Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Entertainment Tonight broke the news early this morning that Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica, California and for driving with a suspended license. Lohan allegedly (also) had cocaine in her pants pocket. Lohan was supposed to be charged with a previous offense today!

Short Commentary: Man, oh man, oh man! I know a lot about addictive behavior and I've (publicly) been rooting for this young woman. A very talented actress who has issues none of us can possibly understand. I mean, she's young, beautiful and rich! What more could she want? Who knows, but a very good friend of mine (who's not so young anymore) had it all, too. Talent, looks, money and fame and because he also couldn't stop his destructive behavior, his life (as he sees it) is pretty much over. No one but no one understands what an addict might be going through except another addict. Nancy Reagan used to say, "Just say no!" Oh, if only it were/was, that easy.

What's next? Well, because of what happened to Paris Hilton, jail time figures to be on the horizon for Lindsay Lohan when what she probably needs is mandatory hospitalization of some kind.


Speaking of trouble...Before going any further, let me be clear about something. I'm not a prosecutor. I've played one on TV, but I don't know a lot about what a prosecutor can or can't do. Having said that, I find myself baffled at the thought that no criminal charges have been brought against Cardinal Mahony. I mean, not even some sort of conspiracy charge?

Okay, that's the legal thing.

What about the moral thing? Most people seem to think that what Cardinal Mahony was a part of was beyond disgusting.

But according to a story in Sunday's Los Angeles Times that was titled, "The Teflon Cardinal", the opinion expressed was that because Mahony made it his business to support illegal immigrants and all latinos early on, that has resulted in unwavering support for Cardinal Mahony from the latino community despite the fact that some of the children abused by outlaw priests were latino! After breathing deeply and exhaling to that revelation, one can only say, "Go figure!"


I live in Los Angeles and I write and broadcast from Los Angeles, but a lot of people who read and listen to this blog don't live here. More than one of you pointed out that yesterday's commentary wasn't really about a Los Angeles host or radio station, but was (instead) about how religion does and can affect people. Pure and simple.


Drew Carey will be the new host of "The Price is Right". No one but no one was talking about Carey even being a candidate!

The new Glenn Close show, "Damages" begins on FX at 10 tonight. Here's the first sentence in a review of "Damages" that was written by David Kronke in today's Los Angeles Daily News: "Tonight's premiere of 'Damages' concludes with a plot twist that is so cruel, diabolical and brilliantly twisted that you'll either curse the hour you spent watching it or curse the week you'll have to wait until the next episode." I don't know about you, but when I read something like that, I'm making sure I set my TiVo properly. Kronke concludes his review with this: "Damages" is yet another dark, smart addition to the FX network's canon of smart programming aimed at smart adults."


There's a new study out claiming that excessive use of diet soda might make you gain weight because of something in the soda that makes you crave and consume a lot of sweets. I bring this up because I drink a lot of diet soda and I've noticed that I've gained what for me is a lot of weight.


We'll close with the story about Chinese police who were trailing a suspicious boat two days ago. While the boat was trying to land on the side of a river near Vietnam, police moved in when they saw four people carrying bags off the boat. When those people saw the police, they jumped into the river and swam away. When police boarded the boat, they found a bunch of other bags and were shocked when they opened the bags. 270 live crocodiles were in those bags. The 270 crocs were destined for underground leather factories to be made into shoes and bags, but if those cops hadn't been quick on their feet, by the time the 270 crocs got to the factories, they would have been bigger because of all the cops they would have eaten.

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TOMORROW: I'll tell you about a radio show I guested on tonight...I'll hopefully tell you about two films I recently saw on the premium channels...Annnd anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat!?!"


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