Sunday, October 28, 2007


This blog is being posted less than 2 hours or so before game 4 of the 2007 World Series.

This nice little team from Colorado came roaring into the World Series after having won 21 of their previous 22 games. All against National League opponents, a league (talent wise) that is very much like the old American Football League, long before they became good enough to be allowed to play with the "big boys", those players who were then playing for the National Football League!

I mean, the talent level in both the National and American baseball leagues is...Well, simply put, the National League is where the players who are better than minor leaguers play. The American League is where (most of) the best players play.

And do you need any more proof than what's been happening in most of the recent World Series' and the All Star games?

Like this World Series? In game one, the Red Sox embarrassed the Rockies. In game two, a guy for the Rockies who will probably be the National League's Most Valuable Player this year, allowed himself to get picked off first base in the 8th inning of a game that the Rockies lost by one run!!! In last night's game three, too many Colorado mistakes led to a 6-0 lead for Boston, but the Rockies rallied and cut the lead to 6-5 in the 7th inning thanks to a 3-run homer hammered by the aforementioned probable MVP, Matt Holliday. In the top of the 8th inning, more Colorado mistakes led to more Boston runs, the Red Sox ended up winning 10-5, and this long time sports observer found himself remembering words sung by "Dandy Don" Meredith on Monday Night Football back when that telecast had the most talented and entertaining announcers. You the players in baseball's American League, now!!!

Anyway, when it was obvious that a team was in "over their heads" on a particular night, "Dandy Don" used to entertain with a little "singing". And while sitting in a bar or at home with friends, we would sing along with him. "Turn out the liiiggghhhts! The par-ty's ooover!"

We can only hope that one day we'll have entertaining announcers like the original Monday Night Football guys were and that baseball's National League will again will be filled with baseball's best players, but for now it's time to consider what is known as "The Mercy Rule" and turn out the lights.


The "lights" have finally been turned "ON" Rush Limbaugh and what we're seeing is...Uh, does the word, "squirming" come to mind?

No doubt about it. Long after he's dead, Rush Limbaugh will be remembered. Right up there with Elmer Gantry. Limbaugh found a void and he has filled it well. An entertaining "preacher" type who preys upon the fears many of us have. About "them"! Who's them? The people who aren't "us"!

And Rush does this so well! And with such sincerity! He comes across as our favorite Uncle who wants the best for us and he's done a terrific job showing you "the light" along with help provided by good friends of his, like Vice President Dick Cheney.

And wow! What an enlightened and well meaning pair our Uncle Rush and Vice President Dick are! Both of them are convinced that war is a great answer to many of our problems and the two of them have...what? Close to ten military deferments (between them) to prove it?!?

In other words, sacrifice (of some kind) is called for as long as you and or members of your family do it! And how will we pay for said sacrifices? Well, we'll make sure that our rich friends have their taxes cut so that you, the fine working class people who support Rush's radio show can pay for this and what you can't pay for, we'll let your children pay for.

Do I want higher taxes? Of course not, but let's get real, folks. This economic and social folly favored by fanatical fools like Uncle Rush, Vice President Dick and other zealots who continue to try to control us with fear directed at "them" who aren't "us", is coming back to bite us in our butts big time. How? Examples: This housing mess that's trickling down to a severe shortage of decent paying jobs mess resulting in more and more people filing for bankruptcy...The 50 to 80 million Americans who can't afford health insurance or if they do have insurance, finding themselves having their insurance cancelled when they're sick...I could tell you more, but if you're like me, you feel better by not thinking about this stuff, hope (believe) that it will get better and then we turn on the radio and hear our Uncle Rush soothingly tell us that the problems are because of "them"!

This is as straight as I can give it to you, folks. I listen to Rush and from time to time he makes me laugh. From time to time he entertains me. When it comes to the illegal immigration problem, I agree with most of what Rush says. In fact, in some cases, he (unless I missed shows in which he made this point) doesn't go far enough. I'm against the law that gives automatic citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who are born here. I believe that many illegals give birth here so they can (later) play the child sympathy card. And I wish that we would change that law.

