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CHARLIE SHEEN! Is it possible that America's last two Presidents have been our WORST two Presidents? Annnd...Kirk Douglas, Oscar Savior!!!

Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen!

Until he got his kids taken away from him last night, he was a non-stop talking machine.

Gang, this Sheen story is disturbing to me on several levels.

When he first started popping off, the only radio stations that put him on the air were stations that have next to zero ratings. Oops, I'm sorry, KLAC here in Los Angeles has a rating of 0.8. Or is that 0.7?

Anyway, the first three of Sheen's interviews were two on KLAC and the other one was on a Podcast.

Everyone else got interested in having conversations with Sheen when they heard about the outrageous things he was saying.

Those of us who were paying attention to what Sheen was saying knew that we were listening to or reading words being shouted by a sick human being who was committing career suicide. And these hosts/stations were acting as "enablers". Wanna commit career suicide, Charlie? We'll help you and maybe you can help US get a rating of something over a "1". The Podcast guy? What does he care? He's just dieing to get on a real radio station. Step right up, Charlie. While you die, you give me/us, life.

As we all know, ABC and NBC were hearing about these things that Sheen was saying and they decided to use Charlie Sheen to get higher ratings for THEM! CBS? No, CBS wasn't interested because that's the network that Charlie was saying bad things about.

Then, of course, TMZ got involved. TMZ! We all know what their standards are don't we? Oh, wait a minute. That's right! TMZ doesn't have ANY standards, do they.

Somewhere along the line ABC and NBC lost sight of their standards as well. I say this with confidence because I spent a lot of years on both radio and television making decisions about whether or not to have people like Charlie Sheen on the air. If I had decided to have Charlie Sheen on the air with ME, I would have asked him some tough questions as opposed to simply letting him continue to dig a hole so deep, it would be a hole he'd never be able to climb out of. If he showed displeasure because I had the audacity to "challenge" many of the things he was saying, might I have to worry about him ending the interview which might leave me with egg on my face? My attitude would be, "Walk on Brother Charlie!" and I would go to bed that night knowing I didn't have to take a shower because of what I had allowed to happen.

Here's the bottom line deal as I see it, gang. Instead of Charlie Sheen simply committing career suicide in these interviews, I couldn't help but get the feeling that deep down inside....And maybe they weren't consciously aware of it....I was thinking that career suicide wasn't enough for these camera and microphone holding jackals. They seemed to be hoping for "The Real Deal!"

One more Charlie Sheen observation: During his recent rants, he has said a lot of bad things about AA, otherwise known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Sheen believes AA is populated by a bunch of "losers" and the number one "AA loser" in Sheen's mind seems to be the "Two and a Half Men" Executive Producer, Chuck Lorre.

I guess a reasonable question at this point might be, if the star of the show (Sheen) is a consumer of many drugs and his boss is a consumer of a lot of booze, is anyone on that show clean, as a rule?

But that's not where I'm going with this.

Charlie Sheen says he doesn't need any help. He can (and does) get clean on his own.

Okay. I'm not going to argue with that because I have beaten TWO addictions on my own. In March of 1991 I quit drinking. Haven't had a "drop" since. The other addiction ended a few years earlier than that.

But I don't buy Sheen's charge that AA is for losers. I know too many people who have told me about their "friendship with Bill" and how that has saved their lives. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you really REALLY want to quit something, you can. If you don't, quit talking about it. You're using up air with meaningless conversation. Which is where Charlie Sheen appears to be right now.

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Is it possible that we are living through a period in which our last two Presidents of the United States are the two worst Presidents that this country has EVER had?!?

I know. The economic problems we have didn't begin with the Bush administration. They actually began somewhere around the time we were hearing about a "trickle down" economic theory thought up by David Stockman and embraced by President Ronald Reagan. An economic policy that was described as voodoo economics by George H.W. Bush before he was asked to be Reagan's running mate.

Since then, Stockman (yes, he's still alive) has admitted he was wrong about his "trickle down" theory. The Bush administration isn't responsible for the beginning of our economic problems, but those problems were exacerbated by the Bush administration with all the spending that they did. Not to mention the lack of regulations that allowed the housing mess, credit card mess, outsourcing on top of outsourcing, billions upon billions given to countries who don't like us, two wars that weren't paid for, etc., etc.

