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I start this week's blog with questions and yes, I have answers.

But first....I'll be on CRN radio again this Friday afternoon (with Mike Horn) from 4-5, Pacific Time. The show will be repeated throughout the weekend. You'll get expert opinions from movie critics about new films, expert opinions from a pro-football handicapper while Mike and I give our UN-professional picks and we'll also be talking about a couple of things that I'll be writing about in this blog. If you'd like to check us out this Friday, click on

One other sports item....The baseball playoffs began today. When I first started at CRN more than two months ago, I was asked which teams I thought would end up in the World Series this year. My choices were Texas and Atlanta. Both teams are in the playoffs and I'll stick with those picks to get to the World Series, but I would imagine that most folks might be thinking that Philadelphia and Minnesota would be two better picks than my picks.

We shall see what we shall see.

Back to President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton.

More than two months ago, regular readers of this blog saw a hot and heavy rumor that seemed to have some fire associated with the smoke, if you catch my drift.

And the rumor was this; If President Obama decides to run for a second term, he will have a new running mate. Hillary Clinton. If that were to happen, the obvious question is, "What happens to Vice President Joe Biden?" And the answer is (according to the rumor), Joe Biden would become Secretary of State and a very big deal kind of library would be built with his name on it.

When I wrote about this rumor, I felt that what was being "thrown out there" was more than possible. And if President Obama does indeed decide to run for a second term, I think the change is running mates make sense. Especially this running mate, Hillary Clinton.

To me, Joe Biden is exactly what President Obama needed to help him get elected the first time. And while it's easy for some folks to make fun of Biden, those of us who pay close attention know that he has been more of a "positive" than a "negative". And because he's the classic "team player", I think that if this is presented to him (if it hasn't been already), he will be "on board" without blinking.

After I wrote about this two or so months ago, I didn't hear anything else about it until yesterday. When big time reporter and author Bob Woodward said (in essence) that he believes this could and or will happen. And now this is a big story, which of course everyone in the White House is denying. As is Hillary Clinton.

As we all know, political folks have been known to "change their minds". As we all know, political folks have been known to look us in the eye and fib to us, haven't they, Meg Whitman.

If this happens and Obama were to win again, more history will have been made because Hillary Clinton would then be our first female Vice Presdent. And when Obama's second term ended, Hillary Clinton would then be in the position of possibly being our first female President!

And yes, that sound I'm now hearing is a sound I recognize and can identify; It's a whole bunch of you throwing up.

I know there's something else that's going on as well. And I can't hear it because smiles are silent.

Thoughts and or comments about the Obama-Clinton-Biden possibility? Write to me at


Have you heard about THIS?!? In case you didn't know, Rupert Murdoch has (for many years) been the "boss hoss" of all those opinionated TV talkshow hosts who surround themselves with corporate bought and paid for politicians and every one of them tells their viewers about what a huge problem they think the illegal immigration situation is. You long time readers know what i think of the illegal immigration situation. More times than not, I agree totally with what the Fox hosts say about this problem.

And without thinking about it, I think it's safe to say that all of us would assume that Rupert Murdoch would agree with his employees and vice versa.

Surprise, surprise. A few days ago. while the very rich Rupert Murdoch was sitting or standing next to the very rich Mayor of New York, Murdoch let everyone know that he's (in essence) in favor of some kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants. We already knew that the very rich Mayor of New York felt (feels) that way.

I've said and written it before and I'll say and write it again; If the rich and powerful were to decide that they wanted all the illegal immigrants deported, it would take some time to happen, but it WOULD happen.

Conversely, if the rich and powerful were to decide they wanted all illegal immigrants to be given some kind of amnesty, it would take some time, but it WOULD happen.

Gang, the rich and the powerful LOVE having all these illegal immigrants here. It's the rich and powerful's NEW SLAVERY!!!

