Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One of the big gripes about Obama is his lack of experience and accomplishments, but can anyone tell me WHAT McCain has ACCOMPLISHED?!?

For the record, I'm not a supporter of either of our presidential candidates.

When I first started writing this blog, I predicted that Barack Obama would be the Democrat nominee and that Fred Thompson would be the Republican nominee. The people I wanted to be the nominees were Joe Biden and Mike Huckabee. Of those two, my choice for president would have been Joe Biden.

Sometime soon, both nominees will choose their running mates. It looks like McCain would prefer to have Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge, but it appears that he might be "forced" to take Mitt Romney, a guy McCain doesn't like almost as much as Karl Rove, who McCain hates.

It looks like Obama will choose Joe Biden, a choice that would be a good choice, but his best choice, a choice that would probably be a winning choice, would be Hillary Clinton. A choice that would/will be very difficult for Obama to make because of how much Obama dislikes Bill Clinton and Obama doesn't have any warm and fuzzy feelings toward Hillary, either.


I got the idea for bringing this up while listening to Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday. A caller told Hannity that Hannity's always barking about Obama being a guy who has accomplished nothing while being a U.S. Senator and the caller wanted Hannity to give him (the caller) a list of accomplishments by McCain since McCain has been a U.S. Senator. When it became apparent that Hannity couldn't think of ONE accomplishment, Hannity turned the conversation around, attacked the caller and then hung up on the caller.

I was in my car at the time and after Hannity hung up on the caller, I smiled and said, (to myself) "Hmmmmm..."

How about it, folks? If you can cite a legitimate accomplishment that has been a positive accomplishment for our country that was authored, rammed through, whatever, by Senator McCain while McCain has been a U.S. Senator, tell me what it is and if I verify it, I'll print it in next Wednesday's blog. Send it to me at


First, the "race" quote:

Whenever you hear someone say, "I'm not a racist, one of my best friends..." please know that any minority who is seen smiling while this statement is being completed is a person who is not smiling because he or she agrees! That's a smile coming from someone who knows! Knows what?!? Knows that you're protesting too much because you either are a racist and maybe don't know it or that you most definitely haven't spent any quality time around the minority race being discussed.

Race is the primary subject in a lot private conversations about the upcoming election and it's a subtle subject in a lot of public conversations about the upcoming election and related subjects to the election.

I bring this up because of a recent conversation that took place on the television show "The View" between co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg.

I've never met either of these people, both come across to me as two of the nicest people on the planet, buuuut.....While having a discussion about the difference between blacks and whites' using the N word in a debate that began with Jesse Jackson and ended with Hasselbeck in tears, Goldberg said, "We DO live in different worlds."

Here comes the "deficit" quote:

While talking about the Bush Administration's $482 billion projected budget deficit, a record, U.S. Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad said, "This is going to make it extraordinarily difficult for whoever's going to become President! I don't care WHO the President is!"

The movie quote from the trailer for the film "W", the new Oliver Stone film about the president:

Actor James Cromwell, playing George H.W. Bush, criticizing George W. Bush with these words; "What are you cut out for? Partying? Chasing tail? Driving drunk?"

And now the "battle of the sexes" quote from a sexy comedian:

Late night E! Channel comedian Chelsea Handler is terrific eye candy, she's very funny and every once in a while, very provocative. During a recent riff on sex, here's what Handler said; "Men don't realize that if we're sleeping with THEM on the first date, we're probably not interested in seeing THEM again either!"

Something to think about, guys! Just in case you thought men had the exclusive on this kind of behavior.

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