Friday, May 04, 2007


A couple of weeks ago or so, I wrote about concerns on the set of the CBS show, "Shark" that stars James Woods. I had been told that CBS wants to renew the show for another season, but that James Woods wasn't sure he wanted to return to the grind that is the all consuming time thing associated with being the lead dog on a television series. I was also told that everybody loves the guy many call "Jimmy", they want him to come back and there's no issue about money.

Well, I haven't been told anything else, but last night's "Shark" was the show's season finale and it looked (to this viewer) like the finale, period!

A week before, Jeri Ryan, the actress who plays Woods' boss, lost her job in an election. Just before officially leaving office, she helped Woods win a case (last night) against a notorious serial killer, excellently played by Billy Campbell. Before the show ended, we learned that Woods' Shark character broke too many laws to count in order to WIN this conviction. The WAY we learned this was by listening to a private confession he made TO the Campbell character while pointing out that no one, but no one would be able to find out what he'd done.

In last night's FINAL scene, Shark and his daughter, played by Danielle Panabaker, had a very emotional conversation about the fact that she was leaving "dad" to go to school in New York.

Now I've been around long enough to know that ANYTHING's possible in a television show, but unless they plan to raise "preposterous" to a new level, "Shark" has been harpooned.

If I'm wrong, I'll watch the show next season, if for no other reason to see what sorts of different directions the show takes, but if I'm right, I'm going to miss seeing what I thought was good television week after week. James Woods' legacy as an actor is secure. Jeri Ryan is a working pro. But I fell in love with the Danielle Panabaker character when she first showed up as Woods' daughter and I very much look forward to seeing her in other projects.


Did you watch the 2-hour "Grey's Anatomy" combined with the hoped for spin-off last night?

I turned it off after about an hour. I'll watch the rest of it later today.

I've LOVED "Grey's Anatomy" from jump street and I still love the show. The proposed spin-off which will star the Addison character from "Grey's" along with a very fine cast of other characters, was in the "let's give you a taste" position while interfering with the "Grey's" show.

When I see the rest of the show later today, I might change my mind, but right now I'm thinkin' this Addison character is a character I don't care that much about and if this show is going to be centered AROUND Addison?!?

Like I said, I might change my mind.


If Paris Hilton didn't get the "wake-up call" that a judge tried to give her when her license was suspended, she figures to have gotten it yesterday. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but on the 15th of January, she was pulled over and again on the 27th of February. Both times, she was allegedly driving on a suspended license. She has also failed to enroll in an alcohol education program she was ordered to attend in a ruling made on the 7th of September.

Yesterday, prosecutors said they want the hammer dropped on Hilton. 45 days in jail and other penalties. We're told that Hilton will appear before a judge today.

Do I think Paris Hilton should serve jail time for this? Yes. 45 days? A month or so ago, I was thinking a few days might get her attention, but the question we have to ask ourselves is this; What would the REST of us get?


Did you see any of the so-called debate at the Reagan Presidential Library last night?


Neither did most folks.

What we saw was 10 guys who have no business being President of the United States except (maybe) Ron Paul, who has as much chance of winning as you or I do.

The one guy in the room (last night) who WOULD have a chance is a guy most of these "candidates" said they wouldn't support a change in the law that would allow him to RUN for the office and that would be, Governor Terminator.

I DO support changing that law, but that's another topic for another time.

Most of these out of touch with what's really important "candidates" let the zealots who have hijacked the Republican party know that they are against a woman's right to choose and they're against embryonic stem cell research, something that Nancy Reagan is a supporter of. In fact, the only "candidate" who said he IS in favor of embryonic stem cell research was/is John McCain. As reported in today's L.A. Times, McCain was the only one who got a hug from Nancy Reagan when the so-called debates ended.

I hope you all have a happy Cinco de Mayo!


I'll think of something.


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