If the Bush administration didn't lie to us about Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn't exist, but was used as an excuse to go to war in Iraq, then they're guilty of being stupid for hiring people who gave us this so-called "intelligence" information.

Billions on top of billions of dollars of our money was wasted while our own country was slowly sinking into the quicksand of the economic mess were all facing. And the Bush administration seemed to have done virtually nothing to stop the bleeding.

Conclusion? Worst President of the United States in our history.

We voted for a guy, Barack Obama, because of "Change" he said "We could believe in!"

Uh, huh.

I'm looking. I've been looking. I'm still looking. Hmmmm....Uh, this "Change that we can believe in"? Where is it?

I mean, we're still spending billions on top of billions for war stupidity, this president, like the last president is letting the corporations pretty much do whatever the hell they feel like doing, lower taxes for the rich are still in play while nothing is "trickling down" to the vast majority of us and instead of demanding that uber-rich crooked money people get prosecuted and thrown into the slammer with Madoff and his ilk, what do we do INSTEAD?

Drum roll, please!

We pay attention to what Charlie Sheen is saying.

Conclusion? Unless President Obama does things dramatically different and positive soon, he (at best) ends up sharing the title of "Worst President of the United States" in our history.

If not Obama in 2012, WHO?!?

On the Democrat side, even though she denies it, Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side? The Governor from New Jersey, the former Governor, Mike Huckabee, don't laugh when I say, Jeb Bush and the other people we've all heard about, people who I think would have no chance at all.

There's one Republican guy I haven't heard anyone mention as a possible presidential candidate, but he's a guy who has my attention, big time. 10-year Congressman from Virginia and current House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. If he doesn't have something in his past that could rise up and bite him, I think Eric Cantor has that "IT" factor that deserves serious looking into.

Gas Prices:

In my part of the Los Angeles area, the cheapest gasoline is now$3.89 a gallon and climbing daily.

Health Insurance Companies:

I don't know about where you live, but here, a 59% increase isn't unusual at all.

Again...WHERE's that "Change we can believe in"?


Pretty much no surprises as far as who won Oscars, Sunday night. But did you like the overall show?

Near the beginning of the show when co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway did that monologue while facing the audience, I cringed with embarrassment and immediately wrote, "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!!!"

The overall writing was horrible, outdated, horrible, outdated, horrible....

The next day, Oscar officials talked about looking into any changes they might feel they need to consider for next year's show. To me, the first thing they should do is get rid of the writers who have been on that show for like, forever and bring in a whole bunch of new writers.

Shortly after that cringe inducing and embarrassing monologue, the show got lucky. When a 94-year old former film superstar named Kirk Douglas came on stage to announce the winner of the Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress".

This old man needs a cane to walk, because of strokes he has a little trouble talking, but this former box office giant became a giant because he knew how to entertain. Yes, he struggled a little, but no one denies he was entertaining. He flirted with Anne Hathaway, she blew him thank you kisses, he flirted some more, while looking at the nominees he stretched out the drama and when he finally announced who the winner was, the show got lucky again. Because the winner, Melissa Leo is a bit of a character herself and when she arrived at the stage and Douglas flirted with her, she flirted right back and a little later, while doing her acceptance speech, she said a word that everyone ended up talking about.

Yo, Oscar people. Yes, I know the show is about honoring movie folks who have done extraordinary work, but Oscar people??? We in the audience want to be entertained. You guys are in show business. Give us a SHOW!!!

Douglas and Leo did as did a few other folks, but c'mon. Nobody's gonna care how long the Oscars show is as long as it is indeed, a SHOW!!!

One more Oscar show comment. In addition to being a co-host, James Franco was also a Best Actor nominee. No doubt about it. Anne Hathaway with that infectious high school cheerleader/prom date thing going on, was adorable on stage. James Franco? He got a lot of criticism for coming across as a guy who had no business being a co-host and seeming to look like he was "too cool" to be doing something like being a co-host and some folks thought that he might have even been too stoned to be good even if he had the ability to be good.

I have another reason I think that James Franco might have been "disengaged".

Gang, he was one of only five people in the world who had a chance to win an Oscar for being "Best Actor". I don't know about you, but if that was me (and I LOVE to talk on stage), I think my mind might tend to drift until that winning or losing moment of truth arrives.

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