Friday, May 11, 2007


"It's fine to be a religion man, but if you get too much to the religion, you get out of your mind and you do stupid things!"

The quote above, are words that were spoken to the New York Times by Murat Duka, a distant relative to three of the terrorists who wanted to kill 100 or more soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey and that was just ONE of the acts of terror they were considering.


We're led to believe that these (alleged) worthless pieces of "humanity" were/are driven by religious beliefs.

A couple of days ago, the opinion was expressed here that while believing in the rule of law, due process, innocent until proven guilty, etc., things I DO believe in, the first thought that came to mind when I heard about these dangerous creeps was, "Do we really NEED a trial in this case?"

Back to the "religion" quote in our headline above. There's a reason we have "Separation of Church and State" in America, folks. And this is something that a few of our "leaders" need to consider and we hope that some of the questionable things WE'RE involved in doesn't have anything to do with "religion".

I know that it's more fun to read (and for me, to write) about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, but every once in a while, a quote like the quote in our headline gives me a reminder of something I think we all need to be reminded about.

And speaking of Paris Hilton...

According to statements made by Los Angeles County sheriff's officials, it looks like Paris Hilton WON'T have to spend 45 days in jail. Because of overcrowding issues, etc., Ms. Hilton might serve (only) half of that sentence or less. Maybe MUCH less. We're told that if any of this happens it won't be because Hilton and her peeps have been petitioning Governor Terminator or because she's a celebrity. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "She will be treated like any other inmate who's classified as a low level security risk." Meanwhile, when Governor Terminator was asked about Hilton and the petition for clemency that was sent to his office, he said (in essence), "I have more important things to think about!"

Speaking of important things to think about, here are two;

(1) MOTHER'S DAY! It's this Sunday. You wouldn't forget your mother, would you?

(2) The price of stamps! Beginning Monday, the cost of sending a letter goes up from 39 cents to 41 cents. The cost of a post card goes up from 24 cents to 26 cents. The cost of many other things goes up a lot more than that. Actors (for example) have gotten used to spending 63 cents to mail a picture and a resume. The cost for that will go up to 97 cents.

"Jericho", "Criminal Minds", "Bones" and "Las Vegas":

The season finale for "Jericho" was shown Wednesday. That show was big time victimized by a stupid decision by CBS to put the show on a lengthy hiatus and when "Jericho" returned, the ratings fell dramatically. I liked the show and saw every episode. In the finale, the family patriarch (played by Gerald McRaney) was killed in the next to last battle to "save" the town of Jericho. The show ended with the "final" battle going on and we're led to believe that all the Jericho people were killed if the show doesn't return next season.

"Criminal Minds". Because there are only so many things I can tape, Criminal Minds is a show I don't see often, but when I DO see it, I realize that I've been missing some creative television.
Wednesday's episode was no exception. A story about a "Saw" like character killing a bunch of people because he thought he was doing "necessary work". Creepy, weird and riveting.

"Bones". This is a show about scientists, cops and bad guys, but what (to me) is so GREAT about this show is the relationship between the lead characters played by six terrific actors who you BELIEVE care about each other. The episode that aired on Fox (Wednesday) just before American Idol was no exception. Bones' season finale will be shown next Wednesday.

"Las Vegas". Move over James Caan. Tom Selleck is taking over the casino you used to run.
Caan is leaving the show for one of two reasons. He's either making too much money and or he wants to return to films. Caan WILL be on next season's first episode, but after that, a less expensive Tom Selleck will take Caan's place on "Las Vegas".


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A review of the film, "Georgia Rule" and because I saw it earlier today (Friday) , you get this clue; Lindsay Lohan ROCKS!!!!


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