Illinois reader Dave Acocks is very concerned (as am I) about the illegal immigration situation and he has written the following note:

"Maybe since they seem to believe that we should have open borders and give amnesty to all illegal immigrants as well as open our borders to all who would come, just maybe Rupert Murdoch and his cronies would like to start picking up the whole tab for all of these instances...After all, they are the ones who think those poor under-privileged people from other countries deserve to come here and be provided for by the "legal tax paying citizens of this country", aren't they? Then that being the case, why don't we make laws forcing Rupert Murdoch and his pre-illegal immigrant cronies to pick up the tab for all of them and we will take care of our own LEGAL citizens who fall into the under-privileged and or fallen on hard times categories!!!??? I'd support that vote!

Sincerely, Dave Acocks.

So would I, Brother Dave. So would I!

And while you chew on the Rupert Murdoch-Fox-illegal immigration argument...

Here come two more written observations about two different subjects. "The Tea Party People" and "High Finance Corruption".

The "Tea Party" observation comes from the October 11 issue of Time Magazine and here it is:

One has to wonder: Where were the Tea Partyers when Bush and Cheney lied to get us into the Iraq war? Where were they when Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib tarnished our reputation worldwide? And where were they when Republicans' trickle-down economic policy in the first eight years of this century ground our economy into the dirt? Now all of a sudden, after Obama has been trying to clean up the mess in less than two years in office, they are "fed up", want to "restore honor" and want their voices heard?

The "High Finance Corruption" observation comes from the October 11 issue of Newsweek Magazine and here it is:

It's often argued that proving criminal-fraud cases in finance is difficult. That's true, but when the government gets serious, it finds a way to get the information it needs. Prosecutors could also go after bankers' personal foibles, forcing lower-level personnel to choose between testimony or jail time. That's how investigators have crippled organized crime. Unfortunately, no one has yet shown the same enthusiasm for policing Wall Street.


Two old films, one 1-year old film, six television shows and one new film!

The first of the two old films I saw within this past week was 1967's award winning, "Bonnie and Clyde". It was the first time I had seen this film since 1967 and I'm happy to say that the film "holds up". I saw it on TCM which is where I also saw, "Badlands", a 1973 film I had never seen. Wow! Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek play two outlaws on the run in a film that was based on a true story.

The 1-year old film I saw (on STARZ) was, "Armored", a film headlined by Matt Dillon and an outstanding supporting cast. This is an action packed story about an armored car robbery that doesn't go as well as expected. This film is being shown a lot on STARZ, and if you like a good popcorn film, I think you'll enjoy, "Armored".

I liked the new "Law & Order, L.A.", I think "Law & Order, Special Victims Unit" is better than it has ever been, I like the Jimmy Smits show, "Outlaw", but that show needs better ratings or it will become an early casualty, after seeing the second episode of "Dexter", it looks like that show has it's "groove" back, ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" is still trying to get their "groove" back and then there's....

"GLEE" Tuesday night on Fox. I mean, this show just gets better and better and better...
The show they did last night about religion was wonderful!!!

"THE GOOD WIFE" Tuesday night on CBS. The episode that aired last night is the kind of episode we looked forward to seeing week after week after week last season. I mean, that Army lawyer who had been awarded the Silver Star was big time believable. The whole episode was off the charts terrific!

"THE SOCIAL NETWORK" This is that movie about Facebook. The reviews have been terrific. I saw it a couple of days ago and LOVED it!!!

Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay. I've always liked his writing.

David Fincher did an outstanding job of directing.

The three main actors were OUTSTANDING!!! Jesse Eisenberg, take a bow! Andrew Garfield, take a bow! Justin Timberlake, take a bow! The rest of you fine supporting actors, take a bow!

I think Oscar nomination possibilites are for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Justin Timberlake and it wouldn't surprise me if Best Actor nominations went to both Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield.

Garfield is about to be the new "Spiderman" and I loved his work in "Never Let Me Go". Jesse Eisenberg looks like he'll be around for a long time. And I think the sky's the limit for Justin Timberlake.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Write to me at and I will write back ASAP. Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address so that means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. Again... and I will write back as quickly as possible. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, Wednesday night, October 13 or early Thursday morning, October 14.

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I hope that you and yours have a great rest of the week, a fun weekend and if you have the day off next Monday, Happy Columbus Day to ya!!!


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