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First of all, I hate it when I read, hear and see contentious stories involving people I happen to like.

There will be whacha call "some (personal) disclosure" sprinkled into this story about David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach. As opposed to "full" disclosure, because back in the time period I'm going to write about, like "The Hoff", I was drinking a little too much. I quit in March of '91 and haven't had a drink since. Movin' 93-FM morning man and my friend Rick Dees said (yesterday) that for an alcoholic, one drink is too many and twenty five hundred isn't enough. He's right. Quitting isn't easy. In my case, I had to be scared into quitting and after 16 years of sobriety, I don't miss the old life at all. And I have no problem being in the company of people who are drinking.

It is obvious that David Hasselhoff hasn't reached that point yet. Some people NEVER do!

You've probably seen the video of "The Hoff" that was apparently taken by one of his daughters in Las Vegas. The story we're told keeps changing about the amount of people who were in the room when this video was made, but the one constant for me was in the form of a question; "Does anyone think this video is entertaining?"
I met Pamela Bach when she first got out here from Oklahoma. She was one of the most beautiful and driven women I had ever met. We went out socially a couple of times, I saw her at a couple of parties and oftentimes when I was club hopping on Melrose in the mid-80's, I would hear a late night voice yell, "Hey, Scott!" and I would look and see Pamela, waving, from a car she was driving that usually had one or more drop dead gorgeous female passengers.

Before she met "The Hoff", there was a pretty famous guy she wanted to meet and she called me to find out if I could make a "connection" for her. I did, was happy to do it and more or less forgot about it until she called to tell me she wanted to return the favor. A "blind date" favor in return for what I'd done for her. I told her that "blind dates" weren't my thing, but she talked me into it and at Residuals in Studio City one night, a major head turning "to die for" female asked the bartender if Scott St. James was there and I (quietly) said to myself, "I love you, Pamela!"

In other words, the Pamela Bach I know, isn't a "taker" like, oh I dunno know, maybe like the little party girl/heiress who's about to go to jail.

I met David Hasselhoff when he was doing "Knight Rider". He knew me because of the television work I was doing then, but the biggest kick he got out of what I was doing was when he heard me on the air with Rick Dees on KIIS-FM when that station had monstrous ratings. In other words, a simple guy with simple tastes who was riding the rocket of fame while still being a good guy who, like me, was probably drinking a little too much.

When "The Hoff" and Pamela Bach hooked up, from a distance, I thought, "If there were ever two people meant for each other, it's those two." And I meant that as a compliment.

I haven't seen David Hasselhoff or Pamela Bach since I quit drinking in '91, but what I'm seeing on television, in the newspapers and hearing on the radio, breaks my heart.

We never know what really goes on behind closed doors, but for Pamela's sake, for David's sake and for the sake of their kids, I hope this cantankerous mess they're involved in goes BACK behind closed doors.

Sean Penn:

Did you see "Real Time with Bill Maher" this past Friday night? Actor Sean Penn was one of his guests and he really laid his opinions about the Bush administration on the line. I mean he was advocating jail time for a past and present "Who's who" in the White House. I mention this because I've always believed in the saying, "If you're gonna talk the talk, let's see you walk the walk." As an actor, Sean Penn needs to sell tickets. When he makes statements like he made Friday night, he's risking his own livelihood. In other words, Sean Penn is walking the walk.

The Los Angeles Times:

In an editorial this past Saturday that was headlined, "It's a win-win", the L.A. Times was offering its support to deals that Governor Terminator struck with five big Indian tribes that would more than triple the amount of slot machines in return for more money for the state of California. California's State Assembly is saying, "Wait a minute! This doesn't look like a very good deal to US!" and the Indians are responding with veiled threats about spending serious money for the purpose of political reprisals if the Assembly DOESN'T sign off on what the Indians want.

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY FOLKS! YOU'RE RIGHT! THE L.A. TIMES IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Don't approve this bill that will do nothing but make a bunch of Indians and their Vegas front guys richer and will continue to send this state on a downhill spiral that will come back and bite this state in the ass, big time. And that's when a hidden problem becomes public and off the charts expensive. The problem of too many people who can't afford it and who are gambling away their futures, futures that will then (in part) end up being paid for by us, the taxpayers.


"American Idol"!


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