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When you (me) decide to talk (write) about RELIGION?!? Welll....You (me) could be "asking for it"! Let's see what happens!

You gotta know what the headline (above) is referring to, right? Contraception, the Catholic Church and while I'm at it, I might as well include the Mormon religion and how some folks think (and have publicly stated) that it's a "Cult"?!?

The headline and the first paragraph can be classified as a "tease" because (first) I want to mention a couple of other things and then I'll dive into this religion business.

Thank you for asking and yes, my fractured foot is getting better and better. This injury has already cost me a possible Guest Star shot on the NBC show, "Parks and Recreation" and yes, I can hardly wait for the "healing" to have been completed.

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Okay...Back to our lead story.

Some Catholic leaders and political leaders who happen to BE Catholic are raising hell about about an issue that has to do with "contraception" stuff being handed out by by religious employers who dont WANT to do this.

There's more to this and if you care (and know) about this subject, I don't need to go any further regarding specifics.

I'm not a Catholic, but if I'm understanding the essence of this argument, we seem to be hearing that the Church is against contraception of any kind. No condoms, birth control pills, etc., etc.

In other words (unless I'm missing something), if you're a Catholic and you have consensual sex with your partner, the only REASON for having sex is to have the "connection" result in the birth of a child in 9 months or so. Um, I don't have to explain what I mean by "connection", right?


And if the sex you have DOESN'T result in the birth of a child? Again, if I understand this correctly, that kind of result (or lack of same) is okay, but you have to understand what having sex is supposed to be FOR!


As we learned when (mostly) Catholic priests (and above) were pedophile priests (and above), Church leadership at the highest levels seemed to either protect or not know about most of these despicable characters.

For the sake of argument and except those who ended up going to prison, let's graciously assume these leaders DIDN'T know about priests that were ruining the lives of children. And because it turned out there were way too many of these characters, we can graciously assume that a lot of these Church leaders were/are "slow".

Back to (what appears to be) the Church belief that the only time consensual sex should take place is when the man and woman are hoping to (9 or so months later) give birth to a child.

Again...I'm not a Catholic and I will look forward to responding to anyone who wants to "set me straight" and tell me why I'm wrong, or I don't understand, etc., etc.

Wellll.... Here's what I know and DO understand; Is it a news-flash when I say that having consensual sex while using a condom and birth control pills, is FUN?!?

Just sayin'...

Mormon Religion A Cult?

And here's another "hot-button" subject.

I know I'm not the only one who has heard some folks say that the Mormon religion is a cult religion. If memory serves, I seem to recall Governor Perry saying something like that along with a number of other high profile people.

Governor Romney is a Mormon. He got some extra attention from us when it was disclosed that he has recently given several million dollars to the Mormon Church, a donation that got Romney a heck of a good tax deduction.

I don't think Governor Romney is presidential material, but it has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. I've never been in a Mormon church so I'm clueless about what they do besides praying, but I did have an eye opening experience when I (recently) saw a documentary about a Montana beauty queen and a high level Mormon guy. If memory serves, the documentary had to do with things that happened more than 20 years ago. And in this documentary were stories about actions taken by the high level Mormon guy that made me say, "Hmmmm..."

And is it just me, or am I not alone when I say that wouldn't it be nice if the Catholic "contraception" beef and the Mormon "cult" allegations were discussed in an upcoming Republican debate. And by the way, the next debate will be Wednesday, February 22 and it will be broadcast by CNN.

Just sayin'...

Other Political Stuff:

Rick Santorum? Presidential material? The last office he ran for (U.S. Senate), he lost by 19 points. And he is now the hottest candidate that the Republicans have?!? As my long time friend Don King would say, "Only in America!!!"

But seriously, folks. RICK SANTORUM?!? I've been around a few zealots in my time. Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Santorum is a BIG TIME zealot! I like what he's said about our illegal immigrant problem, but other than that, Santorum in a power position is a scary position for the rest of us because folks, believe me when I tell you that Rick Santorum has Dangerous Dude written all over him.

