Thursday, June 28, 2007


Did you watch the Paris Hilton/Larry King show last night? Am I the only one who thought that the hour seemed like it was longer than that? I thought there was one great question that Larry King asked and one great question that he didn't ask.

That's one of those good news, bad news things, so we'll go to the good news first.

Paris Hilton seemed to make a point about having either found religion while she was in jail or that she's a religious person who had more time to read the Bible while she was in jail. We all saw her taking a Bible with her when she was either on her way to jail or on her way to court. When King asked Paris Hilton, "What's your favorite Bible passage?" and she was stumped, well, because she was speechless, nothing I could write or say would add anything to that.

And now the bad news about the question that wasn't asked.

Pop quiz: When I ask you to tell me the first thing you think of when I say the words, "Paris Hilton", your response is...? Okay, let me rephrase that question. What's the first thing most people would think of? The sex tape? Larry King didn't ask one question about that sex tape. Folks, it can be argued that without that sex tape she might not be anywhere near as famous as she is now. At the very least, wouldn't it have been interesting to know what she thinks about the aftermath of all of that? And by the way, did she make any money from the sales of that tape? And if not, why not?

The National Enquirer's Mike Walker is reporting that "Barbara Walters is dead serious about Paris Hilton replacing Rosie O'Donnell as permanent co-host on 'The View'" and that Paris' mom Kathy ironed out the deal while Paris was in jail. Wouldn't it have been interesting to hear Paris' response to a question about that? Wouldn't questions about the sex tape and possible employment on "The View" have been better than having Paris read notes about what she wrote while she was in jail? I mean, how much of a waste of television time was that?

If we learned anything last night it was pretty much this; She is still in denial about having broken any laws regarding the suspended license thing...Claustrophobia seems to have been the disease that caused Sheriff Baca to order her release after three days...Her ADD "disease" seems to be a disease of convenience...And that after all she's gone through, the one thing she'd like to change is her voice. Because it gets high when she's nervous or shy.


While the Paris/Larry lovefest was going on, there was news most of us weren't aware of. Like this report from the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Armed Services Committee (boy, what a mouthful that is) Anyway, all the members signed this report that said, after spending (at least) 19 billion dollars to train and equip about 347,000 Iraqi security forces, the Pentagon doesn't know how many of them are actually doing any security or fighting work...Or...whether their weapons have been stolen or are being used against the people who paid for them...Us, as in the gullible good ol' USA who bought into this mission...I could go on and on, but I'll ask this question again; Why are we in Iraq?!?


'Tis the season for some new driving laws to take place and I can't think of a new driving law that's scarier than the one told to me by St. Louis reader-listener Elvis who informs me about a new Virginia law, effective July 1st, that will involve a fine of $3,550 for speeding! There's a little more to the law than that, but the point is, if you're driving in Virginia, know what the speed limit is and drive 5 miles per hour under it.


A new report says almost 44 million Americans didn't have health insurance in 2006. We have to do something about that, folks! I'm going print a letter from a reader about this tomorrow.


At ten tonight, NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" will air their final episode. NBC has treated this show's final episodes like they (NBC) can hardly wait for this show to end. I know this because NBC hasn't shown previews for upcoming shows, a move that is the ultimate way of saying, "Would you please just leave now?!?"

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TOMORROW: The never ending problem of traffic... Gambling agreements that Governor Terminator has signed with Indian tribes that figure to bite us in the butt big time long after Governor Terminator is gone... And of course we'll have more celebrity news.


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