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Is Glenn Beck Insane? I Think I Know The Dirty Little Secret Surrounding The Acceptance Of Illegal Immigrants! Rulers Are Needed By Ryan & Simon!!

A lot of reader reaction regarding my questions about "our origins" commentary in last week's blog. I thank you for that and in next week's blog, I will bring up the subject of "our ending" and wonder about who made the decision (and why) to declare "year number 1" which has led us to where we are now. Which is year 2010

But first, these items...

President Barack Obama has really been pushing for health care reform and it looks like it might finally be voted on sometime this coming weekend. Meanwhile, most elected members of The Party Of NO!!! are howling, howling and howling some more.

And maybe they're right. I don't pretend to be smart enough to know the best ways to get the health care REFORM that we need, but I AM smart enough to know that we need SOME reform and I'm also smart enough know that members of "The Party Of No" have brought nothing to the table except objections.


Lots of talk about possibly doing something about the illegal immigrant(s) issue once this health care reform business has either been passed or defeated.

The thing that most people talk about is coming up with a way to give amnesty to 12 million or 20 million or however many million of these lawbreakers there are in America. Of course the people who want something positive passed for these illegal immigrants swear that they're not advocating "amnesty", they're simply advocating something passed that will be "fair" for these illegal immigrants. Something "fair" that will put the illegal immigrants on a pathway to American citizenship.

Before I tell you what I think America's dirty little secret about illegal immigrants IS, I want to say how much I object to bending over backwards for criminals. The way our laws are written now, illegal immigrants are criminals. They are breaking the law. That makes them criminals. Why is that so difficult for so many people to understand?

The American people who DO understand that illegal immigrants are criminals are "Joe and Jeanette Six Pack" people. Or, "Everyday People", like Sly and the Family Stone used to sing about.

And these American people are mad as hell about how these criminals are allowed to roam free here while taking jobs that a whole lot of out of work American people would like to have, if for no other reason than the paycheck.

So...Why DO these illegal immigrants get the free pass they get unless they kill someone or steal from someone and get caught?

Okay..."Everyday People" think the way illegal immigrants are treated is unfair. Not to them! To US!!!

I can't prove what I'm about to say, but if someone had the resources to LOOK INTO what I'm about to say, I think there's a good chance they would learn I might be onto something.

Have you noticed that the "big people" or what are often known as "The Haves", are people you never hear a peep out of when it comes to illegal immigrants being any kind of burden on the rest of us?

No, in fact, the "big people" and or "The Haves" tend to be folks who HIRE illegal immigrants and they pay them less money than they would have to pay legal American citizens.

If you stop and think about it, isn't it possible that (for a long time) the "big people" and "The Haves" have quietly sanctioned and been in favor of what I'll refer to as "A Slave Based Economy"?

If you can come up with a better phrase than that, I'd love for you pass it along, but THINK ABOUT THIS, FOLKS!!!

Think about when it was legal to put Africans on boats, bring them to America and sell these African human beings to American human beings as SLAVES!

Hell, the "big people" and "The Haves" liked that situation/system sooo much they were willing to fight a war to try keep the system in place.

Fast forward to what we have now. Mexicans. Carted off in trucks like slaves. Having to live 30 or 40 to a house which isn't as good as what African slaves had.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, it's because you're interested in stuff like this so (for now) I'm not going to write anything else about what I have presented you to think about. And I know you will. There are some "blanks" that need to be filled in if I'm onto something and there are written bombs you can choose to drop on me if you think I'm way off base.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you, soooo...

Thoughts and or Comments? Write to me at I will respond to you immediately.

Other Stuff...

Is it possible that Glenn Beck is insane or on the verge of insanity? A lot of people don't care about this guy one way or the other and the reason I often hear regarding WHY they don't care about him one way or the other is because, "HE'S NUTS!"

Hmmmm....Insane, perhaps? I mean, this guy has been "all over the place" recently. And the many inconsistencies?!? You know who he's beginning to remind me of? Howard Beale. The fictional guy from the classic film, "Network". If you saw that film, was there any doubt in your mind that Howard Beale was insane? Yes, there was a lot he said that made sense, but was there any serious doubt about the fact that he ENDED UP being insane?

I ask again...Is it possible that Glenn Beck is....or on the verge of.....???

And Speaking Of TV People Who Are "Out There"...

Am I the only one who has stopped watching Sean Hannity and Keith Olbermann because I know what they're going to say before they say it? They both are too predictable and they both are too one-sided. Translation? Borrrr-ing!!!

