Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Voting For "The CHICAGO THUG" To Be Our Next President Of The United States!!!

This is being written late in the evening on the 29th of October, 2008. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series tonight, Senator Barack Obama showed his four plus million dollar infomercial tonight and after a long mental struggle, I've decided that Obama is the man I want to see lead this country for (at least) 4 years.

In the headline of this commentary, I made mention of "The Chicago Thug".

Yes, I'm referring to Barack Obama.

A few months ago when Obama was in the process of beating President Clinton's wife in the primaries, it was President Clinton who referred to Obama as "A Chicago Thug" after Obama had driven President Clinton crazy with some of Obama's "tactics".

I knew (then) what President Clinton meant by that slur. President Clinton was talking about a guy who would do pretty much anything to win.

Which, in my view, is what you have to do when you're playing for high stakes. And the stakes don't get any higher than when you aspire to be The President of the United States.


In no particular order, I'd like to rattle off some things that people have been complaining about regarding this campaign, the candidates in this campaign and some of the players who have been on the periphery of this campaign.

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh was complaining about members of his audience being dumb because some members of his audience say they plan to vote for Obama.

This is an interesting complaint from Limbaugh, because he's become very rich by appealing to people who aren't very smart and when Limbaugh hints the reason that things aren't going well for those members of his audience who cling to his every word, those members are fed red meat by Limbaugh when he refers to his audience's problems as being, "Because of THEM!!!"

"Them", more often than not, being minorities.

Also today, Limbaugh was complaining about the belief that Obama is preaching "fear" and (in essence) that's been an effective tactic for Obama.

Again, an interesting complaint from Limbaugh, because his whole persuasive act/career is about "fear". Rush's Fear Career", if you will.


First of all, let's talk about that song he plays before the beginning of each hour of his radio show.
The song that (when we hear it) begins with the words, "Let Freedom Ring!"

I'll bet you thought this is a patriotic song of some kind, right? Not even close to being about patriotism! It's actually a song about a woman who's been in an abusive relationship and the way she got "even" with the guy.

We listeners (me included) get abused by Hannity on a daily basis (especially recently) because his show has become a broken record.

When Karl Rove tried to tell him today that the Bill Ayres and Reverend Wright subjects were okay for them to talk about among themselves but that what the overwhelming number of voters want to talk about is the economy, etc., Hannity couldn't get Rove off the phone fast enough so he could give one of his "Freedom Concerts" another plug.


We've heard that phrase a lot from Mr. Hannity. It has to do with Barack Obama's desire to get us out of Iraq and focus (militarily) on bringing Osama bin Laden to justice.

Mr. Hannity never mentions the bin Laden angle, because the failure to get bin Laden just isn't talked about when you're bought and paid for like he and his ilk are.

I heard another talk show host today talking about Iraq and President Bush's desire to bring democracy to the Middle East and that Bush might turn out to (one day) be successful.

Okayyyyy....But weren't we sold on the mission to Iraq being about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's ties to 9/11? When it was realized that weapons of mass destruction didn't exist and that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11, why did we STAY in Iraq?!?

IF we were really there to destroy another country's functioning government and to force them to install another kind of government, how legal is/was it for us to attack another country FOR this reason, why weren't we Americans TOLD that this is/was the mission and if this kind of mission was a "Cowboy Operation", meaning I'm doing this because "I CAN" or because "I'M THE DECIDER", isn't that grounds for impeachment?!?

Just asking.

Back to the "White Flag Of Surrender" charge that has been leveled at Barack Obama.

No, Mr. Hannity, it has nothing to do with "surrender"! This is called "Cutting our losses"!!! Billions upon billions, perhaps reaching more than a trillion dollars of our money that should have been spent HERE!!! And if the money HAD been spent here, there's a good chance our economy wouldn't be on "life support" like it is NOW!!!


Going to Iraq was probably very beneficial (financially) for friends of the Bush Administration, but for the rest of America, this Iraq adventure was stupid, off the charts EXPENSIVE and the lives LOST and RUINED because of LIFE ALTERING INJURIES is UNFORGIVEABLE!!!

Full disclosure, full disclosure, full disclosure...For those of you first time readers, please know that I was raised in a military family, I was a member of the "Big Red 1" after I enlisted in the U.S. Army, I wasn't any kind of war hero, but I "showed up" which is more than can be said for "Radio Patriots" like Limbaugh and Hannity. I'm not against U.S. military action when it's in our best interests. In ALL our best interests as opposed to a FEW of our best interests. Getting Osama bin Laden is most definitely in our best interests. HE'S the son of a bitch responsible for 9/11!!!


Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin recently said the Vice President "runs" the Senate. I agree with what Newsweek Magazine's Conventional Wisdom column asked; "Does she even have a clue?"

God help us all if McCain is elected, dies in office, and the winking "You betcha!" babe becomes President!!!

Governor Palin qualifier: I do not underestimate Governor Palin. She had no idea she was going to be in the position she's now in. If she had been given a "heads up" about the possibility of her being in this postion 6 months ago, she would have had time to learn some things and not be considered to be a friendly freak show.

4 years from now, if she's interested, Sarah Palin might become a legitimate national force in the Republican party!


Another person, who like Sarah Palin, has become a celebrity. And he's lovin' it! I mean, how many times has he been on television and on radio shows since he told Barack Obama he was thinking about buying his own plumbing business? Of course the fact he doesn't have a plumber's license, the fact he doesn't have any money and the fact any money that he could come up with would have to be used to pay taxes he hasn't paid is irrelevant!!!

Like someone much smarter than me once said, "The devil's in the details!!!"

To which Senator McCain's other celebrity distraction would say, "You betcha!"

But Scott (me), Barack Obama doesn't have any EXPERIENCE!!!

Yeah, that's what a lot of people say when they say that's why they won't vote for Obama. Of course lately, it's been a lot of complaining about higher taxes they think we'll all have to pay if Obama is elected.

Anybody wanna tell me about McCain's experience?

Let me save you the trouble. You CAN'T! No one but no one has the necessary experience to be President of the United States unless that person is running for their SECOND term! ALL first term Presidents are "learning as they go".


This is a question I LOVE!!!

The "experienced" men and women have gotten us into the shape we're now in. An off the charts expensive, stupid and possibly illegal war...Turning a blind eye to outdated and dumb economic principles that pray at the alter of "NO regulations", principles that have resulted in our country now being in huge danger of falling into another Great Depression...Allowing millions upon millions of illegal immigrants to clog up our cities, while "gaming/scamming" our systems and taking jobs away from legal Americans by being willing to work for less than fair wages....The energy mess...The health care mess...I could go on and on...

All of what I wrote in the previous paragraph and MORE have taken place while "experienced" people were making the decisions.

Barack Obama strikes me as a "roll up his sleeves, can do dreamer" who is inexperienced ENOUGH to believe he/we CAN achieve the "impossible".

And yes, I'm willing to "wake up" from his/our dream long enough to accept a dose of reality; Because of all the expensive mistakes made by the EXPERIENCED people, we're going to have to pay some higher taxes. If this is done fairly, it shouldn't hurt that much, but what has been done by the EXPERIENCED people is more emotionally and financially painful than anything you'll see in the new film "Saw V".

Senator McCain is a good and decent man, but Senator Obama is the man I'M voting for to be our next President of the United States!

THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at I write back to everyone.

THE NEXT BLOG? Unless something unexpected comes up, a week from today, WHICH WILL BE THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION!!! As a rule, a new blog is posted every Wednesday afternoon (late) or (early/late) Wednesday evening.


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