Thursday, January 05, 2012

What Obama DID wrong, What the GOP candidates are DOING wrong, Two more debates this weekend and NO more debating if Tim Tebow fails again!!!

Happy New Year, everybody! Is 2012 feeling better for you than 2011 felt?

Me neither.

Did you have a nice holiday season?

Me too.

Because this is a "leap year" and if my math is correct, we have 361 more days of 2012.

Things HAVE to get better! DON'T they?

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Big weekend coming up. A G.O.P. presidential debate on ABC, Saturday evening at 6, Pacific Time and another debate on NBC, Sunday MORNING at 9. There will also be four NFL playoff games. Games that will include the Pittsburgh-Denver game, Sunday afternoon on CBS.

Denver quarterback Tim Tebow has been a very interesting and inspirational story for the last couple of months. But for the last three weeks, Tebow's luck, good play and or "divine intervention" seem to have "left the building". I know a little about professional sports and you can take what I'm about to tell you, "to the bank". If Tim Tebow continues to play on Sunday the way he played the previous three weeks, the "Tim Tebow Story" will end up being another sad story about "Discovery".

Are you ready for a little political stuff?

Let's get busy.


If you (like me) voted for a Democrat for the first time ever when you voted for Obama, you did it because he "dazzled you". What we've learned is something we should have known; Barack Obama has been a "O.J.T." president. O.J.T. as in, "On the job training". That's an okay way of doing things at "Jack in the Box", but as Commander in Chief of the United States?!? Maybe not so okay, huh?

Look, nobody with half a brain thinks this guy is an idiot. You might not like him because he's black or you think his wife spends too much money, but an idiot? No.

And let's face it. EVERYONE who gets elected president for the first time is a person who becomes a "O.J.T." president. No one but no one knows what that job is about until they get behind closed doors with a bunch of well meaning experts in all the areas he'll have to make decisions about.

I've heard all the grumbling about Obama since before he got elected and after he got elected. I agree with some of what's said and I disagree with some of what's said.

In my view, Obama's biggest mistake was a mistake he made almost immediately. All the time he spent on trying to get what is known as "Obamacare" passed, was noble in the sense that in the long run it's probably something that would be good for our country, but he stopped fighting for a couple of key things that should have been included and what we ended up with was/is NOT "As good as it gets".

Meanwhile, while spending more than a year or so on health care reform which in the final analysis wasn't as good as it could have and should have been, he completely ignored what he should have fighting for.

Ignored WHAT you might ask? JOBS! THE ECONOMY!

Look, I'm all for him getting us out of Iraq, I wish he'd get us out of Afghanistan and I'm very happy he was(behind closed doors) involved with the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

But health care reform? He should have focused totally on the jobs and the economy and made health care reform something to go after if he were to be elected to a second term.

Readers of this blog live all over the United States and in different parts of the world. I know that I will get emails and phone calls from Obama supporters who will tell me I'm wrong and my observations are unfair. And I will respectfully disagree. In my heart of hearts, I believe that if he had spent as much time on the economy and jobs as he did on health care reform, the Tea Party wouldn't have become as influential as they did and a bunch of Democrats in the House and Senate wouldn't have lost their jobs. And it would have been nice if Obama hadn't let lightweight Republicans push him around like we used to see bullies do in high school.


Have you been watching the Republican debates? With one exception, I've seen every minute of every debate. As I mentioned earlier, there will be two debates this weekend. Saturday night at 6 (Pacific Time) on ABC and Sunday morning at 9 (Pacific Time) on NBC.

The candidates who will be debating are the candidates who are still candidates. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman.

I think Jon Huntsman would be the candidate that would give Republicans the best chance at winning the election, but so far, Huntsman has not been able to resonate with the Republican "base".

Let's have a show of hands, folks. How many of you think that jobs and the economy are the two most important things we should be talking about?

I already told you that I think Obama's biggest mistake was to go in different directions other than jobs and the economy. I'm not saying he ignored those two subjects but I am saying he should have DEVOTED himself to those two subjects.

But ya know what? In these debates, every time that a question about the economy and or jobs is brought up by one of the moderators, the person being asked the question mumbles something about (what is virtually) nothing and then goes off on a rant about how if they're elected president, they'll get rid of Obamacare and or a rant about Obama "apologizing" to other other countries about America. There is no documented evidence of that load of horse manure ANYWHERE unless it's falsely positioned in one of those wack job places that Michele Bachmann must have been getting HER "information" from.

But because I don't believe in kicking someone while they're down, Ms. Bachmann, I apologize because the guy I'm specifically targeting is Mitt "flip-flop" Romney.

