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A quote to live by from Steve Jobs! Chris Christie! Sarah Palin! Governor Perry's Rock! Hank Williams Jr.! G.O.P.???

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He had quite a life, didn't he? I could sit here and write all the things he was responsible for, but that's unnecessary because not only do you know these things, the odds are that you have bought stuff that constantly remind you of Steve Jobs.

So instead, I'm going to write something that Steve Jobs once said and I want to thank the great Don Graham for passing this along to me. I know. Some of you are thinking, "Don Graham"? Great for WHAT?!?"

Wellll....As CRN owner Mike Horn might say, "Don Graham is to music (record) promotion as Marconi is to radio!"

This quote from Steve Jobs that I'm about to write is something that I think will "touch" all of you.

Steve Jobs once said, "Almost everything--all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure--these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

Words to live by, huh? And for some of us, it's about time, right?

Long time blog reader and former radio guy Jeffrey Leonard chimes in with; "How true is THIS? Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash!"

Amen, Brother Jeffrey!!!

Next Republican Debates:

They will be held next Tuesday, October 11, the day after Columbus Day. The subject will (supposedly) be only ONE subject. THE ECONOMY and what each candidate would do to fix it if they were elected. If these candidates are going to be "specific" about our economy, the jobs situation, etc., that will be beneficial for all of us because up to now, we haven't heard anything but a whole lot of "name calling" from both sides of the political aisle. Let me repeat that.

We Have Heard NOTHING but a bunch of amateurish finger pointing!!

Just sayin'.

What Sarah and Chris are sayin':

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Sarah Palin has said she will NOT be a candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said (for the umpteenth time) that HE will not be a candidate.

As I've told you in the last two blogs, some big money G.O.P. movers and shakers are very concerned about this current group of candidates and their ability to beat President Obama and they are sorry they weren't able to talk Governor Christie into changing his mind. I'm told that he (Christie) might have changed his mind if the big money boys and girls didn't want Christie to publicly change HIS mind about a few things he believes in. The "Purity Test" these candidates are mandated to pass might end up biting them in the butt big time if Obama ends up winning a second term.

Just sayin'.

What Rick and Herman are sayin'.

Governor Rick Perry is pretty much not saying anything about that big rock of his. But he seemed to be in trouble BEFORE the "rock revealing", wasn't he?

Just askin'.

Herman Cain is now in a virtual first place TIE with Mitt Romney?

Wouldn't it be a mind blower if the next presidential election ends up being between a former "Community Organizer" and a former "Pizza King"?!?

Just askin'.

And as long as we're focused on Republicans:

Do you know what G.O.P. stands for? Besides being something that has to do with the Republican party? A survey was run about this a few days ago and it turns out that most folks don't know what G.O.P. stands for. Here are three of the guess answers; "Gauntlet of Power", "God's Own Party" annnnd..."Grumpy Old People".

What G.O.P. really stands for is, "Grand Old Party".

A Possible U.S. Senate Republican Candidate:

Hank Williams Jr.

I'm not making this up. He's been talking about this (somewhat quietly) for quite a few months. To be a Tennessee U.S. Senate candidate.

He's certainly going to have a lot more time on his hands now that he won't be Monday Night Football's pre-game singer anymore.

Something that President Obama doesn't seem to get credit for:

He has pretty much been doing the same things that President Bush was doing regarding these two wars we're involved in, but his (Obama's) "kills" have been more impressive than the "kills" under Bush's administration. Two examples: Osama bin Laden and the treasonous American citizen who were assassinated thanks to the "go ahead" orders issued by Obama.

Here are some other things that Bush was doing and that Obama has continued to do. Two wars that because we weren't asked to pay any kind of war(s) tax have been big time responsible for our deficit rising the way it has risen and the continuing of the bail-out business that began under the Bush administration. Specifically, Bank of America who, after taking our (taxpayer) money so they could get "well" again, are now adding fees that their customers are being hurt with along with virtually no help for home owners who are trying to keep their homes from being taken from them through foreclosure.

We taxpayers give Bank of America, etc., our money and they give US , what?!?

The"FINGER" is what they give us!!!

What can we DO about it?

Take all of our money OUT of Bank of America and any other ungrateful financial institution and put that money into CREDIT UNIONS!!!

Repeat after me; I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! I am taxpayer, hear me ROAR!!!!!


Because of all the baseball playoffs action, I didn't see a new film or films this past week. Sometime in the next few days I plan to see the new George Clooney film that's getting terrific reviews, "The Ides of March".

Sorry to hear that a new show I liked has been cancelled already. "The Playboy Club". I saw all three episodes, but just like that it's gone.

All the other TV shows I saw this past week were shows that (to me) featured some terrific writing to go along with good acting.

"The Good Wife". More great acting, more great writing.

"Law & Order: SVU". Week after week after week that show has great writing.

"Harry's Law" began their new season with a 3-episode story line featuring Jean Smart as a great guest star villain and an ending that was terrific.

Another OUTSTANDING episode of "Parenthood". That show gets better and better and better every week.

Fine, fine episode of "Glee". Now they'll be on hiatus because of baseball.

The season opening episode of "Hung" was good as was the season opener for "House", but gang, if you haven't seen "Revenge" yet, you're missing one heck of a good show. This is a show you have to focus on because of flashbacks and other things that are happening, but the person with "Revenge" on her mind is brilliantly played by Emily VanCamp and I'm enjoying this as much as I used to enjoy shows like "Dynasty" and "Dallas".

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Well, the next Republican debates will be next Tuesday, October 11 and the next blog figures to be written next Thursday, October 13 and yes, I'll definitely be writing about those debates. It'll probably be written and posted late that night or early the next morning.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a great weekend!



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