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The statement in the above headline is a quote from "The Weekly Standard" which is arguably the most influential and important conservative publication in America. After last night's Republican Debates in Orlando, Florida there were some late night and early morning conversations involving Weekly Standard and Wall Street folks and they were/are in agreement that as of now, none of these people could beat President Obama. And that's why they're putting big pressure on New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie to change his mind and become THE candidate that in their minds CAN beat President Obama. Some big money Republican donors think so as well and now Christie, after saying over and over again that he would NOT be a candidate is now saying he will tell top Republican donors what his plans are in a few days.

I'm now reminded of an old saying; "Money talks and bullshit walks!" Republican BIG money is talkin' now and as my long time friend Don King would say, "Only in America!"

So.....What's gonna happen NOW?!? I don't pretend to know the answer to that question, but here's what I DO know. Unless one of the current nine candidates suddenly impresses these behind the scenes power brokers, all the money will go to Christie if he says, "YES!". But what happens if he ends up saying, "NO!"?
Good question.

Would the money guys then go after Sarah Palin? I doubt it because I think they're too smart for that. There are quite a few reasons for them to whacha call "hesitate" when it comes Ms. Palin, but because I'm sure they've read the recent things that I've read, like what the National Enquirer is reporting.....

Now before you laugh, here's a couple of things you need to keep in mind. There was a time when most folks didn't believe much of anything the Enquirer wrote until....They were the first to print a whole bunch of correct information about the O.J. trial. Those disclosures were followed by other accurate disclosures up to and including them being the first to have the (former presidential candidate) John Edwards' scandalous story, a story that might end up being the reason John Edwards could end up in prison.

What does any of this have to do with Sarah Palin? The Enquirer is saying that her husband is making serious noises about "divorce" because of things in the new book about her that he either believes and or other things that he knows are true and he's tired of being made to look like a fool.

Yes, that's speculation on my part.

But what I'm about to write now, isn't speculation. Sarah Palin on the campaign trail constantly having to hear questions about things in the new book, things that have allegedly been said by her husband, the big question about why she REALLY quit her job as Governor of Alaska, etc. on top of etc.

You catch my drift, here?

Would you put up YOUR money to help finance a campaign that would be full of the "BAGGAGE" she would be carrying?

Just askin'.


Hey, it's a Friday night, I, like you, am looking forward to a fun weekend, so I think the rest of this blog will be short items.

And let's if I can really make THAT happen!!!


Is it possible that President Obama is a "Closet Republican"? I mean, some of the decisions he's made...
Think about it.

Deficit, deficit, deficit. The so-called Republican and Conservative Democrat geniuses bark about cutting this, cutting that, cutting some more of this, more of that, etc., BUUUUUT....there's something most of them NEVER talk about when it comes to discussing expenditures that have REALLY jacked up our deficit. These two (will they ever END) idiotic wars that our genius leaders never set aside a DIME in real money for. Yes, I'm talking about YOU, President Bush! Yes, I'm talking about YOU, President Obama!

You wanna cut the deficit? I mean, REALLY cut the deficit? BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!!!!


Am I the only one who is hearing the quiet whispering being done by scared and frustrated Americans who are fed up to HERE with the economic condition our condition is in and what they're whispering about are "Revolution Thoughts"?!?

Pay attention, American leaders or so-called leaders. Most of America is sick and tired of all the outsourcing our so-called leaders let happen....All the talk about illegal immigrants being able to get money for stuff that Americans CAN'T get....Yeah, you so-called leaders have gotten some things done, but all of a sudden, American citizens who have been asleep, are now waking up and they see that so MANY of the things that our so-called leaders have gotten done are things that seem to have benefitted only ONE class of Americans. The "CONNECTED" class!!! A lot of people out there. Mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore.

You better wake up, so-called leaders. Because the rest of America IS waking up.

AMERICA FIRST! And not just a SMALL part of America!

Mad as hell.....

Oh....Did you see the story about one of our big shot Admirals saying that Pakistan government people were responsible for substantial recent deaths of Americans? Man, I've been yelling about those Pakistan pirates not being real allies of ours for YEARS! They screw us, screw us and screw us some more while we have continued to give them billions of dollars. You think our deficit might go down a little if we stopped doing that. How about all this money we give to other countries who don't (really) love us or even LIKE us!



