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Newspaper film critics who tell us if films are good, lousy or somewhere in between are paid a lot of money for their opinions. Opinions that sometimes convince us to see or not see certain films.

I chose to see "Georgia Rule" BEFORE I read a critic's review. And I'm glad I did.

I read a lot of reviews AFTER I saw "Georgia Rule" and what's interesting is that most critics expressed the opinion that at times in this film, it is all three of the views I listed in the first paragraph. Good, lousy and somewhere in between. Most of the time, when a critic believes THAT, he or she believes the film should have had some sort of "straight line journey" aspect to it as opposed to trying to do too much.

But what ALL the critics seem to AGREE on is the performance of Lindsay Lohan. After critical words about the film itself, one critic (echoing most critics) wrote the following about Lindsay Lohan's performance; "Lohan shines throughout and she does it with a whole lot of effortless charisma and pin-point-sharp humor."

Okay. Here's my take on "Georgia Rule". First of all, I LOVED it! If she doesn't self-implode, I think Lindsay Lohan will become our next Elizabeth Taylor. The tabloids weren't like they are now and there was no internet when Liz was young and frisky and what Liz did off camera didn't keep her from doing great work on camera.

Here's what you get when you see "Georgia Rule".

(1) Lindsay Lohan (as Rachel) is a pathological liar. Or is she?

(2) Felicity Huffman (as Rachel's mom) doesn't love her. Or does she?

(3) Jane Fonda (as Georgia, Rachel's grandmother) is the wise one. Or is she?

(4) Cary Elwes (as Rachel's stepdad) is a smiling very dangerous con man. Or is he?

(5) Garrett Hedlund (as the religious virgin who gets his head turned by Rachel's head) is an in over his head lovesick fool. Or is he?

(6) Dermot Mulroney (as a veterinarian/general practitioner) is in this movie to provide eye candy for the women. Or is he?

Okay, the answer to that question is, yes!

Director Garry Marshall has been accused by critics of trying to do too much with "Georgia Rule" and some feel that what he did try, in some cases, was creepy (in a bad way), etc.

I respectfully and passionately disagree.

The key to any film (while suspending disbelief) is to believe what you're watching. I TOTALLY believed Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) as a liar, as someone who wasn't lieing, as a tease, and when she told a bunch of girls that if they didn't back off, she would get back at them by doing something to their boyfriends. I laughed at her threat, the audacity attached to her threat and I believed she would do those things.

I believed Georgia (Jane Fonda) when she said to Rachel, "For a smart girl, you're good at stupid." I believed and I laughed.

In conclusion, while there are laughs in "Georgia Rule", a very serious subject is a major plot point and it's a subject that is NO laughing matter. BUT...I think that Garry Marshall and his fine group of actors (especially Lohan) have made an entertaining film that at times will make you think. And at the end of the film, my eyes watered.

I don't know about you, but I love it when I get all that for the price of a ticket. Bravo, Garry Marshall! And bravo to the cast of "Georgia Rule"!

Full disclosure: I PAID for my ticket!

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