Friday, April 20, 2007


A whole lot of goofiness to talk about today. Beginning with a phone message that actor Alec Baldwin left his young daughter on the 11th of April. The irate message was left on a voice tape that Baldwin's ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger reportedly released to the media. This is not the kind of message a father usually delivers to his daughter, especially one as young as this daughter and it certainly isn't a message a father will feel proud about when he hears a recording of it being played over and over again across the country. There is an argument being posed that Basinger might have violated a court order of some kind if she did, release this tape, but if you haven't heard it yet, you CAN hear it by clicking on
Other goofiness...Another shouting match between Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera because of a "debate" they were having on Fox News', "The O'Reilly Factor" about illegal immigration and a drunk driver who killed someone. The reason I'm referring to this as "goofiness" is not because of the subject matter, but because that these two "showmen" have gotten publicity for yelling at each other before and now what they're doing looks like....Well, it looks like bad acting is what it looks like.

Even MORE goofiness because MSNBC's Keith Olbermann (a look at me publicity hound if there ever was one) has been taking critical verbal shots at O'Reilly and Rivera and the two of them have been dumb enough to publicly respond to the lesser rated (TV ratings wise) Olbermann.

Even MORE goofiness when we watched our very unqualified U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez being unable to answer questions posed by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. And while I was driving back from an acting workshop last night, I heard another one of these "phony patriot" talk show hosts taking Senator Arlen Specter to task for ASKING the questions that Gonzalez was unable to answer.

And then there's poor John McCain. No one questions HIS patriotism! What he went through in Viet Nam is something none of us can relate to. Once upon a time, McCain was a very serious candidate to be our next President of the United States. But does anyone (except maybe him) really believe that NOW? Did you hear about the parody song he sang in response to a question about Iran at a Wednesday campaign stop in South Carolina? Recalling the Beach Boys', "Barbara Ann", McCain began singing, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!"
Watch McCain sing 'bomb bomb Iran:
Yesterday, McCain told Las Vegas reporters that people complaining about his "Bomb Iran" joke should "lighten up and get a life." Here's my response to McCain's response. REALLY?!? And now I'm tempted to sing my OWN Beach Boys' parody. John, John, John, John-John McCain! You get the idea. Senator McCain, this MIGHT be funny if you weren't trying to become our next President of the United States. Sadly, the JOKE here is that you think you have a chance to WIN.

We'll close with a couple of showbiz items that don't involve parody or goofiness.

Have you heard the rumors about the television show, "Law & Order"? After being on the air for 17 years, it's in serious danger of not returning for an 18th year. The "Criminal Intent" Law & Order show is in danger of not returning for what I think would be a 7th season. The "Special Victims Unit" Law & Order WILL return next season.

Attention fans of the television show "24"! I've seen every episode of that show. But we fans have been a little worried about our "24" this season because it seems to have lost its way. And I gotta tell ya that for a while on this past Monday's show, I thought "24" might be in danger of being IRRETRIEVABLY lost. But (thankfully) during the second half hour I found myself saying, "Welcome home, 24! I've missed you!"

Do we think the Lakers have any kind of chance against Phoenix in the playoffs?

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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