Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jesus was a "Community Organizer"! Pontius Pilate was a "Governor"!

See what happens when you put RELIGION into politics?

The feeling here is that George W. Bush has thrown religion around a lot while he's been President of the United States and I would ask you one question; "How's that been workin' out for the REST of the country during these last almost 8 years?!?"

At the end and under my last blog, you can read an email that was sent to me about how much I must like or love Governor Sarah Palin because of what I wrote in my last blog and why the email writer doesn't like or love Governor Sarah Palin.

For the record, what I liked/loved about Governor Sarah Palin was the speech she gave at the Republican convention. Because I've written and delivered a few speeches, I think I know the difference between a good one and a bad one and it has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with the substance of the speech.

For what she was trying to accomplish, I thought her speech was a home run. I felt the same way about Barack Obama's speech the week before.

Now that the conventions are becoming a memory, the focus is more on the candidates and what it is they really represent.

We have learned quite a lot about Senator McCain, Senator Obama and Senator Biden and we're still learning things about them.

We don't know much at all about Governor Palin except that she can give a good speech. So far, she's refused to take questions from anyone. We're told that tomorrow (9/11), she'll sit down and do an interview with ABC's Charles Gibson.

In the last few days, we've learned some things about Governor Palin because of all the investigative reporters that have flown to Alaska. And one wonders if ABC's Charles/Charlie Gibson will ask Governor Palin about some of those things.


Does Governor Palin really believe you can "PRAY away GAY"?!?

Does Governor Palin really believe that God has a rooting interest in the Iraq war we've been involved in?

Why have Governor Palin's representatives said that Governor Palin will answer questions only if she is treated with "deference" and what exactly is meant by that "condition" or pre-approval?

Why have Governor Palin's representatives said that questions about her unmarried pregnant daughter are off limits when it was Governor Palin who sent out a press release about her unmarried daughter's pregnancy?

And then there are the questions about money for the bridge she said she was against which it turns out wasn't/isn't true...questions about did she or didn't she request or demand the banning of books from a public library and if so, which books?


Look, I know a lot of you are trying to make a big deal out of "babies" in the Palin family, but this ol' political junkie (me) really doesn't care about those kinds of things. I didn't care about what Bill Clinton did, what John Edwards did and I don't care about what Governor Palin might have done or not done in her private personal life!

BUUUUT...As a public figure and one who aspires to be the Vice President of the United States, I DO care if public policy decisions she makes are influenced by religious beliefs shared by the likes of James Dobson and other evangelical types.

And that's what prompts the headline I chose to write for today's blog. I mean, everything in the Bible is stuff that people choose to accept or believe based on faith! I mean, NO one can PROVE that ANYTHING in the Bible is TRUTHFUL! Or not.

But when Governor Palin's supporters want to go to the Bible during THIS election campaign to make THEIR points, I can play the "anything you can do I can do better" Bible game and make the observation that the Bible tells us that Jesus was a community organizer and that Pontius Pilate was a Governor!

You see, I believe the Bible and personal religious beliefs should be left out of what is supposed to be public policy for ALL Americans, because ALL Americans don't believe what evangelicals believe and if truth be known, ALL "evangelicals" (as countless numbers of news stories will attest to) don't believe what they've been TOLD to believe!


Between now and November 4 (election day) we will (hopefully) learn more and more about Governor Palin. But off of what we know now, here's my take on Governor Palin;

I think Governor Palin is SMARTER and more CHARISMATIC than the Bush/Cheney duo which (to me) makes her (potentially) TWICE as DANGEROUS!!!

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