Monday, November 05, 2007


Pretty good game, huh?

And if you have to ask, "What game?", I'm big time respecting how you avoided the hype leading up to this game.

Undefeated New England at undefeated Indianapolis. When Indianapolis took a 20-10 lead with less than 10 minutes to play in the 4th quarter, it looked like....

Once again, proving that looks can be deceiving, quarterback Tom Brady rallied his troops to a most impressive come from behind 24-20 win and now folks will concentrate on wondering if this team of Patriots will go through the whole season undefeated.

Have you thought about the interesting comparisons between the two quarterbacks on these two great football teams? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Brady's won more Super Bowls, but Manning does all the commercials. I mean, can you recall one commercial that Brady has done?

After some serious thought on this subject I have come to this conclusion. It's simply a matter of priorities.

Manning wants all the money.

Brady wants all the girls.

And by focusing on their objectives and being as successful as they have been, those of us paying attention can learn something about focus and doing as opposed to dreaming and doing...nothing!!


New Dodger manager Joe Torre was introduced to the media at Dodger Stadium today. Because of the overflow crowd, the introduction had to take place in the outfield.

I'm not part of the sports media anymore so I didn't try to crash this party, but I have some thoughts about this hire.

I first met Joe Torre when he was still playing for the Cardinals in the 70's. In addition to being a radio talk show host on KMOX which was the radio home of the Cardinals, I also played records as a disco jock in a St. Louis nightclub and was pleasantly surprised when Torre, Tim McCarver and Bob Gibson walked in one night. All of them were playing for the Cardinals at the time and they were (to me) an early version of "The Three Amigos".

I already respected them, but I also learned to like them. And I'm happy that all three have done very well for themselves since retiring as players.

On KMOX, I had the pleasure of sitting with legendary broadcaster Jack Buck on a show that wasn't a sports show. Buck used to tell me off the air that he believed that Tim McCarver would be a great manager one day. Almost! I mean, isn't what he's been doing on television been the eqivalent of being a manager for us, the viewers? I know. A lot of people say he talks too much, but I'm not one of those people! Do you really think he'd be doing what he's been doing for as long as he's been doing it if most folks thought he was talking too much?

Back to Torre...I think this is a terrific hire for the Dodgers. And Torre's brought some loyal help with him. Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa who, like they were with the Yankees, will be coaches for the Dodgers.

And let's give the credit for this hire where it belongs. To the McCourt's, the owners of the Dodgers. If anyone thinks that GM Ned Colletti had anything to do with this except make phone calls that he was ordered to make, that person needs to pay closer attention to what's going on. For you see, Colletti has to be wondering if he's about to be asked to leave his keys with the receptionist after getting his severance check.

With Joe Torre as manager, there won't be a clubhouse featuring players trying to row this boat in different directions. And if Jeff Kent is still with this team when next season begins, one assumes he's smart enough to know that. If not, he'll learn and he'll learn immediately.

That also goes for a young Dodger player or two who are good, but not that good!

If the Dodgers don't (at least) end up in the playoffs next season, I'll be shocked. Beyond that? Who knows?

Will A-Rod end up being here when the new season begins? Who knows?

But here's something you can know; If you're a fan of the Dodgers, you're gonna love Joe Torre!


I'll close with something for all of us to chew on.

Hillary Clinton is the leading candidate (by far) to be the Democrat's nominee to be our next President of the United States. But after what happened in the most recent debate that everyone's talking about, a lot of people are saying, "Hmmmmmmm!"

Here's what I'm saying; I think the timing is right for a woman president, but is it possible that this is the wrong woman?

My favorite candidate on that side of the aisle is still Joe Biden, but if folks can get past his lack of experience, Barack Obama might turn out to be the Democrat's best chance at victory.


I'm still working on things I referred to in the last two blogs which you can easily read, but when I write the next blog, you know that one of the subjects will be about anything that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


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