Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Bring The Pope To Justice"! Glenn Beck's TV Ratings Are In Free-Fall! I'm Sick Of All This Whining About Illegal Immigrants!!!

There is a two-page story in the May 3 issue of Newsweek Magazine that's titled, "Bring The Pope To Justice" and it's written by Christopher Hitchens.

I know. A good number of you think this is another example of "Pope Bashing" and it's not fair.

Well, I'll accept that if you can quit acting like an ostrich, get your head out of the sand, read this story and then, with a straight face, tell me you think it's "Pope Bashing".

I mean, there is some serious damning information in this story. Especially damning is the stuff he did as a Cardinal before he became the Pope.

We have a Cardinal like that here in Los Angeles. You might have heard of him. Cardinal Roger Mahony is the guy who wrote that blistering commentary about the new Arizona law regarding illegal immigrants. Cardinal Mahony has provided lots of "cover" for illegal immigrants and he also seems to have provided "cover" for pedophile priests in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars used as "cover/hush money".

Speaking of that new Arizona law, an attempt is being made to get that law overturned. And it might happen. I say that because I remember Proposition 187, the anti-illegal immigration measure that was passed by California voters in 1994. A measure that was overturned by activist judges.

Look, I have friends of mine who feel sorry for illegal immigrants. I have one friend who keeps reminding me about when Mexicans used to own parts of California. I guess if I wanted to remind my friend of something it would be to recall a song sung by Chad and Jeremy which included these words; "That was yesterday and yesterday's gone!"

Bleeding heart newspapers like the Los Angeles and New York Times constantly defend illegal immigrants as being beneficial to us and pose arguments about deportation causing the breaking up of families. First of all, that's a bunch of B.S., because I've never heard of someone being deported who wasn't allowed to take his or her family with him or her.

And let's talk about that "beneficial to us" illegal immigrant argument. When an honest look is made at the whole picture as opposed to cherry picked parts of the whole picture, what we learn is that illegal immigrants are way more about taking FROM us as opposed to contributing FOR us!

And here's something I've never been able to understand. What is defensible about people who are doing something ILLEGAL?!? I mean, the way the law is written now, an illegal immigrant is BREAKING the law. If the majority of Americans want anyone to be able to come to this country anytime they want, CHANGE the law! But if you don't, then why can't we ENFORCE the law?

And speaking of "the law"...I told you that some people are trying to get the new Arizona law that was voted on to be overturned. I also told you about the anti-illegal immigrant law passed by California voters in 1994 that WAS overturned!

Think about that paragraph I just wrote.

Now think about public officials that complain about the large number of people who don't vote!

WELLLL....If things we want are voted for, passed, but then overturned, is it that hard to figure out WHY so many people don't vote?

Just askin'...

Couple of other things...

I think most of you have heard of Glenn Beck, right? Radio show, TV show, magazine covers, lots of publicity, etc., etc. Yes, he's also able to "cry on cue".

Which he might be doing when this latest Glenn Beck story gets a lot publicity. Since January, Glenn Beck has lost 1/3 of his television audience. A new "low mark" for Glenn Beck was less than a week ago when he had 1.82 million viewers. Shoot, there are some bloggers who have more viewers/readers than that!


Did you know that a number of state legislatures are doing their darndest to make abortions illegal or very hard to get? Including women who want abortions because they were raped or were incest victims. You would think for reasons like that, being allowed to have an abortion would be a "slam dunk".

Think about this for a minute. You want to have an abortion because you were raped or because some idiot relative forced you to have sex with him. If the mental stress of the crime you had to endure wasn't bad enough, now you have to constantly be reminded of what happened to you while your stomach gets bigger?

Some time ago, I told you (in this blog) about my personal abortion experience. I didn't want it to happen, I tried to talk her out of it and I was very disappointed when it did happen.

Despite that personal and gut wrenching experience, I still believe in a woman's right to choose.


I am very pissed off about what happened on "American Idol" last night. Siobhan Magnus was eliminated. Now there are only five contestants who are trying to become the next "American Idol". To me, Siobhan Magnus was and has been American Idol's most interesting and creative performer this season. I agree with those who have suggested she's a female Adam Lambert. I don't think she's as good as Lambert, but Lambert is 6 or 7 years older than Magnus and I think she has the potential to become as good as Lambert. No matter. She has left the building. Big bummer.

No "big bummer" Tuesday night on "American Idol". In fact, it was the exact opposite of a "big bummer" night. Some are saying it was this season's best show and I'm inclined to agree with that. It most definitely was Ryan Seacrest's best night as the host. And not just of this season. I think it was his best night ever.

The (then) six contestants had to pick songs from the Shania Twain catalogue. Shania Twain was their mentor, so one by one, they performed for Shania and she gave them advice on how they could improve their performances for Tuesday night's show.

For those of you who don't know anything about Shania Twain, in addition to having written all of her songs, she is also "very easy on the eyes", super sexy and has a smile that lights up the room. Twain did something that a lot of the mentors don't do. She showed up for the performances, sat behind the judges and the television cameras showed her reactions to what the singing contestants were doing with her songs that they had chosen.

For the first time in maybe the history of "American Idol", all of the contestants were great! Shania Twain was seen showing many smiles of approval and this turned out to be a show that was big time fun to watch. And yes, we knew that whoever got eliminated the next night would be someone who had performed very, very well.

Next week, the five remaining contestants will be singing Frank Sinatra songs.

After "American Idol's" Tuesday show, the new "Glee" was on Fox and that show was their best show of the season.

Did you see "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on NBC, Wednesday night? It featured Sharon Stone playing a District Attorney in the first of what will be four episodes of that show and she was terrific! "L & O: SVU" has been great all season, but the Sharon Stone inclusion makes the show even better.

Season best show for "24", Monday night on Fox.

Annnd....After several weeks of reruns, "The Good Wife" finally presented a new episode on CBS. An episode that showed "The Good Wife" is back with a vengeance!

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