Friday, September 28, 2012

Mostly entertainment related stuff in THIS blog!!!

Hi Gang!   I'm beginning this blog at 11:30 Thursday evening, Pacific Time.   I'm all fired up because of a great time I had at a private screening of the film, "Argo" which will open nationwide on the 12th of October.   As you long time readers know, a lot of political stuff is written here.   But because the down the stretch SERIOUS political stuff begins next Wednesday when we'll be able to watch the first presidential debate, I'm going to write mostly about entertainment related stuff in THIS blog.   Next week and up until the presidential election, we'll have a lot of thoughts about the two candidates.

And I think that compared to most of our previous blogs, this blog will be shorter than usual

After the film "Argo" ended, I had the pleasure of hearing what it was like working for Ben Affleck who directed the film, stories about things that took place during the shooting of the film and it was obvious that Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman enjoyed the experiences they had with Affleck.   Annnnd it was made very clear by Affleck that he enjoyed having those fine actors IN this film.

I've known John Goodman for a long time and what was extra special fun for me was to have a chance to talk to John for the first time in almost ten years.

The film?   "Argo" is based on a true story involving the rescue of 6 Americans during what was referred to as "The Iran Crisis".   Jimmy Carter was our president then.

How the truth of this rescue was accomplished is something that was not known until President Clinton let the real truth be revealed.

Okay....I sit down to watch a film that I think might not surprise me or entertain me because I think I know everything that happened.

And boy, was I wrong.

Gang, "Argo" is a first rate thriller that has a number of very funny moments.   And that's a combination that's hard to put together properly.

Ben Affleck and his crue HAVE put it together properly and once the "word of mouth" kicks in, I think this film is going to be a big hit.

Possible awards?   Maybe a nomination for "Best Picture", maybe a "Best Supporting Actor" nomination for Bryan Cranston, maybe a "Best Actor" nomination for Ben Affleck.

Yes, "Argo" is that good.

Other films I saw since our last blog...

"The Master".   Outstanding acting.   The film?   Strange.

"Trouble with the Curve".   This is more that just a baseball film.   There were several things that I didn't expect, Clint Eastwood was good ol'  "Cranky Clint", Amy Adams was adorable and John Goodman's performance as Clint's best friend is deserving of Supporting Actor consideration.

"House At The End of the Street" stars Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot.   Ms. Lawrence has become a very much in demand actress and my first thought was, "Why the heck was she starring in a horror film?" and that's why I decided to check it out.   Now I know.   It's NOT just a horror film.   After a couple of twists and turns, it gets there but overall this film was (to me) a pleasant surprise.

"Liberal Arts".   I thought "The Master" was strange.   But my one word observation about "Liberal Arts"?   Charming.

Josh Radnor wrote the screenplay, directed the film and starred in the film.   Richard Jenkins was as good as he always is, Allison Janney showed us a side of her I had never seen, Zac Efron was terrific as the "positive guy" and Elizabeth Olsen, in my view, flat out steals this film.   I mean she comes across as adorable with a capital "A".   She's also very "easy on the eyes".

The Allison Janney side I had never seen before?   Playing the role of a "ball breaker".

The film itself.   I highly recommend it.

The Emmy Awards:

I was very happy "Homeland" and "Game Change" were winners.   I was also happy that Kevin Costner, Tom Berenger, Claire Danes, Julianne Moore and Damian Lewis were winners.

Other TV Stuff:

"Homeland", "Dexter", "The Good Wife" and "Revenge" will be showing new episodes soon.   As far as the new shows I've had time to see, I like "The Mob Doctor", Monday nights on Fox and "Revolution", Monday nights on NBC.

If you saw this week's episode of "Parenthood", you saw that Ray Romano continues to be a big asset and the character Max delivering the "line of the season" (so far) when the episode ended with his line.   If you missed it, check it out on "On Demand".

"Boss" continues to be Friday night must see TV for me.

Andy Williams:

As you probably know, he passed away earlier this week.   He was 84.

I knew Andy.   He was a guest several times on a radio show I was doing in St. Louis in the early 70's.   He was a big time singer and a big time hound dog man when I knew him.   He hit on a girl I was living with a couple of times.   I don't know about the rest of you, but when I think about Andy Williams I don't think about his hound dogging or all the records he sold.   Here's a test.   "It's the most wonderful time of....."

Is that song what you remember most when you think of Andy Williams?  

R.I.P. Andy.   You had a wonderful career and for the most part, a wonderful life.

Two Other Quick Items:

Yay!   The REAL referees have returned to the NFL!!!

And in case you hadn't heard, Mitt Romney has admitted that taxes have NOT BEEN RAISED by President Obama.

Next Wednesday, October 3, we'll be able to watch the first presidential debate.   I can hardly wait.

The election date?   Tuesday, November 6!!!  

Time flies!

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I'll respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you.   As long time readers know, I respond to everyone unless it's someone who refers to him or herself as "Anonymous".   Those emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, October 4 or early Friday morning, October 5.

Meanwhile, I sincerely hope you and yours have a very pleasant weekend and don't forget...AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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