Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Before telling you some personal observations about a television personality you're all familiar with, let's get to what MOST folks are talking about. "American Idol".

While raising a lot of money for charity tonight and watching some terrific performers sing, there's still the matter of which Idol wannabe will be told that his or her time in the spotlight has expired.

The famous trio of judges were very kind to Chris Richardson and Jordin Sparks and very nice to the other four. Lakisha was the only one who really received criticism.

Here's my take. I thought Richardson was awful. I thought Blake Lewis and his rendition of, "Imagine" was the best. Jordin Sparks' rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" was very good, but to me, not quite good enough.

Who do I think will be eliminated tonight? Richardson or Lakisha.

Now the "good guy" story.

Regis Philbin.

The three "American Idol" judges agree that one remaining contestant is very likable. Phil Stacey. But is there anyone MORE likable on our television screens than Regis Philbin on a daily basis?

After missing 6 weeks because of triple heart bypass surgery, Philbin will return to "Live with Regis and Kelly" tomorrow. His first guest will be David Letterman, who Regis filled in for while Dave was taking care of his own heart problems.

Reege (as Kelly calls him and Kathy Lee used to call him), is a bonafide "good guy" and I can say that because of two personal experiences. In the early 70's, I was a very young radio host in St. Louis. Philbin was doing a weekend television show there. A quiz show about St. Louis stuff that featured (mostly) St. Louis personalities. In those days, there was a barber shop owned by a St. Louis character named Gus Torregrossa. I mean, you never knew who might show up there. The Chief of Police, Elton John, a mobster, the Mayor, a famous actor, someone who wanted to be Missouri's next governor, Regis Philbin, etc., etc. Oh, and me. Gus' barber shop is where I met Regis and he said, "You should be a guest on my television show!" It would be my first and only television experience until I would later have a more than 10-year run as a television sports anchor here in Los Angeles. I hadn't spoken with Regis Philbin since the day I did his television show until a conversation we had during my early days of doing television sports here. He said, "I've been watching you, Scott. It's none of my business, but they're not lighting you properly. He then told me what I needed to tell the people at the television station. People who, after thinking about it, apologized, changed what they were doing and said, "He's RIGHT!"

Why did Regis Philbin DO that? I wasn't on the television station HE was on in this city. The only answer I can come up with is this; He's a good guy and when he returns to his show tomorrow, I'll be watching and I'll say (to my tv screen), "Welcome home, Regis!"


Is it time for someone to be impeached?


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