Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why Oh Why Do We Continue Give Illegal Immigrants SPECIAL TREATMENT?!?

I mean, really folks...What part of ILLEGAL is it that these illegal immigrant defenders don't understand?!?

Look, those of us who have been paying attention, get the fact that San Francisco is a "Sanctuary City" for illegal immigrants and those of us who live here in the Los Angeles area know that our Mexican Mayor, the mayor who has trouble keeping his pants on, is a guy who believes in "Sanctuary Status" for illegal immigrants HERE!!!

Have you heard the latest "bend over backwards mandate" for illegal immigrants that's been in all the newspapers lately? A mandate that was loudly supported in an editorial written by the Los Angeles Times?

Some Texas cops have gotten into trouble for arresting illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who weren't stopped because cops knew they were here illegally. They were stopped because of traffic laws they had violated. When the illegal immigrants used the excuse that they couldn't speak English, they were taken to jail. Please remember that the REASON they were stopped was because of traffic laws they had broken. After they went to jail, some bleeding heart lawyers got them released because (in essence) they were unable to communicate with the cops because they can't speak English and (boo-hoo) "That just isn't FAIR!!!", boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo and excuse ME while I THROW UP!!!


For that matter, why would ANYONE be given an American Driver's License if they can't speak English?

Again...The only people who got into trouble for what I'm writing about are the Texas cops who arrested these illegal immigrant lawbreakers.

Ain't but one way to describe this, gang. What this is, is BULLSHIT!!!

What's going on here in America?!? Is there a very powerful group of people who, for reasons unknown to the rest of us, are bound and determined to give illegal immigrants the freest of free rides known to mankind? And if so, WHY? Does someone or some powerful group want America to turn into a Third World country? I mention this because I invite any of you to visit any restroom in a fast food restaurant that caters to people who can't or won't speak English. The stench will nauseate you. This is because they either don't know any better or don't care.

Here's a simple question; If you don't think you need to learn how to speak English here and learn our customs and laws here, please tell me why it is we should ACCEPT you here?


Different subject...


The Los Angeles Times that was published, November 4. Opinion section. A commentary written by Edward H. Crane, founder and president of the Cato Institute. It's headlined (titled), "Our neocon nightmare". In essence, this very "conservative writer" says the Republican AND Democrat parties have "lost their way". But especially the Republican party. And to that, this lifetime Republican (me) says, "Amen, Brother!!!"

And speaking of things to read....I read every email that is written to me. And I got a lot of emails about the blog I wrote last week. Most of them were "positive" emails. One wasn't. And I would like you to read it, too.

If after reading what I'm about to write and you find yourself not remembering what the writer was referring to or what my response to what he or she was referring to was about, all you have to do is read the blog I wrote that's titled, "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber".

The email was sent to me by a person who identifies his or herself with one letter in the alphabet that is underlined. "P"

Word for word, here is what this reader wrote to me.

"I hope it is another five months (or years) before you post. You are an arrogant hypocrite who in one breath says we should listen to each other and shake hands, and then in the next breath rambles off a laundry list of people and asks if they've "shut up yet". That's the problem with the liberals in this country, they think their way is the only way and they desperately seek to silence anyone who does not agree with them. Scott, you and the lefties are no better than the obnoxious right. If you do blog again in the next five weeks, why don't you discuss all the Democratic failures and broken promises since January's election? Or doesn't that promote your not-so-subtle agenda?"

Again...that was the word for word email that was sent to me by a person who identifies his or herself as, "P".

Did I respond to this person? Wellll, as Sarah Palin might say, "You betcha!"

And here is my (word for word) response that I sent to "P"...

"Hi P,

First of all, thanks for reading my latest musings and taking the time to respond.

I stand on what I wrote.

I made it very clear that (in my view) we have way too much of "my way is the only way" kind of thinking on both the left and right and that's what my "listen and shake hands" riff was referring to and advocated.

The only "shut up" reference I made was regarding Congressman Joe Wilson and I posed it in the form of a question. I stand on that as well.

P, here's what my agenda isn't...Being a phony about wrapping myself in the Flag when I did everything I needed to do to avoid any kind of "working service" whether it involves/involved military service, elected service or even an attempt at either service. I did my military "tour of duty", but as a lifelong Republican who got his eyes opened during President George W. Bush's administration, I realized that adminstration's "Republicans" weren't my kind of Republicans and I've been very vocal about that in print and on the air for years. President Obama is the first Democrat I've ever voted for and he (as of now) is disappointing me because he strikes me as being (as of now) more of a George W. Bush LIGHT kind of President as opposed to the new leadership I hoped we were getting.

My "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber" references? I stand on them as well. The partial list of examples I referred to included Olbermann and Maddow.

P, someone much smarter than me once said, "The devil's in the details".

In closing I can tell you I don't know when my next blog will be written, but I look forward to your reaction after I do write it.

All the best,

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at I respond to every email that is written to me. If you write to the blog, there's no way for me to know your email address so that makes it impossible for me to respond to you. Again...please write to me at


I expect it'll be the next week or so unless something (good) comes up that will require me to be elsewhere. In that case, the next blog will be written shortly after I return.


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