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Barack Obama WON last night's debate (for ME) when he won the PAKISTAN part of the debate by expressing the desire to KILL OSAMA bin LADEN!!!

This blog is being written on October 8, 2008. The second presidential debate between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain was held last night. The third and final presidential debate will be held on October 15, a week from tonight.

Look, I know that the most important thing for the vast majority of Americans is OUR HORRIBLE ECONOMIC SITUATION!!!

The idiot talk show host, Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity would have you believe that the most important thing is/are relationships that Senator Obama has had, that have been discussed and looked into over and over and over again. Sean Hannity is beyond obsessed with these relationships. So obsessed, that he has become BORING!!!

When he isn't talking about "old news" relationships, he likes to talk about how we're winning the war in Iraq, a war we never should have even gotten involved in! But you NEVER hear the self described "I'm a GREAT American!", Sean Hannity mention A WORD about why we sent our troops to the Middle East in the first place!!! Do you think we've forgotten you bought and paid for windbag!!! In addition to find and destroy non-existent "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMD's), our mission was to capture and or kill the person who is responsible for killing thousands of innocent Americans on the day that will forever be known as "9/11"!!! Said person being, OSAMA bin LADEN!!!

I have written many times about my belief that we should have been militarily focused on Afghanistan and especially Pakistan because that's where bin Laden has been hiding.

Near the end of last night's presidential debate, Senator Obama said that after he becomes President of the United States, he would ask Pakistani officials for permission to go into Pakistan and get bin Laden! Buuut...if that permission was DENIED?!? Well...We would go into Pakistan WITHOUT permission and get bin Laden, DEAD OR ALIVE!!!

Now THAT's a military operation I would support wholeheartedly!!!

The REST of last night's presidential debate?

I think most people were expecting a Sean Hannity hoped for mud fight, but it didn't happen.

In fact, in a television interview Hannity had with Senator McCain and Governor Palin tonight, McCain let it be known he doesn't really care about a 40-year old terrorist event that involved William Ayres, a guy that Senator Obama knows and McCain also pointed out that Ayres' wife was much more involved with terrorist activities than Ayres was! But acknowledging a hurt puppy dog's look on Hannity's face, a sympathetic McCain threw Hannity a desperately needed bone when he said, (in essence) that another airing of the facts of the relationship wouldn't be a bad idea.

Back to last night's debate...

I thought that both candidates landed some good blows. No knockout, but some good back and forth. The Pakistan part of the debate sold it for me and that's why I think Obama won, but it certainly wasn't a campaign ending win!

I think we all agree that McCain is the candidate who needed the appearance of a win, so who knows? Maybe we'll see that mud fight next week!!!

Last Thursday's Governor Palin/Senator Biden Debate:

First, let me get the obvious out of the way.

If Governor Palin had ended up running off the stage because she was tired of knowing she was looking like a fool, we wouldn't have been surprised. I mean her answers to Katie Couric (before this debate) set the bar REAL LOW for Governor Palin.

If Senator Biden had answered a question in a way that at the 5-minute mark there was no ending in sight, we wouldn't have been surprised.

Neither of the worst case scenarios happened.

But upon reflection (mine), here's what DID happen!

Governor Palin knew she still wasn't ready for Prime Time, so she decided to show how slick she can be. I believe that Governor Palin knew that she had a "sympathy card" she could play because neither the moderator or Senator Biden would want to appear to be bullying Governor Palin. And Governor Palin decided to NOT PLAY BY THE RULES!!!

If she didn't like the question, she refused to answer it and instead, substituted little speeches she had been told to memorize by the McCain people who coached her. If the speech had absolutely nothing to do with the question, so what? The strategy appears to have been to Just Keep Doing This Until Someone Objects!

Well, we all saw what happened when Senator Biden made a light hearted remark about Governor Palin not having addressed the question that had been posed to her.

"Sarah Barracuda" (a nickname she loves) flashed a seductive/pained smile and told Senator Biden, Moderator Gwen Ifil and all of America, that SHE, the Princess she's always been allowed to BE, is someone who might not answer the questions or answer them in a way that you or you might like them to be answered, but she WAS, By God, gonna speak directly to the American people, wink, wink and implied that, "Seriously...What are you gonna DO about it?"

Answer? NOTHING!!!

It's another example of what I wrote about Governor Palin right after the Republican convention. I offered the opinion that she's smarter and more charismatic that the Bush/Cheney duo and I believe that makes her (potentially) twice as dangerous.


Overall, I liked it! A lot! It was certainly more entertaining (by far) than the two presidential debates so far.

Senator Biden got a couple of facts wrong, but overall, he came across as someone who knows what he's doing.

Governor Palin put on a show! From her opening, "May I call you Joe?", to her winking (I counted three winks), to her "Joe Six-Pack" references, to her "Maverick" references, to her looking straight into the camera and to her overall LACK of substance!!!


Because of the entertainment she provided and the fact the Moderator or Senator Biden didn't object to her gamesmanship, I judged it a draw, performance wise.

And speaking of performances...

I'm an actor and I live in Los Angeles/Hollywood. Most of my readers live in this area, but I want to (speaking of Governor Palin) "give a shout out" to new readers back East because of my recent night time appearances on WBT, 1110 AM, in Charlotte, North Carolina. In fact, I'll be on WBT with host Wayne Powers tomorrow night for a few minutes.

Back to the "performances" point I want to make about what I saw during the VP debate last Thursday.

In the film and television business, you have working actors and you have celebrities who become stars.

In the political arena, you have working politicians and you have personalities who are good at getting attention which leads to them becoming celebrities which leads them to getting elected.

Using the above analogy, I come to this conclusion; Barack Obama is a working politician. Joe Biden is a working politician. John McCain is a working politician.

Sarah Palin? A CELEBRITY!!!

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