Monday, July 23, 2007


While on my way to attend a very early morning breakfast meeting yesterday, I had my car radio on KFI here in Los Angeles.

And what I heard, got my attention, big time.

The guy hosting the show I was listening to identified himself as Jesus Christ. Apparently he's on KFI every Sunday morning between 6 and 9.

Stupid me. I was under the impression that after his second death, Jesus Christ was busy living his afterlife in a place we're told is Heaven.

Apparently not. While listening yesterday, I heard him tell people that he's alive and well on KFI and that whatever he was saying to them was coming from the Lord himself.

The thing that had me thinking I was listening to an episode of "The Twilight Zone" or a guy who was ready to go to a mountain top with a bucket of Kool-Aid, was something he said to a listener who told the story about his wife who had died because of cancer. The listener wanted and needed to be assured by Jesus Christ that he (the listener) would be joining his wife in Heaven to enjoy an afterlife of eternity with her.

The KFI host calling himself Jesus Christ went on a riff about how the listener would in fact join his wife in Heaven, but the happy marriage that he experienced here on earth would be a little different in Heaven because yes, he (the listener) would still be married, but in Heaven, he (the listener) and his wife would now be married to ME! "Me" being, Jesus Christ, the KFI host.

Wellll, .... because it's Jesus Christ, you have to believe he knows what he's talking about, but right then and there I began to think that what I was listening to was a little freaky.

No, make that a lot freaky!

It was obvious that the listener believed he was talking to Jesus Christ because of the way the listener responded to what the host said and the way he ended up thanking the host.

There were other examples of listeners who called and said things that made it very clear to me that they also believed they were speaking to someone who many believe is the Son of God.

Maybe if I heard the show more often, I would get the "humor" I didn't understand yesterday. I'm very familiar with radio shtick. At one time, I was considered to be pretty good at it.

I'm told that this KFI host is really an employee who is a KFI marketing director of some kind and is also a student of religion. I tell you this in case you've heard him and have enjoyed listening to and or speaking with a man you believe to be the Son of God.

Religion does that to people. It's based on faith. You believe for a variety of reasons, but in the end, your faith gives you comfort.

What I heard on KFI yesterday sounded to me....Well, the simple way to put it would be to say that what I heard was bothersome to me. There are no legal issues here. I mean, God doesn't figure to testify against him in court. But playing with people's minds is dicey. And what I heard yesterday was a KFI host who (no matter how well meaning the intention) was playing with people's minds. If you've heard this host and would like to comment, please do.


A new show will debut on TNT at 10 tonight. "Saving Grace", starring Oscar winner, Holly Hunter. The reviews are good and that means TNT will now have three good shows on Monday nights. The Treat Williams show, "Heartland" will move to 8 on Mondays and be followed by Kyra Sedgwick's, "The Closer" and then "Saving Grace".

Another award winning actress, Glenn Close will debut her new show, "Damages", tomorrow night at 10 on FX. This show also stars Ted Danson who plays a bad guy that the Glenn Close character will be trying to bring to justice.


Barry Bonds still has 753 homers. He'll be trying to tie and break Hank Aaron's record of 755 homers during a 4-game series against Aaron's Atlanta Braves that will begin tonight.

Have you heard about that NBA referee who's in trouble for allegedly betting on NBA games and making calls in games he had bet on that allegedly helped him win his bets? Needless to say, Tim Donaghy is no longer an NBA referee, but new procedures for referees figure to be in place soon, if not already. Like unannounced lie detector tests and unannounced monitoring of phone calls involving referees.
Tiger Woods didn't win the British Open yesterday and he hasn't won any tournament recently. Because of all the major tournaments Tiger Woods has won, this should be no big deal, buuuut...One can't help but remember when Tiger was so hot and the words that were spoken by Lee Trevino when he said something like, "It'll be interesting to see how well Tiger plays when he's married and begins to have kids."

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