Friday, March 15, 2013

A 76-Year Old New Pope!!! Ohio Republican Senator Changes His Mind When He Learns Something New About His Son!!! After 10 Straight Days Of Great News For Investors, The Dow Went Down A Little Today!!! Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan Is About To Go On Trial... It's Time To Drop The Hammer On American Soldiers Who Sexually Assault American Soldiers!!!

Hi Gang!   Under the category of "Best laid plans, etc.", I wanted to write this blog early this morning but because of a computer problem...   I know.   Everyone has computer problems.   Do you miss your typewriters?

Okay...Right now it's very late in the afternoon and I hope to have this published by sometime this evening which means you subscribers won't get this until very early tomorrow morning.

I think this blog won't be a long blog, sooooo....

Let's get busy!!!

HEADLINE #1:   If you care, you know a new Pope has been elected.   Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is the new Pope.   A new 76-year old Pope who will be referred to as, "Pope Francis".   I don't know about you, but it seems to me that 76 isn't an age that suggests longevity in a new job, but what the heck do I know.   I wish you much success Pope Francis.

HEADLINE #2:   Did you hear about the Ohio Republican Senator who has been big time against gay marriages?    I mean BIG time against it.   Senator Rob Portman surprised all of his constituents when he announced (very recently) that he has changed his mind and now supports gay marriages.   Why?   Senator Portman's son told him (in essence) "Dad, I'm gay."

HEADLINE #3:   It was a great 10-days in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial folks, a 10-day streak that ended today.   Hopefully, another (at least) 10-day good news streak will begin soon.

HEADLINE #4:   Do you remember that Army Major who opened fire on a lot of soldiers in Ft. Hood, Texas?   13 were killed and 32 were wounded.   Major Nidal Malik Hasan is about to go on trial.   He has managed to delay this trial with arguments that included a beard he chooses to wear even though it's against Army rules.   I have been watching this case since day one because I was in the military.   I know that we're supposed to go along with the "your innocent until proven guilty in court", but to me, because everyone who was there SAW what happened, I honestly believe we could have saved a lot of time and money if we had put him into the hands of a psychiatrist immediately.   If the "head" doctor or doctors determined that he was/is insane, put him in a heavily guarded insane ward and keep him there.   Like forever.   If the "head" doctor or doctors determined he's SANE, march him to a firing squad or a rope immediately.   Think about it.   Everyone knows he killed those people.   And look how much money we could save.

HEADLINE #5:   Have you been reading about all these sexual assault victims who are soldiers?   Soldiers who have been sexually assaulted by other soldiers?   Mostly a case of men soldiers assaulting women soldiers.   What seems to have happened in the past when a female soldier would complain about this to a high ranking officer, next to nothing was done and the complaining female soldier would be (in essence) classified as a "trouble making soldier" and her chances of promotions were not good at all.

FINALLY....Some serious hearings are being held and hopefully some guilty soldiers will have a "legal hammer" dropped on them. If that happens, some of these women soldiers will finally get some justice.  

Okay....That takes care of the serious stuff.   Now it's time for the


I didn't see any new films this past week, so we'll (just) have a few television items.

The hands down new television show that has been a big hit is "The Following", starring Kevin Bacon.   It is shown Monday nights on FOX.   I love this show and I thought this past Monday's show was their best show.    I think they have 8 more episodes and yes, the show has been renewed for next season.

Another new show that I like is a show that's struggling.   "Red Widow" is shown on ABC, Sunday nights.   It's stars Radha Mitchell.   Only 3 or 4 episodes have been shown so far, but this show is worth checking out, folks.   I'm familiar with Ms. Mitchell's work and the character she plays in THIS show is a character that most women actors don't GET to play!   In addition to the good work done by Mitchell, some outstanding work is done by a fine group of supporting players.

"Smash", on NBC seems to be in big trouble.   It's about to be moved to Saturday nights and I'm worried because I like the show.   A lot!

Did you see Monday night's "Dallas" episode on TNT?   It was all about the death of "J.R. Ewing" who in real life was Larry Hagman.  I thought the producers did a terrific job with this and now we fans of the show will be getting clues about who shot J.R. right up until the final episode this season when we are told that we will know who shot J.R.   Sadly, it won't be like the last time "Dallas" had a campaign like that because this time, J.R. really IS dead.   R.I.P. Mr. Hagman.

Another great episode of "The Good Wife" on CBS this past Sunday.   God, that show is good!   Same deal with Sunday's episode of "Revenge" on ABC.

And then there's "American Idol".   The show was back in Hollywood this past Wednesday and Thursday and to me, the show seems like they might have gotten their groove back.   They've made some interesting changes but the most important change they seem to have made is the hiring of Nicki Minaj as a judge.   I like her more than I liked Simon.   Hopefully (for the show) it will continue to look (a new) good for the remaining 9 episodes.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   I keep WANTING to write on Thursdays.   If so, next Thursday night, March 21 or very early Friday morning, March 22.

A couple of things to remember...This Sunday is St. Patrick's Day.   Next Wednesday is the first day of Spring.

I hope all of you have a very pleasant weekend and if you agree, "AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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