Well, what I'm going to write as my lead entertainment story isn't entertaining, but it does fit into my entertainment section because it's about something that's related to radio. In this case, it's Los Angeles radio because this is where I live and have had an address for almost 33-years.

Most of you listen to the radio sometimes, right? But not as much as you used to, right?

I used to be a radio guy. For a lot of years. I played what used to be known as Top-40 music, later what was known as M.O.R. music, followed by what was known as Urban music and then I became a talk show guy. General information talk and sports talk. Hell of a ride. And in between that, I had a fun ride being a TV general information talk guy and a nightly sports anchor.

Something called "Consolidation" was forced upon us (Thank you, Bill Clinton) and things changed. Dramatically. And not for the better!

A little more than 20-years ago, a lover of Los Angeles radio wrote the first of what would be several books about the history of radio in Los Angeles and the people who helped MAKE that history. Said "lover" was a guy named Don Barrett. A guy who had just finished a many years run being the P.R. star for the three biggest motion picture companies in the world.

A little more than 15-years ago, Don Barrett began writing a column about people he would describe as being a L.A.R.P. Which stood/stands for, Los Angeles Radio People (or person).

I mean you talk about a labor of love. At times, I'm sure he felt like he had invented a 24-hours a day job for himself. He was the owner, publisher and janitor for something that became a daily must-read that was called,

At the beginning, his 5-days a week (sometimes 7-days a week) columns were available to anyone and everyone for free. He had no other source of income, so a few years later, he charged a small fee. I was a subscriber from day one.

This was during a time when a lot of LARP's were experiencing the fallout from this new thing called "consolidation". And the experience for many, wasn't pleasant.

Don Barrett, who is also a licensed therapist found himself giving free over the phone therapy to LARP's who had become depressed because of what was happening to radio in general.

Did he write about any of that in his columns? Absolutely not. In fact, what made Don Barrett's column so popular was all the POSITIVE news regarding LARP's. When he thought something being done at the management level was in some way HARMFUL to LARP's, there was a good chance he would write something about that and then listen to an offended management person chew him out on the phone for (in some cases) an hour or more.

I could go on and on with stories about Don Barrett and his love for LARP's, radio in general and his reluctance to challenge people who he knew were using passwords belonging to someone else instead of paying a yearly fee of less than $40.

And it was because of the stealing resulting in not enough income to continue, that Don Barrett published his FINAL column today, September 23, the first day of Fall (Autumn).

I wrote a commentary about this that Don Barrett published this past Wednesday. That commentary was different than this commentary, but one thing I wrote I will now write again; "We're really gonna miss this guy!"


"Hereafter", a Clint Eastwood directed film that came out last year and is currently on the cable circuit. Heavy film about life and death starring Matt Damon, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jay Mohr who delivered the best performance I've ever seen him deliver. I liked the film.

A film that's showing in your favorite Cineplex now is "Drive", starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks. I think Brooks might get an Oscar nomination because the bad guy role he played in this film is not what we expect from Albert Brooks. The riveting few spoken words and long pauses by Gosling and Mulligan were off the charts terrific. I liked this film a lot.

Great ratings for the new "Two and a Half Men". It'll be interesting to see if the big ratings continue for that show.

Lousy ratings for the new "The Playboy Club", but I liked it.

"New Girl", starring Zooey Deschanel looks like a big hit. I liked it a lot and it got good ratings.

Simon Cowell's "The X-Factor" got disappointing ratings for a Simon Cowell show, but let's see what happens down the road. I saw (only) the first hour on Wednesday and some of it was good, some not so good.

Emily VanCamp's new show, "Revenge", Wednesday night's at 10 on ABC has the potential to be a BIG hit! I liked it a lot.

"The Good Wife" shows it's premiere (for this season) episode at a new day and time. This Sunday at 9 on CBS.

And "Boardwalk Empire" returns to HBO this Sunday night at 9 and reruns of that episode will be shown all week long.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will repond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address so I won't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring something unexpected, Thursday the 29th or Friday the 30th. Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a terrific weekend.


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