Monday, April 23, 2007


I am so sick of the politically correct crap regarding lawbreakers. Where did this term "undocumented" come from? It is a word that is designed to make people believe that this monstrous problem we have is somehow okay. "Undocumented"? Kind of like forgetting to renew your driver's license on time or sending your stuff into the IRS on time. No big deal. All that's going on here is something that has inadvertently slipped through the cracks.

B.S., B.S., B.S.!!! People here ILLEGALLY are not "undocumented". They are LAWBREAKERS!!! And businesses who aid and abet these lawbreakers are also involved in illegal activity that can and should be prosecuted by law enforcement officials instead of having their hands tied by politicians who are scared of losing votes.

And this business of illegal immigrants having children who automatically become LEGAL citizens because they were BORN here after having been conceived by parents who are here ILLEGALLY? Am I the only one capable of connecting dots that suggest conspiracy to circumvent immigration laws with the "sympathy card". As in, "If we deport the ILLEGAL parents, what about the child?" Hey, I'm all for the "family unit" thing. When the parents get deported, the child or children go with them. How difficult is it to grasp that logic?

Folks, this illegal immigration business that's being disguised (by many) as this "little undocumented problem" is a HUGE problem. Aside from the impossible to argue fact that being here illegally is AGAINST THE LAW, visit a hospital sometime. And when you leave, if you don't see the problems illegal immigrants cause there, please send me a pair of your blinders because I'd love to sample the delusional world you're allowing yourself to live in. Maybe I'll discover nirvana and learn to love it.

When Pat Buchanan was a presidential candidate in the 90's, he got off to a terrific start when he was hammering away at the illegal immigration problem. I mean, a terrific start. He was the first high profile guy to address this issue and he struck a chord with a lot of people. But when he shifted gears and began talking a lot about a woman's right to choose (he was a fervent anti-abortion guy) and religion, he lost his support base. And the country lost a legitimate attempt at saying once and for all; "If you want to leave your country and come to this country and if you have something to offer, we welcome you. But there are laws you need to adhere to before we make you a permanent part of the greatest country in the world.

And yes, we're a country desperately in need of better leadership which will be brought about (hopefully) in the next presidential election. Mayor Rudy has suddenly become the number one Republican candidate in a lot of areas. How is this happening? Despite his liberal views on abortion and gay issues, Mayor Rudy is calling for a get tough policy on illegal immigration.

Speaking of current leadership, we often wonder who really IS running things in Washington.
President Bush? Vice President Cheney? Karl Rove? At the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night, singer Sheryl Crow and producer Laurie David walked over to Karl Rove's table. They wanted to speak with Rove about global warming. Everyone agrees that the conversation didn't go well. No problem. A lot of conversations don't go well.
At one point in the conversation, Crow told Rove, "You work for me." Rove responded with, "No, I work for the American people." Crow then said, "Yes, and I'm an American citizen."

Yes, a LEGAL American citizen who doesn't get as much positive attention from our political leaders as ILLEGAL citizens do.

Totally different subject: Are the Lakers going to win ANY games in this series with the Suns?


Like it or not, we have neighbors we can't ignore. The homeless.


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