Friday, April 13, 2007


Now that Don Imus has been fired from everything, let's touch on a couple of things we know. Imus had the meeting with the Rutgers basketball players last night. The Rutgers' coach said it was a good meeting. On Imus' charity radiothon today, Imus' wife played the role of host because her husband has been banned from the building. After today, no more Imus family members of any kind will be on a CBS radio station.

Congratulations to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, sarcasm intended. Their yelling and screaming about what was unquestionably a tawdry radio moment on top of many tawdry radio moments in Imus' radio career accomplished what they wanted to get accomplished. Imus' head on a platter.

In the big picture of things, I don't have a problem with that because I'm not a fan of race-baiting, hate radio no matter how many important newsmakers support it until it gets too hot in the kitchen and we watch them run like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are media "go-to" guys when trouble hits, because....?!?

Isn't it time we put a microscope to THOSE two? And if we did, what will we learn?

That's your homework assignment, class. Al Sharpton is, has done, and has been involved with what? Same 3-part question for Jesse Jackson.

And when you put the microscope down, if you aren't saying, "Why does ANYBODY give these guys a platform?", refocus your microscope.

Oh, those drops of sweat you're seeing. Good morning, Rush. That buzzard you see circling above Don Imus' carcass? Good morning, Dennis Miller.

Other stuff...

What the heck is going on at Dodger Stadium? Filthy, stinkin' restrooms, excessively long lines at concession stands and a parking lot problem that's the mother of ALL parking lot problems which is under the jurisdiction of a guy who supposedly made his bones as a parking lot guy in Boston. What's especially sad is that this is all going on while it looks like their baseball team might be pretty good. And while the cost TO park gets your attention ($15), how about the cost of GAME tickets?!? Do you remember when going to a baseball game was AFFORDABLE?

Then there's the price of Laker tickets. And that wonderful team they're putting on the floor night after night. And the fact that tickets will (reportedly) go up substantially NEXT season. The justification will be what? I think the answer is, "Because we can!"

How about the price of gasoline? How many times have we been told recently that the price of gas would be going DOWN? Yesterday, at most stations in the L.A. area, the price of gasoline went up at LEAST 4 cents a gallon. How much for "regular" in your neighborhood? $3.30 something? Higher? MUCH higher?

Final thought. The Lakers really need for there to be something TO the rumor about Luke Walton possibly being interested in Britney Spears (as was reported on Entertainment Tonight), because right now there's nothing they're showcasing that we care about. Luke denies it and says he's very happy with the volleyball player he's currently dating. Luke, Luke, Luke, this is L.A., dude! And you're a part of a franchise that put "Showtime" on the map. Sometimes, for the good of the cause, you've got to take one for the team, because the "Show" is sadly missing and fans are thinking you and the team are becoming a waste of their "Time". I'm sure your girlfriend would understand.

Have a nice weekend everybody.


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