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On The Night Before Her Big Debate With Senator Biden, Governor Palin is at a PATHETIC Loss For Words With Katie Couric!!!

First of all, I'd like to say hello to some new readers as a result of an almost 45-minute conversation I had with WBT radio host Wayne Powers in North Carolina last night.

WBT is a 50,000 watt clear channel AM station that's heard all over the East at night.

It's a very politically conservative station, Wayne's a very politically conservative host and we had a spirited and fun (for me) conversation that was mostly about last Friday's Presidential debate and what I think people should look for regarding tomorrow's Vice Presidential debate.

When it comes to illegal immigration issues, government spending and national defense issues that are real and legitimate national defense issues, I'm very politically conservative. Goldwater conservative, perhaps. Stay out of our bedrooms, keep your religion to yourselves, etc., etc.

This crowd in the White House now spends money like drunken sailors, supports intelligence doctored military action in Iraq after scaring us all with lies about why we were supposedly going there (non existent WMD's, 9/11, etc.), makes a phony issue out of "flag pins", supports torture and is more worried about what's going on in our bedrooms and religion than they are about the fact that their reckless spending is on the verge of plunging us into ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION, unless this gang that can't shoot straight dramatically changes their ways!!!

And yes, when I was much younger, I wore a military uniform for a few years. And yes, I received an Honorable Discharge.

Before telling you about what I think we need to watch for and to think about regarding tomorrow night's Vice Presidential debate between Senator Biden and Governor Palin, let me tell you about something that happened with Katie Couric on CBS TONIGHT!!!

Two words describe it. Unbleeping believable!!!

On CBS's evening news with Katie Couric, we saw Senator Biden and Governor Palin answering a few questions. They were not in the same room with Couric at the same time.

The first questions were about the abortion law and what they thought about it. That part went smoothly. I'm not saying it was smooth because I agreed or disagreed, it was just smooth! The way it should be if you want to be our next Vice President of the United States!

The second questions had to do with what each candidate thought the Supreme Court has gotten wrong!

Now this/these questions really had my attention because the McCain-Palin team and their supporters have made a big deal about once THEY'RE elected, they look forward to having the opportunity to nominate NEW Justices of the Supreme Court who won't be Justices who intend to "Legislate from the BENCH!!!"

Senator Biden answered the question about something he thought the Supreme Court had gotten wrong and he did it smoothly. It had to do with an issue involving violence against women.

Then it was time for Governor Palin to give examples of something SHE feels the Supreme Court has gotten wrong. Slam dunk for the Governor, right? She believes some Supreme Court Justices we now have tend to "Legislate from the bench!"

Folks, HER answers to this question were painful to watch.

After responding to the question with what can sympathetically be described as "babble" from Governor Palin, Katie Couric gently asked her to give an EXAMPLE of something Governor Palin thinks the Supreme Court has gotten wrong.

And I think Couric might have even asked Governor Palin a third time! I'm not sure because trust me when I tell you, this really was painful to watch!

Bottom line? Governor Palin didn't come up with ONE example!

This wasn't a "gotcha question"! This was a question about something Governor Palin has stated in speeches that needs to be CHANGED!!!

Sudden thought: That "change" word is the word that figures to be the most remembered word, when this campaign is over, doesn't it?!?

Buuut...As We Approach TOMORROW Night's Biden-Palin Debate And Before We Think That Governor Palin Is "TOAST", Some Caution Is Advised!!!

In a relatively short period of time, the very cute and charismatic Sarah Palin has been a Mayor in Alaska and is currently the Governor of Alaska.

The town she was a Mayor of is SMALL? So what? She still had to get ELECTED!

The state that Sarah Palin is the Governor of is SMALL? Again...So What? She still had to get ELECTED!

Before MAYOR Palin got elected, she made some verbal mistakes. Until the election, some thought her mistakes were "campaign killer" mistakes.

Before GOVERNOR Palin got elected, she made some verbal mistakes. Until the election, some thought her mistakes were "campaign killer" mistakes.


Governor Sarah Palin has proven that in the political arena, she's a quick learner. TWICE!!!

Because I used to be a sports guy, I find myself thinking about a boxing match.

When Buster Douglas fought the (then) invincible Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson (and his supporters) didn't take Buster Douglas seriously. This was supposed to be just another easy payday for Tyson. What happened that night ended up being what most people believe was the biggest boxing upset EVER!!!

I take Governor Palin VERY seriously!

If Senator Biden shows up in Missouri tomorrow and DOESN'T take Governor Palin seriously, we might very well end up watching the biggest POLITICAL upset ever!!!

The McCain-Obama Debate Last FRIDAY???

I thought it was a draw!

The NEXT Presidential debate? Tuesday, October 7.

The LAST Presidential debate? Wednesday, October 15.

ELECTION DAY? Tuesday, November 4.


As of tonight, October 1, the Senate has passed a bailout package that might be passed in the House tomorrow.

Then again, maybe it won't be passed.

Whether it's passed or not, we all agree that this financial mess we're experiencing is a REAL mess and I'm glad to see that administration sycophants who (until less than two weeks ago) swore our economy was in great shape until even they had to leave the alter of the "Special and the Privileged") before their radio audiences left THEM!!!

Oh...As the fictional detective Columbo might say, "Excuse me, ma'am (or sir), just one more thing..."

The FIRST President Bush was right when he (many years ago) referred to these limited to no regulation, and limited to no oversight rules in the so-called "trickle down" economic ways of doing things as VOODOO Economics!!!

For you see, it took a while, but what we're NOW faced with is, BOO-HOO Economics!!!

THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at I write back to everyone.

THE NEXT BLOG? Unless something unexpected comes up, a week from today. As a rule, a new blog is posted every Wednesday afternoon (late) or (early/late) Wednesday evening.


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Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Biden-Palin debate, especially if you thought that the first Obama-McCain debate was a draw.

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