There has been some serious back biting at Fox News about Glenn Beck and one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) back biter is allegedly Hannity, a guy who now has the third highest ratings on Fox News because Beck now has the second highest ratings. O'Reilly is number one.

Back to Hannity...I don't know how his radio show is doing in other parts of the country, but here, on KABC, his ratings aren't nearly as good as they once were.


In case you hadn't heard, Tiger Woods has announced he will soon be playing golf for the first time since he had that little traffic accident. Tiger will play at "The Masters" on April 8. If he makes the cut, he'll play through April 11. If not, he'll be done on April 9. The television ratings figure to be huge.

Oh...Here's what I think is a great line that was written by a letter writer to the L.A. Times; "If Tiger wins the Masters with all he's been through in the last few months, then the rest of the PGA Tour should just take up bowling!"


I enjoy watching "American Idol". Anyone who cares about that show knows that Simon will leave "American Idol" after this season ends because Simon will be moving to a show that he'll be the producer of. There's still a couple of months or so to go before this season ends, but there's something else I would like to see end long before that. This creepy thing that seems to be going on between Ryan and Simon. If you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about. An "American Idol" reporter for the L.A. Times made mention of the tension a few weeks ago and the last couple of weeks it's gotten worse.

Bad form, guys. I think I'm qualified to know something about "shtick" and I've seen a lot of fake stuff in wrestling and on other so-called "reality shows". What you guys are doing is real, it looks real and it's on the verge of being embarrassing. On tonight's show, Simon seemed to be trying to play the role of the "adult" and hopefully this (whatever it is) has ended. If not, they need to get their rulers out, do the measuring off camera and then.....END IT, GUYS!!!

Back to the 11 remaining singers on "American Idol"...If the voting was being done right now, I think the new "American Idol" would be a young woman. Siobhan Magnus. Her only serious competition seems to be another woman, but Ms. Magnus is the one to beat. Unless someone gets better in a hurry, I don't think any of the guys will be a serious challenger. Buuut...As the great sportscaster Al Michaels once said, "Do you believe in MIRACLES?!?" Shoot, it was less than a year ago when we all thought no one could beat Adam Lambert.


Another terrific episode of "The Good Wife". That show is SO well written. Tuesday nights at 10, 9 Central, on CBS.

Another terrific episode of "Parenthood", too. A show that's on the same time as "The Good Wife", but "Parenthood" is shown again on Saturday night at 8 which is 7, Central time, on NBC.

And another show getting good buzz is "Justified", starring Timothy Olyphant on FX, Tuesday at 10pm, 9 Central. They showed their first episode last night and I'm not convinced it deserves the hype it's getting, but I do plan to watch the second episode. Yes, Tuesday night at 10 has gotten whacha call, crowded.

If you're like me, this lousy economy is keeping you home. With that in mind, here are a few films I saw on cable during the last few days. I didn't like 'em all, but here are the ones I did like.

A 2002 film called, "High Crimes", starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Amanda Peet and James Caviezel. High drama, can't take your eyes off it and one person ends up surprising us, big time.

A 2001 film called, "The Medicine Show", starring Jonathan Silverman, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Greg Grunberg and Kari Wuhrer. The chemistry between Silverman and Wagner is terrific and I couldn't help but wonder why Wagner (one of Robert Wagners daughters) hasn't had the film career she deserves, because this woman can act. Sadly, this is something that happens to a lot of very talented actors.

"Charlie Wilson's War". This is a film that came out a couple of years ago and it's a true story about a Texas Congressman named Charlie Wilson who was quite a character and who died about three years before the film came out. It was directed by Mike Nichols and the script was written by Aaron Sorkin, the guy who did most of the writing for the great television show, "The West Wing". Tom Hanks played Charlie Wilson. The film also starred a very good Julia Roberts, an off the charts adorable Amy Adams who played Hanks' assistant, Philip Seymour Hoffman in a terrific performance as a CIA guy and Ned Beatty in his most effective role since he played Arthur Jensen in the classic film, "Network". I liked this film a lot.

In closing, R.I.P, Peter Graves.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Write to me at I will respond to you immediately. If you write to the blog, there's no way for me to know your email address so I won't be able to respond to you. Again... All "anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, next Wednesday night (late), March 24. Among other things, I will write about mysteries involving death and wonder aloud about who made the decision to declare we were in year "1" which has led us to where we are now, which is the year 2010.


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