great actor, Robert Davi is also a great humanitarian. While I am writing this blog, I am listening Davi's "Mistletoe & Holly" on my CD player here in my office.


Who is going to end up being the GOP's presidential candidate? It's pretty much down to two people, isn't it? Unless someone unexpected decides to throw his or her hat in the ring? I suppose one of the current candidates besides Romney and Gingrich could end up surprising us, but right now it's pretty safe to say that would be a BIG surprise.

As of now, the leader in the polls is the talking out of both sides of his mouth and multiple adulterer, Newt Gingrich. Old news, you say? Perhaps, but so is the saying about a leopard never changing his spots. Newt Gingrich has, in the past, been supportive of issues that are considered to be liberal issues. For the purposes of ingratiating himself to money people and religious leaders who seem to (at times) wish they could somehow turn the clock back to the 50's, Gingrich now pretends he never had those previous beliefs. How does he get away with it? Probably the same way he got away with convincing previous wives that they should believe him instead of their eyes.

Mitt Romney is now in second place in the current GOP polls. Romney's past flip-flopping is something that pretty much everyone is aware of. But whenever he's asked about it, the only things he seems to be able to say that he hasn't flip-flopped on is the church he attends and the only wife he has ever had.

Okay. Let's say for the sake of argument that politics is a blood sport and there are times you have to change some publicly stated beliefs. In Romney's case, that's a LOT of publicly stated beliefs, but hey, if you're slick enough.....

Gang, here comes something that Romney should NEVER be allowed to slither away from. In the debates, he likes to say that because of all the time he spent in the private sector, HE'S the best candidate to solve our unemployment problem(s) because of all the job creating he did IN the private sector.

And when he says that, someone should be yelling, "Stop, that's bullshit, STOP!!!"

None of the current GOP candidates have been responsible for more people LOSING their jobs than Mitt Romney. When he was working for the Bain folks, he was responsible for getting rid of thousands of workers so investors would make more money and Romney would make a lot more money.

Just sayin'.

Okay, somebody's going to end up running against President Obama. And that somebody might win. In a very recent speech, Obama said something about the "trickle down" theory espoused by so many on the "right". Obama said it doesn't work and it has never worked. And he's right. David Stockman is the guy who famously talked Ronald Reagan into supporting the trickle down nonsense and a couple of years ago, Stockman publicly admitted he was wrong. George Bush Senior once referred to Stockman's idea as voodoo economics and Bush Senior was right. Yes, Bush Senior served only one term because of doing the right thing when it needed to be done. And that was to raise taxes.

Back to Obama for a second....Donald Trump will soon host a GOP debate and I bring this up because "The Donald" is still bringing up stuff about Obama's birth. GOP candidate Rick Perry also brings it up from time to time and Perry says it's fun to stir things up.

REALLY?!? Isn't it interesting that no president in our history has ever been challenged about whether or not he's an American citizen? Except Obama? And had there been any truth to these trumped up allegations, don't you think some hot shot Secret Service Agent or some other kind of police guy or woman would have come up with the EVIDENCE?!?

Just askin'.

Woe is me...annnd YOU:

Me first.

Earlier this week, we had some very cold weather here in the Los Angeles area. Rain or shine, I do a 7-days a week 3-5 miles health walk. Day before yesterday, I did see some ice patches on the sidewalks and I did a good job of avoiding them. Until...I was almost home, I got distracted, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. OUCH!!! As a guy I used to work with liked to say, "I hurt all over more than anyplace else!"

Woe is me! And YOU!

Have you heard about the Post Office business that we're all in danger of being hit with? Two or three months from now, we might be looking at the end of "next day mail". More like three days and things like magazines taking 7-9 days. Also the possiblilty of no more Saturday service and a lot of Post Office buildings being shut down.

If some or all of this happens, it'll be, "Woe is ALL of us!!!"


Have you seen the film, "Ides of March"? It came out a few months ago, I saw it, liked it a lot and wrote about it in this blog. Oscar nominations will be announced soon and there seems to be a pretty good "buzz" about "Ides of March".

A few days ago, I saw the new NC-17 film that's been in the news. I saw "Midnight Cowboy" when it came out and was rated "X" many years ago. When I saw it, I wondered why such a prohibitive rating had been attached to this film. A film that made stars out of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman.

"Shame" is the name of the NC-17 film that I saw. It stars Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. Carey Mulligan is one of my favorite actresses and while I admit to not being familiar with Michael Fassbender, he did a good job (acting wise) in this film. As did Mulligan. Yes, this is a film about sex and problems (or not) that the Fassbender character has. I don't think this is a great film, I don't think it will get any big Oscar nominations, but the film isn't boring by any stretch of the imagination. This is by no means a porn film, but it is an adult film and I'm glad I saw it.

I REALLY enjoyed a film on HBO a few nights ago. It came out earlier this year and it stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt with terrific supporting performances from ("Mad Men's) John Slattery, the world class actor Terence Stamp and other fine actors. "The Adjustment Bureau" is the name of this film and it is a film I didn't see in my favorite Cineplex because the previews I saw led me to believe this wasn't much of a film at all.

Boy was I wrong about THAT! This is a love story with high drama elements that make you desperately want the Matt Damon and Emily Blunt characters to end up "winning" the battle they find themselves in the middle of. As of this moment, Emily Blunt is my new fantasy love object. I thought she was flat out adorable in "The Adjustment Bureau" and I LOVED this film!

Television stuff? Because of football and some music shows, some of our favorite regular shows weren't shown this past week and it's going to be like that until sometime in January.

But regarding the ones I (we) COULD see, I thought Sunday's episode of "The Good Wife" was that show's best episode this season. I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of the character "Kalinda" who plays the investigator.

Another terrific episode of "Revenge" on ABC last night. The twists and turns that show takes are fun to watch.

Only one more episode of "Boss" on STARZ, tomorrow night. And yes, it will be shown again many times on the different STARZ channels throughout the week. The show has been renewed so we'll see more episodes in a few months. Meanwhile, this has been a terrific showcase for star, Kelsey Grammer. He plays a ruthless Chicago mayor who is also hiding a deadly disease. In this past Friday's episode, his daughter went to jail, another politician was forced to talk to the Grammer character while he was on his knees and the previews for tomorrow night's season ending episode lead us to believe he plans to do something in a revenge sort of way to his wife. This show's first episode had a lot of people believing (and I was one of them) that this show might not be very good. I'm glad I didn't give up on "Boss" after that first episode. I expect that Grammer will get an Emmy nomination and there might be four other actors on "Boss" that will get nominated. A guy who plays a Chicago reporter who is out to "get" the Grammer character, a politician who was going to go after the Grammer character's job as mayor until he was forced to his knees and two terrific actors who work for the Grammer character. One of them, a woman, exudes a sexual vibe that's irresistible.

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Here's a heads-up. Another Republican debate will be held this Saturday on ABC at 6pm, Pacific Time.

Meanwhile, I hope that you and yours have a terrific weekend.

And don't forget....



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