Every time this guy barks about his private sector experience and that HE's the guy who has gotten more jobs for Americans and he's the guy who can GET more jobs for Americans because of all the experience he has had, experience that's "foreign" to Barack Obama.....

Let me catch my breath, here.....

Under the category of "The devil's in the details!", any legitimate examination of Mitt Romney's private sector experience comes down to this; Mitt Romney is an expert at going to companies and making himself and the people above him, richer than what they were or he was before he showed up. Mitt Romney doesn't have a history of getting jobs for the middle class. Mitt Romney has a documented history of putting large numbers of the middle class "On the STREET!"

Okay....Near the end of the year, we will have a presidential election. Right now, all the candidates have dropped the ball regarding ideas about jobs and the economy. I think that the reason they've ducked and run from the subject when it's brought up is because they're basically clueless.

Now if referring to them as being "clueless" is considered to be too harsh by some of you readers, I would be happy to publicly apologize after any of them get on television and give us some solution specifics that they have in mind. But until then? I believe they're clueless. Except when it comes to benefitting themselves.


Between the three weeks ago blog and this blog, I had the pleasure of seeing a few films and a few television shows that knocked my socks off. I doubt that I'll mention all of them, but I'll begin with three shows that had their season ending shows. "Boss" on STARZ ended well, "Homeland" on Showtime ended very well and "Dexter" on Showtime had a shocking ending. The cliff hanging episode showed Dexter's sister seeing him in the process of murdering a guy.

Because of the holidays, most shows were showing reruns and some shows are still doing that. A new episode of "Parenthood" was shown on NBC this past Tuesday and the episode was terrific on many levels. Gang, if you haven't seen that show, you are depriving yourself of some first class entertainment.

Same deal with "Revenge" which aired a new episode on Wednesday night. What is so cool about this show is that every time a character who is a bona fide "snake" gets arrested or gets killed, ANOTHER "snake" gets added to the cast.

I think we'll finally get a new episode of "The Good Wife" this coming Sunday.

Before I tell you about some films I saw, I'll tell you about some information that (tonight) was passed along to me by Nikki Finke who is the Founder and Editor in Chief of "Deadline Hollywood". She is reporting that Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow's new film about Navy SEAL Team 6's killing of Osama bin Laden is on track to be released on December 19 and that the very "On fire actress" (my term) Jessica Chastain has been added to what is described as an "ensemble cast".

I am now going to tell you about a few films I saw that are currently on the cable circuit. Then I'll tell you about two new films.

"The Company Men", a 2010 film that's on Showtime. It stars Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Costner, Maria Bello and an outstanding performance by Rosemary Dewitt who plays Affleck's wife. This is a gut wrenching story about our lousy economy that shows people losing their jobs, the pride that's associated with that, suicides and how everyone but the richest of the rich are harmed by this economy. Gang, this is a VERY good film!

"Jolene", a 2008 film that's on TMC. I think this was Jessica Chastain's first film. She plays a woman who knows how to "play" men. She is aided by a great supporting cast that includes Dermot Melroney, Michael Vartan, Chazz Palminteri, Theresa Russell, Frances Fisher and Denise Richards. Good film and worth your time.

Speaking of current stars and their first films...."The Professional", a 1994 film that's on Encore. Jean Reno is "The Professional" and terrific supporting contributions are made by Gary Oldman, Danny Aiello and Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman who was 12 or 13 when she made this (her first) film. And she was flat out OUTSTANDING!!!

"F/X", a 1986 film that's on Encore. It stars Brian Dennehy and Bryan Brown with Jerry Orbach contributing a terrific supporting role. Speaking of Orbach, I recently watched a few episodes of "Law & Order" that were episodes that the late Orbach was starring in. That's when "Law & Order" was REALLY good, gang! "F/X" is a fun non-stop thrill ride.

Two NEW Films:

"Mission Impossible--Ghost Protocol" (otherwise known as "MI-4"). It stars Tom Cruise and the very beautiful Paula Patton. This film has already made more than 360 million dollars world-wide and the day I saw the film, people in the audience gave it a standing ovation when it ended. I liked the film a lot.

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". This film stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara and is directed by David Fincher, the same guy who directed "The Social Network". Rooney Mara is in a very early scene of "The Social Network" and there's no way I would have recognized her from that role if someone hadn't told me. This is a very good film and they're already getting ready to shoot a sequel. Actually, two sequels. The Craig/Mara chemistry is terrific and I am very much looking forward to seeing those two being together again.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. All "anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, the next blog will be posted late Thursday night, January 12 or early Friday morning, January 13.

Meanwhile, I hope your favorite NFL teams win their games, I hope we all hear some "economy solution" ideas in the upcoming two Republican debates and I hope that we will all soon see some signs of "recovery" from this mess we're in.

And don't forget...AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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