But when it comes to much of everything else Rush had laid out and continues to lay out there?

Bothersome. To me, very bothersome. This us against them business reminds me of people who used to wear hoods and made visits (mostly) at night. Yes, away from the light!

Did you happen to read the two "Doonesbury" comic strips that were printed in the October 22nd and 23rd issues of the newspapers in which it is carried? The strips were about shining the "light" on Rush and made reference to him having become a leading voice in a political party that is being seen as the "Party of Mean" and for (effectively) using tactics that when cut to the core are, "Fear and Smear". Like attacking Michael J. Fox for faking his symptoms, accusing a 12-year old as insufficiently poor and yes, Iraq vets as "phony". Rush has given watered down on-air apologies, clarifications and "I was taken out of context" explanations for his "Fear and Smear" comments, but his friends in high places smiled because the initial statements were "effective".

Rush talks about how a lot of people like to suggest that the people he caters to (his radio audience) is mostly stupid, easily swayed, trailor park trash, hicks, etc., etc. And then he'll defend his audience vociferously while giving a variation of his "us" against "them" sermon.

Here's what I suggest and believe. Rush Limbaugh is not stupid. No, Rush is a very bright guy who reminds me of an old alley fighter. If you've done him wrong, you better not turn your back on him, but when he thinks he's in trouble, he'll revert back to what got him to where he is.

Rush Limbaugh is like a vampire bat. When you shine the light on him, he becomes very annoyed. And scared.

It started with the 41 U.S. Senators who wrote a critical letter to Rush's radio boss. Now it's "Doonesbury", Hillary Clinton seems to be climbing in the polls partly because of Rush's constant carping about her and like the vampire bat, he needs to get away from the light. In this case, the light of scrutiny.

The way that people like Rush operate is the way a lot of effective high political figures operate. When you find yourself being heavily scrutinized and your answers aren't being swallowed the way your Kool Aid is usually being swallowed, use (or support) diversionary tactics.

And Rush came up with a dandy. He made light of the letter signed by 41 U.S. Senators, put that letter up for auction with the money going to help a charity involving U.S. Marines and then matched the winning bid with his own money.

But sometimes even bright guys do stupid things. About the time the bidding was in the several hundreds of thousand of dollars range, Rush started whining. Not about the amount of money that was being bid, but about the amount of publicity Rush wasn't getting. He was making comparisons about other people involved with charitable events that made no where near the money he was generating but they were getting all this publicity while he was wasn't getting any, "Wah, wah, sniffle, wah!"

Ooooops! When the bidding ended with a total of more than 2 million dollars which was then matched by Rush, Rush did get his publicity. But while getting it, he had also been exposed. Again! The drug thing, the perfect us, the different them, etc., etc.

What do all those things have in common? Hypocrisy!

Yo, Rush! Here's a new word for you! "WE!!!" And I'm not referring to your American "We" which is the "Us" Americans as opposed to your "Them" Americans. I'm referring to "We Americans"! As in all of us!!! Try it, Rush. You might even learn to like it.

Because like the vampire bat, I know you don't like this new light of scrutiny you're undergoing.

Rush, listen to a tape of some of what you've been saying on the air lately. Even a dumb guy like me can hear it. And what I'm hearing makes me say this; "That like his vampire bat cousins, poor Uncle Rush needs to find that darkest part of the cave again 'cause this light is KILLING him!"


The season finale of Showtime's "Californication" will air tomorrow night. The critics savaged that show when it first came on, but they were so wrong about the overall premise of "Californication". David Duchovny and group have been responsible for a terrific show.

And I have fallen back in love with "Weeds", which is on just before "Californication".

Showtime's "Dexter" is getting better and better again. It's first airing is Sunday nights, followed by multiple airings the rest of the week.

In fact, a lot of good television stuff is on Sunday nights. HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me", ABC's, "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy", and CBS's "Shark".


I don't know. This Sunday thing might work until I finally get these possible syndication opportunities out of the way. One way or the other.

In the blog I wrote last Sunday, you saw the story ideas I was kicking around and am still kicking around. And as always, you know I'll write about anything that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


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