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Mitt Romney and John McCain have something in common and neither of them LIKE IT!!! David Petraues and associates!!! Members of some states are asking for SECESSIONS?!? IMPEACH Obama? For WHAT? WINNING??? Annnd...Of course...Entertainment Stuff!!!

Hi everybody!   Are you getting ready for a Happy Thanksgiving next Thursday?

I will be doing some work for the new NBC Sports Radio Network that day so there won't be a new blog next week.   As of now, there will be a new blog the following Thursday night, November 29 or very early Friday morning, November 30.   After that, (as of now) there will be no December blogs which means the first blog in 2013 will be Thursday night, January 3 or very early Friday morning, January 4.

Hey, if something big time important happens during these scheduled "off-days", exceptions will be made.

I'm inclined to think that this will be a relatively short blog, but I can never be sure of that because once I get started.....

Annnnd...I know that I'll have more "Entertainment Stuff" than usual in this blog.   At least I think I will.

Are you curious about the headlines?

Okay!   LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Mitt Romney and John McCain have something in common and neither of them LIKE IT!!!

Said "something in common" being, the fact they both have been beaten by Barack Obama.

John McCain has been whimpering for four years.   Yo, Senator McCain!   You might have won four years ago if you hadn't let someone talk you into changing your mind which resulted in you telling your long time friend Joe Lieberman (I hope I spelled his name correctly) that he was going to be replaced by Governor Sarah Palin.   This worked out well for Palin.   After Obama won, Palin quit her job as Governor even though she had completed only two of the four years she was elected for.   Oh, yeah.   We dodged a bullet with her not being the Vice President.   In addition to her not being prepared, she discovered that she was very good at saying outrageous things and that people would pay big money for her to do that.   We hope for her sake that she has saved a good portion of the millions of dollars she's made for being a "personality" because she's this close to being fired by Fox News. 

Mitt Romney:   He came up with some silly excuses for losing to Obama a few days ago.

Here's the deal, Governor Romney.   I let it be known in this blog that I thought you were a bad candidate for the GOP.   I referred to you as a con-man.    I could give several examples to make my point, but I'm going to simply mention one.   Governor, over and over and over again, you made the assertion that you have a lot of experience at being a "job creator" and that was a big reason that voters should vote for you.

Governor Romney, your assertion isn't true.   And the voters figured that out. Governor Romney, you are a bona-fide "job DESTROYER!!!".   And you're very good at it.   Even Sarah Palin expressed her concern when a guy did a television commercial about how Romney took over a good sized business, conned the workers into doing some clean-up stuff and then, just like that, fired every person there.   He said that Romney walked away from the devastation with 100 million dollars in his pocket.

"Job creator"?   Job creator my ass, Governor.

Governor Romney, you didn't win the election because there weren't enough people who were willing to eat your baloney.

Headline #2:   David Petraeus and associates!!!

I think we're ALL shaking our heads over this story.   I don't think anyone knows how this will end.   Interesting cast of characters, huh?   Paula Broadwell, the mistress.   General John Allen, a guy who may have written some interesting emails to...Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley, who may have had access to emails that could have something to do with national security....Then there's the shirtless FBI agent...

I'm tellin' ya, folks.   This has "movie" written all over it.

Back to David Petraeus.   Head of the C.I.A.?   Number one spy and keeper of secrets.   And you can't "cover up" a little cheating on your wife business?!?  You're a hell of a salesman General and former Director Petraeus.   Off of what we've recently learned (so far), is it possible that you are a little overrated, sir?

Just askin'...

Headline #3:   Members of some states are asking for SECESSIONS?!?

In other words, leave the United States and become their own countries???

Yeah, this president, a guy who doesn't look like you, will tend to bring your stupidity out into the light.

You know what?   I'd love to see what would happen if any of our states would seriously go about the business of trying to do this.

But until that happens, let's go to

Headline #4:   Impeach Obama?   For what?   Winning?

Yeah, in case you hadn't heard about this, it's being talked about.   Not many people are talking about this, but of those who are?!?   Same old stuff.  Accusations by "Birth-er folks" , etc., etc.   In other words, a group of Trump types.

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to bring up something else that people might mistakenly think would be worthy of an impeachment investigation.


And the fact that a number of people with loud voices are suggesting that because they haven't heard all the answers about what happened in Libya, there might be something "criminal" involved here.

I call your attention to the very popular film that many people have seen or who will soon see.   "Argo".   This is a true story about a heroic rescue job of Americans in Iran during the Carter administration.   After they came home, Carter told us a story, but it wasn't the complete story.   Why?   National Security reasons.   And this is something that happens a lot.   And yes, eventually, the complete "true story" is told.

Just sayin'...


A lot of good TV shows are available for all of us.   But who has time to see ALL the good shows.   Not me!   But I try to see as many as possible.

Some readers have been (kindly) bugging me about seeing and writing about some shows I haven't mentioned or mentioned very little about.

I saw a few of those shows, gang.   "Person of Interest", Thursday nights on CBS.   Loved last Thursday's episode.   Right after "Person of Interest on CBS is "Elementary", a show I've mentioned several times.   This is hands down one of my favorite shows.

I finally saw an episode of "Chicago Fire" on NBC and "Vegas" on CBS.   I thought both shows were good, but not great.

"NCIS" has been a huge show for CBS on Tuesday nights.   It is followed by "NCIS: Los Angeles".   Loved "NCIS", fell asleep while watching "NCIS: Los Angeles".

I've seen the last two episodes of Law & Order SVU on NBC.   There's a reason this show has been on for....what?   13-15 years?   More?   I loved both episodes.

So MANY good shows on Sunday nights...This is the last season for "Dexter" on Showtime and "Dexter" is going out with a BANG!   Great episodes this year.   "Homeland" on Showtime is arguably one of three best shows on all of television.   "The Good Wife" on CBS continues to rock!   As does "Revenge" on ABC.  

Monday nights I watch "Mob Doctor" on Fox which is followed by "Revolution" on NBC.

Speaking of NBC...I think the best show ON NBC is on Tuesday nights.   "Parenthood".   If you watched this past Tuesday's episode and you didn't shed a little water from your eyes, go see your doctor.


Saw three of 'em.   The 1994 film, "Forrest Gump".   Tom Hanks and the very beautiful Robin Wright were the two main characters.   Loved it and I couldn't help but wonder why Sean Penn walked away from Robin Wright.

Speaking of Tom Hanks, I saw the new film he's in.   "Cloud Atlas".   A lot of good actors are in this film and they all play multiple parts.   Sometimes you can't recognize the actor.   The film is almost 3-hours long but there is nothing about it that's boring.

Daniel Craig is pretty much being recognized as THE James Bond these days.  I saw his new film, "Skyfall".   It's not the best Bond film, it's more that two and a half hours long, but it keeps your attention.   Javier Bardem is a terrific bad guy and the song in the film, sung by Adele, is outstanding.

An actor I have a huge crush on will be the star in a film that opens tomorrow (Friday, November 16) in your favorite cineplex.   The film is "Anna Karenina".   Kiera Knightly is the actor I have the crush on.   The guy star is the very fine actor, Jude Law.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you.   I respond to everyone unless you identify yourself as "Anonymous".   Those emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I will be doing some work on The NBC Sports Radio Network next Thursday which is Thanksgiving Day.   There won't be a new blog next week.   Our next one will be posted late Thursday night, November 29 or very early Friday morning, November 30.

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a pleasant weekend and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING next Thursday.   And as usual, I end this blog with AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


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