Monday, April 30, 2007


It's bad enough to begin this week knowing that April has been one of the bloodiest months in the history of this stupid war in Iraq. More than 100 killed this month and we still have one more day to complete.

Then we can look ahead to what will be an unpleasant surprise the middle of NEXT month! As most of you know, the price of stamps are going up on the 14th of May. For a letter in a regular sized envelope, the cost of mailing will go up from 39 cents to 41 cents. BUT...if you use 9x12 envelopes to send a picture and resume which is what people in the entertainment industry do, THAT cost will go up from 63 cents to 97 cents. In other words, an increase of more than FIFTY PERCENT!!! I made it a point to get that information because I'm an actor who sends out a lot of pictures and resumes. Ouch! It's tough enough to keep your head above water as an actor and now the Post Office is ganging up on us?

Speaking of acting...On one of the HBO channels this past Saturday, I saw a film that blew me away. "Before Sunset", starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. I think it came out a couple of years ago. It's basically a 2-person film that becomes an "acting clinic", but damn, it's GOOD! This is a film that involves Hawke and Delpy spending most of the film simply talking to each other, but while they're talking, you can feel the sexual tension building and then when it's time for the "payoff"? Well, see it for yourself. I highly recommend this film.

A couple of TV shows showed their final episodes this past Thursday and Friday. "October Road" on ABC, a show that had about a 6-week trial run and "Raines", a Jeff Goldblum show on NBC that had the same kind of run. Yo, ABC and NBC! PLEASE find room for those shows to return NEXT season! And here's a message to the lead character in "October Road". If the show returns, I hope you don't break Aubrey's heart. Let blondie do whatever she wants to do with the rich guy. Yes, I know. It's only a TV show, but I get "involved" in these shows.

One sports item. Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers are dangerously close to becoming irrelevant in this city? I mean, with this roster, we are supposed to be hopeful because...?

Oh...10-million dollars a year for Phil Jackson?


Mission: Accomplished?!?


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