Just sayin'.

And how about what Clint Eastwood was sayin' in the Super Bowl commercial he did? If you listen to Rush, watch Hannity and or read what Karl Rove thinks, then you know that good ol' "Dirty Harry" shook up some people with that commercial. A commercial that reminds me of Jack Nicholson's line in "A Few Good Men" when he yelled, "The truth? You want the TRUTH? You can't HANDLE the truth!!!"


Have you noticed? They're creeping up again. A few months ago I told you about some scary predictions regarding gas prices. A posibility of $5 a gallon and I said I hoped that I had gotten bad information. Buuuut...I heard something even scarier a couple of days ago. The possibility of $10 a GALLON?!? Say it isn't so! PLEASE say it isn't so!

How 'bout dem tax breaks we give to oil barons?

Just sayin'.


Madonna at the Super Bowl! I agree with San Francisco area blog reader Pat Gallagher who wrote me an email right after Madonna was finished; "THAT was a halftime show!" I hope I quoted you correctly, Pat. If I didn't, I know I'm close. Pat also said something about how difficult it was going to be to book major music people to perform at future Super Bowls because they know they wouldn't be as good as Madonna was.

Because of this foot injury, I'm stuck with having to stay home which means I've been watching a lot of television. I'm not going to tell you about every film and television show I saw this past week, but here's my brief opinions about a FEW of those things.


"Mercury Rising", a 1998 film on HBO that starred Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Chi McBride, Kim Dickens and a very young (14 years ago) actor named Mike Hughes who played the role of Simon, an autistic kid. There was a "hug" at the end that brought tears to my eyes and a high drama, non stop tension film that I really got into. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

Speaking of high drama and non stop tension, "Air Force One", a 1997 film on HBO that starred Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close and an all star group of supporting players including Glenn Morshower who lives right up the street from me. Unlike the Bruce Willis film, I saw this Harrison Ford film when it was new. I liked it a lot then and I liked it a lot again.

"Titanic", a 1997 film that is also currently on the HBO circuit. I saw it when it first came out and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that film. And I enjoyed it again. BIG TIME! Hard to believe it was 15 years ago when that film entertained us. "Titanic" was/is film making excellence. And guess what? A Three-D version of "Titanic" will be in your favorite cineplex in the next couple of months or so.


"SMASH", Monday night on NBC. Wow, wow-wow, WOW-WOW!!! This show flat lived up to the hype!
"SMASH" is a smash hit and I can hardly wait for the next episode. Terrific performances from Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston, Christian Borle and Jack Davenport, an actor who makes you (immediately) think of Simon Cowell.

Did you hear about "House"? This is their 8th and last season. That announcement was made yesterday. Too bad because the last two episodes have been great. We are told that we will watch a conclusion that we'll like when the final episode is aired.

The new episode of "Glee", featuring Ricky Martin was a big time fun episode. I got an extra kick out of it because the last episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" I did was an episode in which I did a riff on Ricky Martin.

Another wonderful episode of "Parenthood" on NBC this past Tuesday....Another great episode of "Alcatraz" on Fox this past Monday...Sunday, "Shameless" was good, but "Californication", a show I like a lot was butt ugly awful this past Sunday. I blame it on the script and I believe that whoever wrote that episode should never be allowed in the "Californication" building again.

Sunday's 2nd episode of "Luck" was terrific, but with all those great actors and great behind the scenes people, you had to figure this show would end up being VERY good!

I'll be surprised if "The River", ABC's new Tuesday night show lasts six episodes.

ABC does have a big winner on Wednesday nights. "Revenge", a show I can't say ENOUGH good things about!

And yes, two more entertaining episodes of "Justified" on FX and "Southland" on TNT, Tuesday night.

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Just sayin'..... And don't forget....AMERICA FIRST!


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