Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do you miss Clint playing "Dirty Harry"? Well, he's too old, but at the Republican Convention we met someone who can play "DIRTY HARRIET"!!!

"Make my day!!!" "Do you feel lucky, punk!!!"

Clint Eastwood. Great actor, great filmmaker. A director who gets right to the point and makes films quickly. His films feature sly wit, a take no prisoners style but he'll always be remembered for embracing the character "Dirty Harry" the way he did.

I couldn't help but be reminded of that while watching Republican Vice President nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivering her speech at the Republican convention.

Were we watching a woman who could play the role of a new character named, "Dirty HARRIET"?!?

I've been reading a lot of things about Governor Palin since this past Saturday when I was first sent the rumor about who might really be the mother of her 5th child. That rumor was followed by a number of other stories that were sent to me and some stories that I found on my own.

Because this blog is up for a week, to be clear, I'm referring to first hearing about Governor Palin rumors and stories on the afternoon of August 30.

The rumor about who was the real mother of her 5th child seems to have been discredited, but we quickly learned that her 17-year old daughter Bristol is several months pregnant. The father, an 18-year old high school hockey player, is Levi Johnston. We're told that they plan to get married, but a date doesn't seem to have been set.

A glance at Levi Johnston's My Space page (now deleted) showed Johnston to be a tough talking high school super jock type who (with his My Space words) redefined the definition of "cocky". He (among other claims) referred to himself as being an "ass kicker", someone who had/has no interest in getting married, is an agnostic, etc., etc. In other words, your typical high school blowhard jock. And if he seriously means anything he stated in his now deleted My Space page, he's a guy who would appear to be not welcome in Governor Palin's home because of the "family values" thing she preaches. No sex before marriage, being a Christian, etc., etc.

But in the last couple of days we're told that Levi Johnston apparently had a change of heart of some kind about marriage and that he plans to marry 17-year old Bristol Palin, the soon to be mother of his child.

Because a ton of reporters have invaded Alaska since these stories broke, Levi Johnston's mother (Sherry Johnston) was asked if pressure had been applied to her son about the issue of marriage seeing as how Bristol Palin was pregnant because tough talking Levi turns out to be a guy who doesn't shoot "blanks".

Sherry Johnston said, "Absolutely not!" and that the two teenagers were planning to get married before they knew Bristol was pregnant.

Well, seeing is believing and all eyes will be on this couple the day they do in fact get married if that day ever comes.

Seeing was believing for me when television cameras zoomed in on family members mentioned by Governor Palin during her speech. When she mentioned her 3 daughters, Levi Johnston (who was sitting with them) was not mentioned and his body language and the look on his face showed (to me) a young man who had had the cockiness knocked out of him and a guy who was wishing he was ANYWHERE but the Republican convention.

Are we witnessing a classic case of "do the crime, do the time"?!?

I guess the answer to that is, "Only time will tell!"


First of all, I thought Governor Palin's speech was off the charts terrific. I give it an A+, the same grade I gave Barack Obama's speech on the 28th of August.

What made me think about the "Dirty Harry" analogy was some tough talking she did. We already knew she knows how to handle a gun and is someone who "doesn't suffer fools gladly". But when she made the crack about not being concerned about legal rights for terrorists and then when referring to being a Hockey Mom said, "Do you know what the difference is between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? LIPSTICK!!!"

THAT's when I said (to myself), "Dirty Harriet?!?"

When Governor Palin said, "I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment!", I said (to myself), "Uh, ya THINK?!?"

And here's another observation...

Ever since we've heard about Governor Palin being picked by Senator McCain to be his VP running mate, we've heard comparisons to Hillary Clinton being made.

Here's a newsflash, folks! There is NO comparison!!!

Governor Sarah Palin represents real change. Hillary Clinton suddenly looks old and out of touch.

Barring some kind of scandal story that could blindside any of the four nominees and result in ruining one party's chances for victory on the 4th of November, I think we have the makings of a very fun to watch campaign that will result in an election that will be every bit as close as the Bush-Gore election was.

And look at WHAT we have! An establishment guy at the top of the Republican ticket and an establishment guy at the bottom of the Democrat ticket. But the change candidates, or fresh air candidates (if you will), are at top of the Democrat ticket and at the bottom of the Republican ticket.

Voters who might like a do-over will secretly be wishing the candidates running at the top of the tickets were Obama and Palin.

But we have what we have. It figures to be fun, exciting and new drama of some kind wouldn't surprise any of us. November 4 will be here two short months from now.


Now let's see what kind of speech will be given by Senator McCain! I'll write some comments as an addition to this blog tomorrow night.


He gave it a go, but it was impossible for Senator McCain to generate the electricity that had been produced by Governor Palin the night before. In essence, Senator McCain promised to move his party more to the center which would produce more jobs and he also promised (by using the word we first heard coming from the mouth of Senator Obama) "CHANGE!!!".

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Blogger John said...

Palin represents real change? I guess if she were able to push creationism into the schools, that would be a change, but also a return to medievalism, when people of faith feared the new science that showed the earth went around the sun.
There are so many more issues that she supports, that I don't, but I guess you do.

7:51 PM  

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