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Everybody has their own favorite television show. The show that no matter what is going on in your life is a show that you just HAVE to see. Week after week. If you TAPE that show and for some reason you programmed the wrong channel, the wrong time or forgot to hit the "record" button, it's a real day ruiner because it's THE show you HAVE to see!

When I told a good friend of mine that this was going to be my lead story today, he tried to talk me into saying something good about HIS favorite television show, "The Wire", a show I saw once, "didn't get" and I haven't seen it since.

We ARE passionate on/about what is our favorite television show or shows, aren't we? And we make statements like what the headline above states; "It's the BEST show on television!"

Readers of this (still very new) blog know that I watch a lot of television. I've said good things about many television shows, but I don't think I've ever mentioned my favorite show, the show I think is the best show on television.

Drum roll, please...

"Brothers and Sisters" on ABC.

A continuing Sunday night saga of an A-Class dysfunctional family that's the coolest family in the world.

The Walker family.

Presided over by multiple Oscar winner, Sally Field who gives a new definition for the word "wonderful" in her week after week performance(s) as the family matriarch, Nora Walker. And here's what's really amazing. Sally Field wasn't the FIRST choice to play this role. Who WAS? It doesn't matter, because no one but no one could play this role better.

Rob Lowe WAS the first choice to play the "McDreamy" role on "Grey's Anatomy", but he turned it down and sat on the sidelines while "Grey's Anatomy" became a monster hit.

Rob Lowe got another big opportunity when he was offered the role of the Senator who might become President on "Brothers and Sisters" and can anyone imagine a BETTER fit for this role than Rob Lowe? And this hook-up thing Lowe has going with Indiana Jones' main squeeze, Calista Flockhart (Kitty Walker), is a relationship that has evolved into them being the most "too cute for words" adorable couple you've ever seen.

"Brothers and Sisters" has a large cast, but there's not a weak link in the bunch. Whenever ANY of these fine actors is called upon to "bring something to the table", they do it and they do it with style. The other main players are (in no particular order) Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifken, Patricia Wettig, Balthazar Getty, Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys, John Pyper Ferguson, Jane Morris and Emily Van Camp who plays the illegitimate daughter, Rebecca.

This last Sunday, there was one wonderful scene in which the Kitty character (Calista Flockhart) called upon her gay lawyer brother, Kevin (Matthew Rhys) to PLEASE help her do something about a guy who was trying to blackmail her man, the Senator (Rob Lowe). Lowe's character is Republican, Kevin believes Republicans don't favor gay rights, but in a classic case of "blood" ruling the moment, Kevin brings this wannabe blackmailer into his office and "buries" him.

The season finale for "Brothers and Sisters" will be this Sunday night and I can hardly wait, because to me, it's the best show on television.


Did you watch last night's season finale of "Grey's Anatomy"? I had to go to an acting workshop, so I taped "Grey's Anatomy" and I watched it after I got home. I don't have a Tivo, but that wouldn't have helped me in this case. I have more than one regular VCR and I set it to record from 8:55 to 10:05 or 6. I do that to allow a few extra minutes in case the show runs over. Last night's "Grey's Anatomy" lasted until, WHEN?!? 10:15 or so? All I know is that at what would have been 5 or 6 after 10, my tape went blank. If a good show had been scheduled to be on AFTER "Grey's Anatomy", I would have set the tape to play until after 11, but "Lost" was scheduled after last night's "Grey's" and "Lost" has BEEN lost since the end of season one!

Can someone please tell me how "Grey's" ended? I know that George failed his test, but that's about when the tape went off. Is George leaving "Grey's" or did he decide to return as an intern again? Did Alex try to find the good looking patient that Addison was recommending he pursue? Did McDreamy see what might be his new dream "babe" again? Who's the new Chief of Surgery? Did those two doctors ever get married?

ABC, ABC, ABC....Look I know that you people are under a lot of pressure to make sure your commercials are seen and you're doing your best to convince advertisers that viewers really ARE watching their commercials, but couldn't you have at least given us viewers a "heads-up"?

I guess not.

Next season, Kate Walsh (Addison) will be on a new ABC show. "Private Practice". A lot of very good actors will be joining her, so the show has a good chance to succeed.


On Tuesday night's "Boston Legal", there was a terrific trial about illegal immigration. My feelings about illegal immigration have been stated here in the past and I'm here to tell you that while I don't agree with some of the arguments posed by this episode of "Boston Legal", I thought they more than went out of their way to pose every argument one could think of that is on BOTH sides of this very serious debate. If you didn't see the show, look for it when it comes back as a repeat episode. I bring this up because of what happened in our United States Senate yesterday. Something that may or may NOT happen in the House of Representatives.


Speaking of politics...Another one of President Bush's pals, Paul Wolfowitz has "resigned" his position as President of the World Bank. Wolfowitz is another one of those "geniuses" who was involved in the early Iraq business.


How much longer is THIS Bush pal gonna last? Did you read that chilling story told by the former Deputy Attorney General (James Cormy) about how Gonazlez (when he was Bush's White House counsel) tried to bypass and undermine the justice department by getting a then very sick and barely coherent Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign off on warrantless wiretaps? I mean, this is something you would expect to see on an episode of "24" and in fact did (somewhat) see in an episode this season involving our fictitious president.

That Gonzalez stunt alone should have people everywhere demanding answers and calling for even more investigations of the gang that can't shoot straight.

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A fun surprise.


Blogger Lauren said...

If you haven't gotten on to "the riches" yet you've missed some great stuff.

What a cast! What a story!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

The best show I'm watching on TV is 'The Riches'. Eddie Izzard is an one of the greatest actors of our time.

Oh yeah, trust me on that one. If you've seen his stand-up act you'll never believe what I'm saying. On the other hand if you've see his stand-up act and you've seen 'the riches' you will know exactly what I mean.

Minnie Driver is amazing. The rest of the cast is just first class.

The website is so smooth it's like butter!

Sound like I'm a fan? I am!

Check it out.

7:58 PM  

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