Thursday, April 19, 2007


Did you see the "Title" above? No, I haven't lost my mind. Yesterday, I said my favorite music is Country music and that what Sanjaya tried to sing Tuesday, "Something To Talk About" was (I thought) butt-ugly awful. Before last night's voting results were announced, the seven American Idol finalists all participated in a song. "I Guess I'm Doin' All Right". A lot of it featured all seven singing at once, but each finalist had a couple of solo sections and in the two that Sanjaya sang, I said to myself, "THAT's the song he should have sung TUESDAY! Instead of giving us "something to talk about", which was how awful he sounded, Sanjaya would have had us believing (in more ways than one) the words, "I guess I'm doin' all right".

Decisions, decisions. When Sanjaya found out he'd been eliminated, those were real tears he was shedding folks and I shed a tear when his exit song was "Something To Talk About", because it STILL was awful. I couldn't help but think that as "original" this guy was and is in so many (weird?) ways, It's a shame he didn't go OUT being original. Like WHAT, Scott? Well, by announcing to the band, "You know what, instead of that song nobody liked, I want you guys to get the music sheets out for I Guess I'm Doin' All Right, because if I have to leave, THAT's the note I'm leaving ON!" Admit it. Wouldn't that have been a fun television moment? And wouldn't Sanjaya then have left the building REALLY giving people "something to talk about"?

And as long as the subject is television shows...

What's up with this awful habit ALL the networks have when just as we're (maybe) getting INTERESTED in a series, they take it off the air for a bunch of weeks before bringing it back. What's the logic? With a gazillion shows to choose from, the networks think we'll just WAIT for these shows to come back? NBC's "Heroes" is about to come back after a long hiatus.

"Heroes" was arguably the only water-cooler hit NBC has had this season. "Heroes" is one of those kinds of shows that's hard to get involved with, but once you DO get involved and then it's taken AWAY from you?!? If the ratings suck when "Heroes" returns, somebody at NBC should be fired.

And then there's ABC with their new show, "October Road" which follows "Grey's Anatomy". Except when it's put on some kind of hiatus. Which it was after three episodes or so. Why does a show that just STARTED, get put on ANY kind of hiatus? It'll be back tonight.

CBS has done the same thing with "Jericho" and I could go on and on. Don't these network suits know how frustrating this is for viewers? Do they CARE?!?

And then there are performers who tend to frustrate the networks. Like Bill Maher. A comedian/talk show host who was unceremoniously fired by ABC after making a "cowards" analogy regarding 9/11. It was a dicey analogy, but I understood what he was trying to say. A lot of people who used deferments or daddy's influence to avoid service during the Viet Nam years put on their "patriotic hats" and demanded Maher's head, which ABC promptly gave them. I bring this up to point out that after a period of time in which Maher thought (was worried) he might be "finished", he's made a comeback by doing a Friday night (at 11pm) show on HBO. Bill Maher ain't for everybody, folks. Sometimes he makes ME cringe, but I think that most of the time he is a very interesting and (sometimes) funny guy who interviews guests on both sides of the aisle while giving them a chance to say what's on their minds. If you're a big believer in what the Bush administration is doing, you should check out Maher's show to see and hear what the other side thinks. If you don't believe in what the Bush administration is doing, you should check out Maher for a meal of "comfort food".


Is "Law & Order" OVER after 17 years?


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