Wednesday, March 10, 2010

67-Million-Year-Old Snakes!! Higher Gas Prices!! No Mail Delivery On Saturdays?!? Health Care Reform!! Yay or Nay?!?

I LOVE stories like this!!! In Bangkok, Thailand, remains of a 67-million-year-old, 11.5 foot snake found curled around a dinosaur egg has paleontologists in whacha call a giddy frame of mind. When something like this is found, it ain't easy to figure out exactly what it IS that's been found until a whole lot of careful work has been done. Example: This was originally found by some sort of Geological expert from India in 1987! In other words, it took the paleontologists about 23 YEARS to figure out what had been found.

Before I go any further, I'd like to make it clear that this isn't some story I found in Globe magazine or some other supermarket tabloid that specializes in Outer Space Elvis sightings. I saw this story in a science magazine.

Now here's what a story like this does to MY "inquiring mind". I find myself wondering about evolution. I know. There's a bunch of people out there who think we're all somehow related to Adam and Eve and maybe we are. But what did we EVOLVE from?!? Was it relative of that snake in The Garden of Eden?

I also know there's a bunch of people who think nothing of significance happened on Earth until books were written about people who (depending on our different religions) we consider to be supreme beings that we must pay homage to.

Not a whole lot of religion (if any) is associated with science.

Also in this story about the 67-million-year-old snake is a scientifically researched story stating that as "early" as 100 million years ago, snakes were developing mobile jaws similar to those found on today's large-mouthed snakes. And yes, feel free to compare a human you know to this evolutionary possibility. A name that will remain anonymous jumped out at me immediately and I'm sure a name jumped out at you as well.

I've often been curious about WHERE it is we came from and WHAT it is we came from because I don't think the beginning of human life had anything to do with the human form we all now inhabit. And I'm not going to tell you what or when the "beginning" was because I have no clue.

Wouldn't it be cool to KNOW how the human experience began? I mean, did we come from the monkey family which (I guess) would include baboons, gorillas, etc.? Did we come from some 100-million-year-old (or older) snake? From a block of wood (and where did that come from?) or did we come directly from an immediate creation made by something or someonewho is the ultimate definition of the word, ALMIGHTY?!?

Seriously....Wouldn't it be cool to KNOW?

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One more "heavy topic" mention/thought...


Do we really understand what THAT's all about? Or isn't? I don't. I've tried to understand it so I can argue for or against the subject but I can't because I don't. I remember having an "expert" on a radio show with me who I asked to tell me and our audience "in plain English" what (in his view) Global Warming is and why we should be concerned about it? I had him on the air twice. Speaking "in plain English". And I'm still trying to figure out what he said. Therefore, I find myself having trouble being concerned about Global Warming MORE than the worrying I do about our economy which is dangerously close to "Economic Armageddon" status and also the way the deck is WAY stacked in favor of the "haves" as opposed to the rest of us.

Maybe I'm just a "dumb guy".


Twelve cents a gallon higher in less than a week where I live. And we're being told this is just the beginning of the gas price hikes. Who do these oil guys think they are? Health Insurance companies?

I don't know about you, but my back is in severe pain because of all the bending over I've been having to do. Come to think of it, it ain't just my back that's sore, if you get my drift.


In case you hadn't heard, all this on-line bill paying and email letter writing has caused The Post Office people to have to figure out a way to cut costs. One idea that looks like it will be implemented is to eliminate mail delivery on Saturday. Another one is to maybe have only one day that magazines are delivered and that day would apparently be Monday.

Like Dylan once said/sang, "The TIMES...they are a changin' !!!"

And ain't THAT the truth!


President Obama is in a fired-up speech spouting mood and his mission appears to be a "put up or shut up" resolution as in a "yay" or "nay" vote from members of the Senate and House of Representatives regarding health care reform.

If he's successful, there is a vote and the vote ends up being, "NO", will that be an overall GOOD thing?

If the vote ends up being, "YES", will THAT will be an overall good thing?


Did you like the Academy Awards show? I did. I thought that the Alec Baldwin-Steve Martin combo worked out well. I was disappointed in some of the voting results, but nothing really surprised me. All in all, BRA-VO, Academy producers!

Films I've recently seen on the Premium Cable Channels...

"Dead Air". Remember that sleazy lawyer on the hit television show, "L.A. Law"? I think his name was Arnie Becker or something like that. He directed "Dead Air", a film that I think went straight to DVD, then to cable and it's a film about our country being attacked and a talk show host who is trying to keep everyone as calm as possible. High drama, lots of tension and I liked it a lot.

"Flash of Genius". A 2008 film that I don't think had much of a theatrical release or if it did, was short lived. If I'm right, that's a shame because this is a very good film. It's the true story about an inventor who got royally screwed by the Ford Motor Company and also the Chrysler Company. It took him many years to even get his story told in court while his marriage was destroyed as well as a lot of friendships. I forget the man's real name, but he died three years before this film came out. When he finally got his day in court, he ended up being awarded close to 30 million dollars. Greg Kinnear played the inventor, Lauren Graham played his wife, Dermot Mulroney played the inventor's best friend, Alan Alda played one of the inventor's attorneys and Bill Smitrovich was very good as the judge in the trial. Good story, terrific cast, very good film.

Speaking of Dermot Mulroney....Did you know that he is going to play the role of Jim Rockford made famous by James Garner? Yep, "The Rockford Files" will be returning to NBC and Mulroney will be filling some very big shoes.

Speaking of television shows...Another terrific episode of "The Good Wife" at 10 p.m./9 Central, on Tuesday night, but that show now has some new and serious competition on NBC. "Parenthood". All Star cast and an All Star pair of producers.

Back to "The Good Wife"...In addition to The Investigator, I have another favorite supporting character who's new on that show. "Mr. Gold".

I'll end with this; R.I.P., Corey Haim.

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