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Six Muslims were arrested in New Jersey yesterday. Three of them were in this country illegally. All six of them allegedly wanted to harm this country, big time. We're told that a plan was "in play", that if successful, would have resulted in the killing of at least one hundred soldiers in Fort Dix by using rocket propelled grenades, semi-automatic assault rifles, shotguns and hand guns.

If it hadn't been for the infiltration of this group by two FBI informers, these wannabe terrorists might have succeeded. These clowns were also talking about attacking two American warships when they were scheduled to dock in Philadelphia.

There are drawings of the six Muslims who were arrested in today's L.A. Daily News. They look like guys who might serve you coffee in a convenience store or who would drive you to a destination in a taxi. In fact, two of the six, were doing that kind of legal work.

Ya know, I'm a big believer in due process, rule of law, all that stuff. But right now, I can't help but have this thought; Do we really need a trial for these six jerks?

Paris Hilton:

Speaking of jerks...Poor Paris and her "peeps" are trying to get Governor Terminator to intervene in her little problem involving mandated jail time that is scheduled on or about the 5th of June. Did you see the petition letter that was sent to the Governor? Among other things, the petition compliments the Governor's work as an actor in films.

Yeah, that should make the Governor take her seriously.

Katie Couric:

More bad news for the former darling of morning television. Last week, the CBS nightly news broadcast anchored by Katie Couric had its smallest audience since 1987.

The Phil Spector trial:

Have you been paying attention to the Phil Spector murder trial? The prosecution is trying to prove that the death of actress Lana Clarkson was murder and the defense is trying to prove that her death was an accidental suicide.

A former madam, Jodi "Babydol" Gibson is on the witness list for the defense. If she's allowed to testify, she is prepared to give testimony that will seem to portray Clarkson as a hooker or "escort" who used to work for Gibson before Gibson went to jail.

The television show, "Jericho":

One more terrorism item. CBS' show, "Jericho", a show ABOUT terrorism, will air it's season finale at 8 tonight. I've seen every episode. Will it be back next season? I hope so, but it'll be a tough call.

"American Idol":

The American Idol's final four each sang two songs last night. They were coached by Barry Gibb, who is famous because of his association with The Bee Gees, one of my two all time favorite singing groups. So when singers are gonna sing songs made famous by The Bee Gees, you have my attention.

Because about 30 million (or so) of you watch this show week after week, I will mention only first names and tell you how I voted (on a scale of 1-10) last night. Melinda was followed by Blake who was followed by Lakisha who was followed by Jordin. After each name, I will post two numbers. The first number will be for the first song they sang and the second number for the second song they sang.

Melinda: 5 and 6

Blake: 3 and 3

Lakisha 3 and 3

Jordin 7 and 6

Am I a tough judge? When it comes to Bee Gees songs, I am.

One of the final four will be sent home tonight and Barry Gibb will do some singing.

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