Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lindsay Lohan got a little good news yesterday. Police who said Lohan was being charged with drug possession in addition to her early morning DUI problem, now say there is no charge of drug possession.

But the that prob-lems Lohan are facing have to do with two different DUI investigations. Basically, what this means is that Lindsay Lohan's lawyers are going to have to convince prosecutors that there was some kind of good explanation for what appears to have been a double dose of criminal behavior.

That going to sleep in her car DUI charge looked to me like something a prosecutor might have said, "Well, she was sleeping it off as opposed to causing a danger to society" kind of thing, but this deal yesterday morning will require some serious splainin', if you catch my drift. When police become involved because of a 911 call from someone who says they're being chased by a car and then when police arrive, it's discovered through various testing procedures that the person who was doing the chasing can't pass standard DUI tests, then Lindsay Lohan ends up with a whacha call a "Trouble in River City" moment.

I mean, unless you're totally screwed up, what the heck are you doing chasing someone with your car when you've been drinking? For that matter, even if you're sober? Apparently all Lohan wanted to do was talk to the woman she was chasing. A woman she apparently knows! If I'm a prosecutor weighing the merits of a possible prosecution of this case, one of the first questions I would have is, "Because you knew the person you were chasing and police say that all you did when you caught up to her was argue, did the thought of using a phone ever cross your mind?"

And here's another question. "You just got out of a highly publicized stint in rehab. You fall off the wagon. Okay. Stuff happens. Why didn't you or your handlers have a plan in place for this eventuality? A plan that would involve the use of a limo or another driver?"

Ya know what? If I'm the prosecutor and it's determined that no plan like that was even discussed, then I'm thinking Lindsay Lohan should go to jail! The charge? For being unbelievably stupid!


Have you heard about this latest Britney Spears meltdown? It apparently happened during a photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine. A meltdown that won't have criminal implications, but because of alleged moves being made by Kevin Federline, this latest Spears' stunt could result in her losing custody of her children. Now imagine for a second that you're the Judge who has to make a decision in that child custody battle. Wouldn't you seriously consider the possibility of awarding the kids to darn near anyone but those two?


Scary, scary stuff in the real estate market here. An 800% increase in home foreclosures in Los Angeles county and the fear is that things will get worse. That's a direct result of all those "too good to be true" refinancing deals that homeowners took advantage of. Now that the reality of that "fool's gold" scheme has reared it's ugly head, a few years from now, the negative effects of the massive expansion of Indian Casino gambling will have lawmakers scratching their heads and saying, "What were we thinking?"


If you're listening to this blog on one of the internet stations it's on, you're aware of the fun I've been having with this! Last night, I began having some once a week fun that I will continue to have with my old friend Joe McDonnell who's the night time host on KLAC here in Los Angeles. I'm on with him TFN ('til further notice) every Tuesday evening from a little after 9:30 to close to 10. It's a sports talk show, but along with his co-host Tim, Joe and I talk about darn near anything. We had some fun last night and if you get a chance, please check us out next Tuesday.


With Bud Selig in the house, Barry Bonds stayed stuck on 753 homers... Michael Vick has been asked to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons for a while... And NBA Commissioner David Stern looked very uncomfortable while talking about his gambling referee yesterday.

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